NIGHTWHERE is on a 99 cent sale this week! Read it this weekend and have a true Black Friday!

"All I needed was the love you gave.  All I needed for another day. 
And all I ever knew... Only you." 
    - Yaz "Only You"

NightWhere is on sale for just 99 cents this week!

NotNow-400MY SIXTH NOVEL, NightWhere, was a Bram Stoker Award finalist in 2012 when it was first published, and this week, for the first time since its release, the publisher has put it on sale for just 99 cents! I’m hoping some more people will discover and enjoy this decidedly non-mainstream novel over the next few days while it’s on sale! If you haven't read it yet, you can check it now on Amazon here:

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Readers have called the novel “50 Shades meets Hellraiser” and reviews said things like:

NightWhere isn’t for everybody…Think Hellraiser meets Basic Instinct, and you have some idea about the dark contents of this novel. That being said, I loved NightWhere.” –Hellnotes

“I can guarantee once you start NightWhere you will not be able to put it down; it sinks its hooks into you and you just have to turn the next page to see what will happen next.” –Famous Monsters of Filmland

“…extremely well written, providing the kind of reading experience you get from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road or Scott Smith’s The Ruins — relentless in both realism and emotional impact.” –The Horror Review

“The dialogue is crisp, the plotting is fast-paced — it’s a very confident piece of work, regardless of the subject matter. And is it scary? Yes, at times NightWhere is very scary…because this is a novel that can go anywhere. And it does.” –Bloody Disgusting

NightWhere is a darkly erotic, deeply disturbing and hauntingly engaging tale that took my breath away – literally… This tale of heightened eroticism, degradation, masochism, graphic violence and often horrific imagery is the proverbial scrape across a chalk board or the fingernail stroke down one’s spine that elicits an aching twinge and shudder; and, weirdly, leaves you wanting more. NightWhere may not be ‘hauntingly beautiful’, but it’s a hell of a good read.” –Dark Haven Book Reviews


Here are the links to the sale on Amazon, B&N and Kobo:

Barnes & Noble:


Thanks, as always, for reading!

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving this week has an awesome holiday. I've got the turkeys in the fridge and am looking forward to a day of cooking on Thursday (this year we'll be trying a bird on the smoker, as well as one in the oven.) Yesterday Chicago had its first snow of the season (and a record setting one at that) so it appears that the holiday season is firmly upon us.

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