Here is my list of self care affirmations.
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<<First Name>>, write yourself a love letter

Society is full of lies and bullshit it tries to feed us every day. If we’re insecure about how we look we’ll buy anti-aging cream and those pills that make cellulite go away.  When we’re told that relationships / marriage is the ultimate goal in life, we buy that online dating subscription.  When we’re told that photoshopped models are what we should aspire to we buy into size-ist bullshit, weightless programs, skin whitening, and that gym membership.

THIS is what we should be telling ourselves everyday.  Here is my list of self care affirmations. I hope you read this and write your own wondrous list. Celebrate yourself.

  • Things that don’t work out are not a reflection on you, just an opportunity to grow
  • You are loyal
  • You are caring
  • You put others in front of yourself, but also know when to stop and where your boundaries are
  • You have a gift of communicating what is going on for you
  • You have a gift of the ability to share your feelings
  • You are beautifully open and vulnerable, don’t stop doing this
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Do you ever feel as though your brain is heavy?
Like it could just knock your whole head off and make you unsteady. Do you ever hear the cry of the Wolf deep wither your ear canal? Howling the the breeze of the unsteady heavy brain.
Do you ever drift off mid conversation?
Oi, Oi! Are you listening to what I’m saying?
Lights on no one home, heavy brain wolf in your ear. Have you ever felt the depths of depression
In so deep you can’t cope with the pressure. Dark days even darker nights. Cloudy mind heavy brain. Just wanna dance in the rain. Art Link

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Queer Tarot Card Project Update:

temperance: restraint or moderation

Our Queer version of the Temperance card.  Diving deep into the stories around balance, and creativity and that it will all be okay.  Even metering our own balance for our mental health in this crazy world of social and political change.  The balance we need is within us.  Thank you Lexi for sharing your story, your amazing Drag character Sexy Galexy, & your creative flare for this card.   14. Temperance - Lexi

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