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We are writing at a time when we are all struggling, not only with the viral pandemic crossing the globe, but with the pandemic of racial violence which was foundational to our country's roots, has continued to spread through our society, and has yet again come to the stark foreground via the murders of Mr. George Floyd, Ms. Breonna Taylor, and Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, among so many other Black men and women. In this moment, when protesters in the streets expressing their anguish, anger, and grief, and the fundamental truth that Black lives matter, find themselves at the hands of those who would deny the power of white supremacy in our nation's systems and structures, we want to make clear that Youth-Nex is dedicated to using our platform to amplify the voices and lived experiences of adolescents who have been marginalized, to providing a venue for scholars and practitioners whose work is furthering the goal of racial justice, and to support a developmental science that is not only anti-racist, but is in the service of dismantling white supremacy. At Youth-Nex, we believe that youth development issues are social justice issues. We commit to ensuring that our own practices and structures are enacting those values. We commit to supporting all of you who are living this every day, in your work and your lives, and the many young people who are so bravely trying to do what generations before them have been unwilling or unable to accomplish. We will make mistakes along the way, and we welcome your engagement feedback, on both what is working and what we get wrong. We promise to listen, learn, and act.

As we continue to chart our way forward, Youth-Nex will continue to share some virtual knowledge and return to our archives of past resources over the next summer months, selecting works that we hope will speak to both the urgency of working with youth towards racial justice, and the need to sustain connections and relationships during a time of physical distancing (note: we use this term intentionally because we believe social relationships are a critical human need).
Youth-Nex Research
  • Black Boys’ Critical Social Analysis: Chauncey Smith and colleague publish new work on tensions in Black boys’ critical social analysis of their suburban school experiences.
  • Black Girls’ Ethnic-Racial Identity: Joanna Williams and alumna Lauren Mims publish new research on Black girls’ ethnic-racial identity development within multiple worlds.
  • Diversity in Extended Education: Nancy Deutsch, Joanna Williams and Valerie Adams-Bass pen new chapter on diversity in extended education in the United States.
  • Natural Mentoring Relationships: Nancy Deutsch, Grad Students Victoria Mauer and Haley Johnson, and colleague publish new research on distinguishing characteristics of youth’s natural mentoring relationships.
  • Monolingual Language Ideologies: Chris Chang-Bacon publishes new work on how monolingual language ideologies are produced within education policy discourse.
Youth-Nex News
Joanna Williams talks with the Washington Post about teenage brains.
Nancy Deutsch pens op-ed for CalMatters about California’s law letting teenagers sleep an extra hour.
Youth-Nex Graduates
Theresa Melton, Ph.D in Research, Statistics and Evaluation
Victoria Mauer, Ph.D in Community Psychology
Youth-Nex was founded in 2009 to expand and apply the science of positive youth development to address fundamental challenges facing societies around the world. Through science and community partnerships, Youth-Nex enhances the strengths of children and adolescents and prevents developmental risk. Our vision is that our nation’s youth - a rich, often untapped resource - may flourish.
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