Ever felt creatively blocked?

A new year always brings lots of change in it’s wake.  Change coming from a growth or and deepening in my perception and knowledge of myself.  My new year had been exciting and adventurous, but in not so traditionally creative or productive ways. My subconscious was slowly but effectively teaching my yet another lesson about myself.  

I love working for myself but I have been learning where my true boundaries are. I’ve worked on a “does this feel right for me” basis or “Is this stimulating, adventurous, and fun?  If not, why am I still doing it?”  Learning what makes me happy and fulfilled vs drained and unhappy has been the crux this new change.


How I ESCAPED my creative block...

I had been feeling creatively blocked.  Guilt about “neglecting” projects would instantly overwhelm me and “POOF” in that moment any magical inspiration or manifestations were gone.  My exciting adventure of life was just drifting, going nowhere. A hopeless kind of feeling. A  heaviness, almost depression overwhelmed me.  I numbed myself with TV and online social media trash, only making my guilt feeling worse.

When is enough, enough?

Take a risk and cast loose your old limitation to free your energy and creativity once more.

Knowing you have a choice to make can bring a sense of heaviness and responsibility.

There is weight in the awareness of the decisions’ consequences.
To transform, breakdowns into breakthroughs is to master the greatest adventure of life.

Escape with Tarot Magic

Ever felt like learning Tarot was an impossible task? 
Memorising things by Wrote is not your jam?

My Tarot Magic course escapes the drag of memorisation and tells a holistic story that looks at all aspects of the 22 Major Arcana Cards!

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