And a list of all the Queer community flags!
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<<First Name>>, think of this as a post card from Ireland.


Traveling is like getting to know another dimension of yourself under a microscope. Everything in heightened.
Adventure, stress, excitement, exhaustion, feelings, happiness, and displacement. Being able to feel at home in yourself when your surroundings are constantly changing and on the move, letting go. Letting go of perceived stability, routine, things in the past that will never be the same again. Opening up to the unknown, new versions of friendship, new journeys, new depth of understanding of self and what my body needs, what is important to me, what I love, who I love and even what it means to love.

I feel like I’ve had three life times already on this trip – I’ve seen so much, fallen love a little with Irish countryside and all over again with traditional music. I feel so fortunate to be able to make these travel opportunities happen. ♡
Traveling on a shoe-string budget.

Traveling as an extroverted introvert finally having a moment completely alone to crash, cry and be vulnerable with myself. Realising how “on” traveling requires on to be. Feeling grateful but also so helpless when surrounded by both gratuitous displays of wealth and drug/migrant poverty… and not knowing how to make a difference in each place I go.

Learning more about my spirituality, my ancestral roots, the respect for nature and culture that builds a motorway around a tree because it’s a Hawthorne fairy tree… meeting wonderful people and shooting them for a queer tarot card, in different places around the world… .             Self love is my sacred Ritual.

Queer Flags & symbols

For ages I was stumped as to what to do for the back of my Tarot Cards.  I wanted it to be something really resonated with the whole project.  It needed to be simple enough to not overwhelm either, as my plan is to embed a QR code on the back – like this example which will then direct you to the Video of the person in that card sharing their story!

Very soon I plan to start editing all the Queer Tarot Card videos, and adding a little extra footage of myself telling the story of where/ how I met that person and maybe where we shot the card, and what my experience of creating it together was, as I think it adds a wonderful amount of context and depth to the dynamic of the card story.  I like calling them stories instead of interpretations… Anyone can make up or re-write a tarot interpretation, we’ve been doing it for years.  A story is unique to that person while simultaneously being something we are drawn to connect to and resonate with ourselves.

I’ve designed the back of the Queer Tarot Cards to include as many of the queer community flags I could find and verify (still not 100% sure on all of them) and symbols that represent gender, and sexuality.  Here is a list of what I’ve used, which is correct to the best of my knowledge.  Please let me know if any corrections are required. CHECK OUT THE LIST OF FLAGS HERE:

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