I awaken connection & creative expression in others, inspiring personal freedom through magick.

<<First Name>> I've been working on that sentence for weeks and it still feels too long. However it's getting closer  to that illusive motivational statement and it's totally inspiring me into action.  So much so, I've written three new articles! 

The Hierophant: Creating Magick & The Rockwell Project

Together the Rockwell Project and Create Magick feel like a whole. For now, and as I continue to learn and grow myself. I am complete.

She created freedom with Magick

Create Magick is the powerful feminine witch. The girl who started a girl gang (witch coven) working together for the good of her fellow woman, the planet and her self.  

Rocking out Video learning

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 75 million people in US watch videos online everyday
  • Embedded videos on websites can increase traffic up to 55%
  • Merely mentioning “video” in the subject can increase open rates by 13%
  • Nearly 40% of all video is watched on mobile
The Hierophant card signifies a hunger for knowledge, be it practical or in the Spiritual Realm.

My message can be clear, un-muddled and simple. Create Magick focuses on creating freedom and excitement in exploring Magick, the Tarot and self discovery and exploration that comes with it. 

The Rockwell Project satisfies my need to help others on a technical and geeky level.  Instructional Design would only be half of me if I wasn’t able to share and express my spiritual side, my journey too.

She is calm and in possession of herself, she is the teacher who can help unravel mysteries.

Are you making a decision based on what you believe you “should do” or are you tuned into your higher calling.

The Hierophant’s purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth, leading the flock in shared, communal rituals.

Create Magick with Tarot

Feel inspired, and express your creative self feely through the Tarot medium.  Incorporate self awareness and basic rituals into learning the Tarot Marjor Arcana.  Forget, memorising things by wrote.

The Tarot Magick course will awaken connection and creative expression telling a holistic story through the 22 Major Arcana Cards!

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