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"Spider crawling, I crawl with him. We go everywhere, we see everything. We are falling, we are falling, falling to nowhere"      - Oingo Boingo "Spider"

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Violet Eyes debuts today at HorrorHound!

FailureI'm heading out in a little while to Indianapolis for the HorrorHound Weekend - where my 7th novel, Violet Eyes, will debut!

I had a handful of pre-release copies of Violet Eyes at Chicago's Flashback weekend a couple weeks ago, but this weekend, we'll have boxes of them!  I will be signing and chatting at the Samhain Publishing booth all weekend about Violet Eyes, NightWhere, and probably craft beer :-)

Samhain is a major sponsor of HorrorHound, so they will have a whole cadre of authors there all weekend. If you're anywhere near Indianapolis, come out and say hi! In addition to meeting "Freddie Krueger," folks from The Walking Dead and the girls from the Ginger Snaps movies (I will be leaving the Samhain table tomorrow for their panel!), you can also meet authors Russell James, David Searls, Kristopher Rufty, Jonathan Janz, Mick Ridgewell and Brian Moreland, all at the Samhain table!


Hope to see some of you at HorrorHound this weekend!

Dark Dreams,

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