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Dragon Ballz

The 13" 333 MHz New Earth Gaia Sphere is one of the most amazing tools available from Twistedsage Studios.  The sphere is created as all Tensor Tools are created, yet there are several Beings working for the Highest and Greatest Good of All who have their hands in the creation of this multi-dimensional clearing tool.  The dragons involved in their creation assist in the infusion of specific Earth elements into the crystalline structure of the Tensor Rings.  There are also three distinct Beings who are there to assist in opening a Light to Source, doing healing work with Earthbound Beings and then assisting their crossing over.  These three Beings appear as monks dressed in White Light.  They are there to assist at any time one gives their attention~intentions to the Sphere.  This is a most-wonderful Etheric tool manifested into the physical, that is available for anyone to use.  I use mine for all clearing work that I do.  This tool is created for and offered with Unconditional Love and Gratitude for all who use it.   The person's Higher Soul Self is called in to set intentions for the multi-dimensional Human who chooses to use it. 

Dragon Ball Soul Sphere Available December 3rd for the introductory price of $360

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Global Grid Work Accomplishments
Unbelievable and Undeniable Stories of Recent Grid Work

Clearing the Earth Grids and more... 

October 14th
Why do capitol buildings have pointed copper tops, and churches have rods and steeples?? ...and why are they located on ley lines?? 
We sat at the capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming, talking with some beings who are here to assist- for the highest and greatest good of all. An old dragon friend came in, ready to do what these ancient Earth Grid dragons do. We were shown the energy flow through the ley lines, crossing under the capitol building. It was harnessed and sent up into a grid, that was not for the highest good. 
The ley lines were moved to go around the building, a Light from Source was anchored with Gaia, into a giant rose quartz, filling it with unconditional love. The cemeteries had their etheric rods pulled, and were cleaned and cleared, as they were feeding into the non-beneficial grid as well. Next were the old churches, where their etheric rods were pulled and a Light from Source was anchored into these (perfect timing for Sunday morning mass). Lastly, all who were associated with this old energy grid were grounded, connected to Gaia, connected to Source, and sent unconditional Love.

October 27th
Two lines enter, one line leaves
The Coughlin Campanile in Brookings, SD, is a 165 foot copper-topped tower.  I dowsed to find two Ley Lines entering and only one was found leaving.  Once I got with my partners who can see, I later found it was going upward, into the Grid.  With some anchoring, the tower is now a large transmitter of the Violet Flame of St. Germain.
As the guardian had just been released of it's service earlier this morning (after attaching to me) it was easy enough to clear the lines, disassemble the transmitter, and have it protected for use only for the greatest of all.  This guardian appeared as a red dragon-like Being, but we found it was not a dragon.  It's species was unknown to us.

Next was the Brookings, SD courthouse utilizing the same Ley Line(s) after their convergence under the Coughlin Campanile at the SDSU campus.
The Ley Line was moved around this point, and a Light was anchored into the building.

October 28th- 
Good ol' copper top, South Dakota's state capitol building.
The being who was there protecting the space was big and connected to another source. This being was not working on it's own free will, and was released from it's service and taken to where it needed to be, for the greatest good of all. There were several other beings around the space, that were attracted to the energy there. They were all released to Source. Everything became lighter, though there was still an immense energy there.

Seven lines went in, connecting to a grid collector below the building. The Ley Line flow went into the grid collector and sent upward into the non-beneficial grid. We witnessed a lot of beings doing the work in disassembling the collector. We began to clean and clear the incoming lines, following them out and popping pins and releasing beings from their servitude. There were a couple lines that were attached to some other structures. One of these structures had a large being whom I connected with dearly, it had been forced to do things it did not want to do. We went through time and space to clear all that could be cleared for this being after releasing him from servitude.

Once all lines, structures, and pins were cleaned and cleared, there was a Light from Source anchored with a Light from Gaia into the capitol building. Four beings came in to hold the anchoring and protect it. A bubble of protection is also being held there with the intentions of it all being used only for the highest and greatest good of all. The lines now flow, unimpeded, in all directions. The non-beneficial grid is being sent Unconditional Love an Light. The people and beings associated with the building were grounded to Gaia, connected to Source, cleared with the Violet Flame, and pulled into their heart centers. 

November 17th
What's in a steeple? can find in a steeple an anchoring into a non-beneficial grid system (non-beneficial for the Greatest Good of All, that is). This anchor is held by a Being, perhaps even against their free-will. 
What can be done by you?? You are a powerful Creator of this world, and you can do anything from your heart center that is in alignment with the Highest and Greatest Good for All.
Come from the Heart Space, intend what you do is for the Highest Good, or do the asking if it is for the Greatest Good. 
Connect to Source and drop a Light from Source into the steeple. See this Light disassemble the connector into the grid, while the guardian Being is released- a Light opens for that Being to go to wherever is for the Greatest Good of All. 
The Light from Source anchors into Gaia as a Light from Gaia flows up and anchors to Source. The energies of Earth and Source mix here, where the connector was. Then, a Being is called in, for the Highest and Greatest Good for All, to hold this anchor of Light for the highest Good of All.
Know you are always Guided, Guarded, and Protected.

November 22nd-  
Here is the Church, here is the steeple, disconnect the Grid, and free all the people!
Much gratitude to the old collective consciousness that got us to here! So long, goodbye, love to you, and may we never need you to take us there again!
Beings are being freed, and that old collective consciousness that once was is being dissolved through unconditional love. ( ( ( <3 ) ) )
We are all participants, we can do it, and it is done

Every time you clear one of these churches on "the Grid" you set free the Beings that hold these anchors... they are so grateful to be released of their servitude. 
You can only guess what affect it will have on not only the old Grid systems, but on the people who participate in the religions. 
Next stop, HOSPITALS- their grid system is set into their foundations...  Grief is the life-force of this particular Grid feeder, and is found in both old and new facilities.

November 24th-
What do dragons have to do with churches...? or, Where have all the dragons gone?

First hint- thousands of years ago, Chinese texts referred to certain geomagnetic lines as Dragon Lines. 
In the last year I have met several etheric beings associated with Ley Lines that I call Earth Grid Dragons. 
The past few months we have been disassembling non-beneficial connectors to these Ley Lines. These were found in State Capitols, churches, courthouses, certain monuments, and a few graveyards. The beings who were holding these connections were doing so against their free-will. They felt very dragon-like, though many were not actually dragons- we don't know what they were.

The past few days I have worked on literally hundreds of churches across the Mid-West. Most every being released from their servitude felt dragon-like and often appeared as such.
Just today we made the connection: these beings are dragons, or at least have the ability to channel energy like Earth Grid Dragons do! When the Light from Source hits this grid connector within the churches, that is the moment the being is set free. The grid connector appears to actually be the being who channels the energy into the non-beneficial grid system.

And, by the way, this grid system is connected to more than just churches, courthouses, capitol buildings, graveyards, monuments, military bases, hospitals, US Treasury seals, and energetic implants - it is connected to mass consciousness, particularly that of FEAR. Live in Love and Laugh... we are awakening, aware, and doing just fine! We have survived the worst of it, and Lights are shining brighter every moment! No worries. Just smile and share your joy with others to raise the vibrations of all  And as The Elders Three say, look each other in the eyes. Share love and knowledge and remembrance through a touch and a smile!

November 26th-
Re-creating in Crystalline-
The Masonic Lodges were the toughest to crack. The exterior was wrapped up in dragons (as always, working against their free-will). Once they were released to where was for the Highest and Greatest Good for All, then a Light from Source and from Gaia could be anchored there. Entities associated with the non-beneficial Grid were seen within many of the human aspects of the Masonic Lodges, which were then cleaned and cleared.

There were several layers of portals or connections of some sort under the buildings. This time we followed them and found there were 13 layers, or grids, underneath. Each one of these layers encompassed the Earth, and had a Being who held each one in place. Layer by layer, the Beings were released of their servitude, and each grid or layer that encompassed the globe was removed.

"As below, so above..." and we found where the steeples and copper tops connected to- there were more grid layers above. There were only three layers that were for the Greatest Good to be worked with at that time. They each had a strange lock and labyrinth to get it opened, and a being who was in servitude to hold those grids in place was released.

Once cleared, all Masonic Temples, schools and universities, hospitals, sports stadiums, court houses, all government buildings, cemeteries, battle field monuments, and *most churches were taken off-line. Lights were anchored, Beings were released. The Entities that were attached to and controlling humans in close association with these systems were cleaned and cleared as well.

The actual buildings and structures were then tore down, and rebuilt with clear, crystalline, which each housed a different color of Light within the walls. These crystalline structures were then activated. They have a Light anchoring, and all was done for the Highest and Greatest Good for All.

The energy of the Crystalline Core and the Beings within the Earth are now able to surface freely.

*ALL churches in the continent of the Americas are off line. The churches that are still connected to some non-beneficial energy are part of The Ancients- whatever that means. This is an energy that is old, was around during the time of Christ and likely much earlier.

Airports were the one other institution that was taken off the Grid. Lights are anchored, and the old connectors released. The body scan machines- which many say unzipped your DNA, are now rebuilt in crystalline like the rest of the physical structures. They are completely neutral!!
(We found that the machines were not really harmful before, but with intentions you could create harm to yourself!)

November 27th
Shedding the old way$

During the release of the old energy institutions from the Grids, we found the banks connected to a different Grid. The Ancients we spoke of before were part of this. 

The 13 Earth Grids and three of the upper Grids were no longer, but the banks were untouched. The Beings who held this monetary Grid could not be released yet. 

We were shown the Eye. The Light from Source and Gaia dissolved this grid through anchoring into the pyramid of the Eye, and many crossed in this process. The vortex from the US Treasury Seal was now a blank portal, which was closed by bringing all seals together and anchoring a Light to permanently seal these portals. 

There was still something missing with the currency, and was found in Cyber-space. The Being there was an immense snake-like dragon-like Being that was taken to wherever was for the Greatest Good of All. 

We were then able to anchor into the Banks and release the Beings there (which were different from the keepers of the other institutions). 

Once the banks were off line, they were tore down and rebuilt in the crystalline, as all other institutions had been. 

The Apex...
In clearing the upper Grids we found an ancient tool placed there by several different Star-Groups to raise the frequency of Earth and of Humanity. The clearing and dissolution of some of these upper Grids allowed for this ancient tool to come back on line.

In the recent clearing of Ley Lines we found that the Capitol building in Washington DC could not be removed from the Grids as it was being protected and controlled by the Reptilians. 
We believe these are known as "the ancient ones" who also held anchors in very old churches (not in the Americas) as well as connectors into the prison systems and more.

Back to this forgotten tool above Earth-, which is raising all frequencies even more since it's activation just now. This tool is working in conjunction with other tools as well as Beings who are all working for the Highest and Greatest Good for All.

Lower vibrational beings, such as many of the Reptilian race, can no longer stand to be here. Some Reptilians are found as energetic attachments, while others are found in the physical. Ultimately, many may die who are in the physical non-ascension mode. Energetic attachments may be readily released, as normal entity clearing goes.

Please stay in Unconditional Love for these Beings.... not all Reptilians want to take over the world.

At this moment, there remains a few institutions that continue to function within the old energy Grid systems. These will not be able to remain as the frequency raises and those controlling these institutions are released.

We did it!

We hope you empower yourself with this knowledge and come play in the new energies. With Love and great Gratitude for All that is! ( ( ( <3  ) ) )
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