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Cage of Bones is now at #4 in Amazon Horror!

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MY FIRST BOOK ever released was Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions. Delirium Books collected 20 of my erotic horror stories 15 years ago and released them as a limited edition hardcover. That was really the start of my whole career in horror. Until then, I was just publishing stories here and there in tiny magazines. Cage of Bones sold out of its limited printing, and was then out of print for many years. A couple years ago, I got the rights back and re-issued it on my own Dark Arts Books imprint in both paperback and e-book.

Today, Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions hit the Top 5 of the Horror ebook charts on Amazon - It is currently sitting at #4 in Literature & Fiction/Horror. And it's in the Top 300 Sellers on Amazon overall. I think more copies of Cage of Bones sold today than in the entire previous 15-year history of the book! Why today, you ask?

Well, I took a gamble. I put the book on a special 99 cent Kindle Countdown Sale this week and submitted the book to an ebook advertising service called BookBub, which blasts out notices of ebook deals to thousands and thousands of people... for a fee. They accepted my submission (they reject many), and I paid a fee that made me gulp. But I knew their reputation for being able to MOVE the books they choose to promote. So I rolled the dice. The sale started on Sunday, and after promoting it myself on Sunday and Monday via Facebook and a couple other small e-book promotion services (selling about 30 copies those first two days), this morning the BookBub promotion hit... and it was like a rocket launcher. The book has sold hundreds of copies over the past 12 hours.

Why am I telling you all this? Well...

a) I hope you'll check out the book if you haven't already, but
b) I hope you'll take 30 seconds and help me keep it at the top of the charts!

Now that I've got it launched, I'm hoping that you can help me keep the book's momentum going! If you haven't picked up a copy in the past, please consider downloading it before Saturday night, while it's still 99 cents?

If you already own a copy, would you please help spread the word about the sale? Every additional sale over the next four days will keep it floating higher, longer on the Kindle Charts -- and the longer it stays on top, the more new readers will see it on the charts and take a chance on it... leading to an even longer stay on the Kindle charts!

So I'm really hoping that everyone on my mailing list will just take a minute and paste an info message about the book on your Facebook or Twitter feed. If you could copy and paste some variation of the blurb below onto your Facebook wall... you'll help convince some other folks to check this book out and keep the Cage alive! This is more or less what I've been posting:

Sexy. Scary. Cheap. Check out John Everson's CAGE OF BONES & OTHER DEADLY OBSESSIONS today while it's just 99 cents! 20 tales of obsession, dark decadence and erotic horror! A bride from the grave, a deal with a deceptively sensual devil, a forbidden pumpkin twining, a vampire's dark revenge, a romantic (and bloody) anniversary gift... don't miss this critically acclaimed collection of erotic horror tales perfect for the season. Reviewers call it: "Sexy, Disturbing, Brilliant!" and "...a dark and tantalizing show well worth the price of admission."

Meet a witch who conjures genital dragons while singing Manilow. A woman who provides a true window to her soul. And a real cage of bones! Not to mention "Pumpkin Head," a dark tale of jack-o-lanterns...and the dangers of Halloween lusts... Download the twisted tales lurking inside this CAGE OF BONES now, while it's just 99 cents!

I really appreciate any help you can give on this one! I am proud of this book and the stories inside for many reasons. And I'm hoping lots of people will finally get to read them thanks to this monster sale!

Here, by the way, is how BookBub promoted it this morning:

You can see this and the rest of their titles here:

Thanks for your help... and thanks, as always, for reading!

Yours in Dark Arts... and this Cage of Bones!
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