Solitary witches, pagans, queers; would you like a gathering? 
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<<First Name>>, thanks for journeying with me

Creating art and sharing it with you has been a much more vulnerable experience than I could have imagined. If I could just make my deck of Tarot Cards and not have to talk about it, share, exhibitions I'd be happy. 
It feels like re-learning to ask for help, learning how important community is, learning that I don't have to be perfect, and I can't change the world on my own.

However on the upside, I'm taking a much needed mental and physical break from constant content creation over xmas and going home to New Zealand. Here is an interview I did recently  about the Queer Tarot project and the exhibitions in 2018. Enjoy:
Unpacking and Queering the Justice Tarot Card
5 new Queer Tarot Cards posted this week

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You or your friends could have THEIR art work exhibited as part of a Queer collection in the Melbourne Midsumma festival. With a large collection of solitary witches (& druids or those who don’t identify with either) participating in this, either in photos or joining this Exhibition, please come along, share, and really let’s get the word out about something different, magickal and queer centric!!

Explaining the ‘Big Three’, the positions of the Sun, the Moon and Ascendant are amongst the most discussed placements in natal charts. The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the zodiac sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of ones birth. It changes every two hours on average (emphasising the importance of knowing ones correct birth time when calculating a chart reading). A Sun placement directly influences temporal self.  Article by Seb!

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