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Early registration, abstract and posters submission is now OPEN

July 1: Deadline for early registration, abstract and posters submission
October 1: Deadline for online registration

 Preliminary scientific programme 

May 2: Early registration & abstract submission open
July 1: Deadline for early registration & abstract submission



- Sleep, memory and consciousness. Chairs: C. Forcato and F. Beijamini
- The consequences of memory retrieval: reconsolidation, extinction or nothing at all. Chair: P. Bekinschtein
- Auditory processing: from the cochlea to the cortex and back. Chairs: E. Katz and M.E. Gomez Casati
- Neuroesteroids, cardioesteroids and oxidative cell signalling as target in neuroinflammation and possible role in neurodegenerative disease. Chair: F. Benetti
- Neurophysiology of temporal processing in the brain. Chairs: P. Agostino and H. Merchant
- New Insights into synaptic plasticity. Chair: A. Rodriguez-Moreno
- Macromolecular signaling complexes in neurons. Chairs: M. Shapiro and F. Barrantes
- Neuroimmunoendocrinology of the circadian system. Chair: D. Golombek
- Novel Insights into hypothalamic mechanisms controlling body homeostasis. Chair: M. Perello
- New concepts in oligodendrocyte function in neurological diseases. Chair: B. Fuss
- Epigenetic: memory, social stress and transgenerational inheritance. Chairs: E.T. Cánepa and M. Chertoff
- NeuroFrames symposium - Freud revisited: computational psychiatry. Chair: J. Sitt
- New approaches to treat drug addiction. Chair: H. Tannhauser Barros
- Patient-derived Induced pluripotent stem-like cells as models for neurodegenerative diseses. Chair: L.J. Falomir Lockhart
- The interplay of neuronal activity, synaptogenesis and plasticity. Chair: D. Refojo
- Regulation and function of gap junctions and hemichannels in the nervous system. Chairs: J.C. Saez and A. Pereda
- The glial cell-neuron regulatory crosstalk. Chair: R. von Bernhardi
- Dopamine neurons: connectivity, functional connectivity and susceptibility. Chair: J. P. Bolam
- Neuromathematics. Chair: A.C. Roque - Parkinson's disease: from neuronal death to therapeutics. Chairs: J. Ferrario and G. Murer
- Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity. Chairs: F. Rossi and N. Vitureira
- Neural control of appetite - from genes to circuits and behavior.  Chairs: I.E. de Araujo and V.F. Bumaschny
- Integrative sensory motor function: from motor commands to cognition. Chair: P. Maldonado
- Behavioral, neurochemical and molecular approaches to study fear anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder. Chair: A.M. Gallegos
- IBRO Alumni Symposium: Basic and translational research in neurodegenerative disease: from molecules to animal models. Chair: V. Della Maggiore
- Professor John G. Nicholls celebration symposium. Function, repair and training of the nervous system. Chairs: E. Del-Bel and F. De Miguel
- Young Investigator Symposia: (in evaluation)

   For more details of each symposium:   

Special events

Symposium: Neuroscience and Education: Prime Time to Build the Bridge. Chair: M. Sigman / Symposium: Open science: how to build a lab using modern prototyping tools for non-traditional environments. Chair: T. Marzullo / Symposium: How can neuroscience research impact the global burden of disease. Chair: P. Valdes-Sosa / Workshop: Functional approaches to increase collaborations and strengthen research networks. Chair: E. Edwards / Workshop: Submitting your work to an international journal: the peer-review system and what we expect in a good paper. Chair: P. Bolam / Workshop: How to get published. Chair: J. Lerma / Meet the Professor: "Neuroscience at lunch with a good friend” Professor John G. Nicholls. Chairs: E. Del-Bel and F. De Miguel

Plenary Lectures

Carlos Belmonte (Spain): “TRP channels, an early alert system for environmental challenges”
Larry Swanson (USA): “Architecture of the cortical association network supporting voluntary behavior and cognition”

Special Lectures

Rodrigo Andrade (Chile/USA) / Jorge Bergado (Cuba) / Juan Carlos Brenes (Costa Rica) / Newton Canteras (Brazil) / Zulma Janeth Dueñas Gómez (Colombia) / Diogo O. Gomes de Souza (Brazil) / Maria Cecilia Hidalgo (Chile) / Nibaldo Inestrosa (Chile) - “SCN Distinction Conference” / Pierre Magistretti (Switzerland) / Jorge Medina (Argentina) - “Caputto Conference” / Pablo Rudomin (Mexico) / Alejandro Schinder (Argentina) - “De Robertis Conference” / José Roberto Sotelo (Uruguay) - “Clemente Estable Conference” / Pablo Torterolo (Uruguay) - ”Elio Garcia Austt Conference“ / Mitchell Valdes Sosa (Cuba)

Poster sessions


 Registration categories 

The following categories for participants apply:
Member: A member of one of the societies affiliated with FALAN.
Non member: A participant from academic or non-profit organization. Postdoc: A postdoctoral fellow or hospital resident. Undergraduate: A pre-doctoral student.
Undergraduate students must upload a regular student certificate in the on-line registration.
PhD students must upload a letter proving their status (i.e. a signed statement from their Department Head or supervisor) in the on-line registration.
Refunds will not be available.
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