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NEWSLETTER - June 2016

Gods Interruptions in our Lives


Isaiah 55:80  'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, declares the Lord'
God had a mission for Jonah. Would it be fun? No! Would he become famous? Yes, but not for the reasons most people want to become famous. God commanded Jonah to go the city of Nineveh and preach against it, because of its wickedness.  Jonah was a prophet in his own land not Nineveh.  Nineveh was outside of his comfort zone.  Why would God interrupt Jonah’s plans to do something so crazy?  Jonah was the only prophet that ever ran away from God.    

Have you ever had thoughts of running from God’s plan for your life?  Maybe you think you are surely hearing God wrong because it would make much more sense to do it your own way so you ignore Him.  Funny how God will not be ignored. Please read the passage below and insert your own name for Jonah’s.   

          I am Jonah. 
          I want to serve God as long as it is convenient.
          I desire to do His will until it is a tad uncomfortable.    
          I want to hear His Word as long as its message is one I’m supposed to pass on to
          someone else.  
          I don’t want to have my plans interrupted.   
          Oh yes, I am Jonah, and I suspect that in one way or another,
          you are too.                                                                                  

This passage came from my bible study last week.  It really made me examine my relationship with God.  Jonah was frustrated by the mission placed before him.  It was not the mission Jonah had planned.  The importance and priorities we’ve placed on our plans cause us to be frustrated by new assignments or interruptions the Lord may send our way.

The study of Jonah is primarily about helping us to redefine ‘interruptions’ when it comes to our relationship with God.  If He is our priority and His will is our primary purpose, then when the “word of the Lord” comes to us or when He allows us to see His hand in our circumstances, we must see it as an incredible opportunity to be a part of His great purpose.  What could possibly be more important than that?

I would like to challenge each one of you to list your top three aspirations at this point in your life.  It could include your job, children, your ministry, finances or something else.  Then take time to meditate on whether you place more importance on them or on God and His purposes for you.  What would you do if God requests you to interrupt your plans for His?

In Him,
Geri Larson
Zoya Ministries


Nigeria - MoM Orphanges

Appreciation for fathers .....


There seems to be no 'bad dad'.  Although there are better dads out there, and elsewhere, these children are not ready to trade us with any other.  They love me as well as their other "parents" in our two orphanages so much and always fight to each hold a finger.  My dear brother in Christ, Pastor Paul Wilson once said during one of his visits to the orphanage that he wished he had more than ten fingers. 

Dear friends, thank you for using your ten fingers to the glory of the Lord.  Ten fingers may not be enough, but they enjoy them whenever they are available.

May the Lord bless you today and always.

In Him,

Daniel Aduojo Edeh
Director, MoM Orphanages
Kogi State, Nigeria

2 Corinthians 6:18 'And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty'.  (Striving always to follow the example of the God we serve)

Nicargua - June, 2016

Thank you - our children are blessed

Zoya Ministries partners with many organizations to provide ongoing medical are.  One of these organization is N.A.C.E. (Nicaragua Advances in Christian Education).  N.A.C.E. is a non-profit ministry that provides a Christian Education for grades K-7th in a rural part of Nicargua.  Bob and Barbara Kelly are the missionaries that oversee the school in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.  In 2007,  Zoya Ministries hosted its first medical clinic in Nicaragua for the school and barrio.   Since then, Zoya Ministries has continued to support the overall care of the children by providing multi-vitamins.  Over 250 children attend the school and many do not have a balanced diet or proper nutrition. These vitamins provide a much needed supplement to their daily dietary needs.  Teachers hand out the vitamins to the students during the school day. 

In June, 2016 a mission team went to Nicaragua taking with them over 15,000 vitamins provided by Zoya Ministries.  While there the mission team ministered to the children through a science camp, sports actiites, Girl Talk and Bible outreach.

Thank you Zoya Ministries and their supporters for helping to grow healthier stronger children and planting the seed of Christ in their hearts.

Sarah Dahl
Coordinator Nicargua Missions

Psalm 96:3 'Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples'

Nicargua - June 2016 Mission Trip

Pictures from the June 2016 mission trip to Nicaragua.  The first are the missionaries, Bob and Barb Kelly, followed by vitamin distribution and some of the programs provided by the mission group.


  • Pray for the preparation, logistics, hands on the ground in both the US and Guatemala and for unity for the upcoming 2016 Guatemala mission trip.  See the website at the below link for specific needs.
  • Pray for  God's protection for the children and staff of the Ministry of Mercy at the Otutulu and Lokoja campuses.
  • Pray that the children at MoM (Nigeria),  in Cap-Rouge (Haiti) and Parramos (Nicaragua) will get regular, adequate and proper daily nutrition (calcium and protein).
  • Pray for the transportation and adequate maintenance for the buses used at the Nigerian orphanages.
  • Pray for the pastors and staff who minister to the children. Pray that they will be study to show themselves approved of God and depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit for counsel and guidance
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