Enter the contest to send SIREN over 100, NIGHTWHERE limited edition cover revealed, Santiago on the blog...

"No, only in my dreams... As real as it may seem, It was only in my dreams."
- Debbie Gibson

Enter the April SIREN 100 Contest!

John EversonAmazon had my novel Siren on sale all of February for just 99 cents, and that resulted in a ton of downloads. Over the past few weeks, it also resulted in a lot of reviews, thanks, no doubt, to those automated Amazon emails saying "please review this product you bought."

Anyway, over the past couple weeks, the review stream seems to have dried up, just shy of hitting the 100 reviews mark. So I thought... why not hold a contest and push it over the line, so that it has more than 100 reviews on Amazon?

I know a lot of people on this list have read Siren, so if you could stop by the Amazon page and post even a simple one-sentence review of the book, I'll enter you in a contest to win a signed paperback copy of Covenant, Sacrifice, The 13th, Siren or NightWhere - your choice!

SirenCONTEST RULES: To enter, just go to the Siren page on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Siren-ebook/dp/B00BT98IWS  - scroll down to the Customer Reviews part of the page, and after the existing reviews, click the button that says Write a Customer Review.  Pick a star rating and just write a sentence or two about what you thought. Please note, I'm not insisting that the reviews have to be 4 or 5 stars (though that would be cool, obviously LOL).  If you hated the book, say so, that's fair! The goal here is to push the book over the 100 reviews mark.

Just e-mail me at john@johneverson.com when you post your review, so I know to enter your name in the hopper.

I'll do a drawing for the winner in a couple weeks, at the start of May.

PS - for anyone who has already posted a Siren review, but wants to enter this contest, I'll accept new reviews for Vigilantes of Love as an entry... the expanded edition of that book is still new, and could use also some more plugs! I recently went to enter the book in a web promotion, and they insisted that the book had to have 10 reviews... which it doesn't yet. To review Vigilantes, click here: http://www.amazon.com/Vigilantes-of-Love-ebook/dp/B004FEFAIY

Bad Moon Books unveils cover for NightWhere Hardcover Edition!

Next month, Bad Moon Books (who also issued a limited edition of Siren) will begin taking pre-orders for a limited, signed and numbered hardcover edition of NightWhere. There won't be many of these produced, so if you're interested in getting a copy, keep an eye out on my Facebook or next month's newsletter for information. In the meantime, yesterday, they sent me a copy of the artwork... which I think is pretty cool! Click on the thumbnail at the right to see a full version.


Ebert, NightWhere, Santiago...

I've been catching up over the past week on my blog... I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of my week in Santiago there, or even mentioned NightWhere's Bram Stoker Award nomination. Here are links to my most recent posts:
  • Remembering Chile (a brief account of my time in Santiago, interrupted by hundreds of photos)


Listen to a reading of "Bloodroses" now on Tales to Terrify

Tales to TerrifyIssue No 66 of the audio magazine Tales To Terrify launched on Friday - and features host Lawrence Santoro's apologies to baseball, Martin Mundt's painfully hilarious must-hear Not A Regular Review of THE AVENGERS, and Ruth Stearns performing a wonderful audio reading of my tale, "Bloodroses" (I think she reads it better than I ever have, and I've always enjoyed performing that tale!)...


Random news, thanks and interviews...

V-Wars News:

I found out recently that V-Wars, Jonathan Maberry's shared world vampire anthology that I contributed a story to, has been picked up by the Science Fiction Book Club! I have dozens of SF Book Club titles on my shelves -- I never thought anything of mine would end up there. You can see the SF Book Club page for V-Wars here.

Crawling Abattoir Update:

The Crawling AbattoirThanks for everyone who helped promote and downloaded Martin Mundt's The Crawling Abattoir last month, the new release from Dark Arts Books. The free Amazon promotion helped expose Martin Mundt's work to a lot of new readers, and has resulted in lots of great reviews and April sales for the collection. If you grabbed a copy and liked it, you might want to check out his Dark Underbelly of Hymns (another Dark Arts release) as well as his novelette, The Cranston Gibberer from Bad Moon Books. That one's been out in paperback for awhile, but just launched as an ebook this month.


If skimming my newsletter doesn't give you enough Everson jabber, now you can read more: I've been interviewed a few times lately: I answered 10 questions for Tuesday's Ten and talked about my favorite bourbon and beer on the Passionate Foodie Vol. 7. You can read a bit about the relaunch Siren at Hook of a Book, and see a short video interview that I did in the Orland Park Convention Center last month at DanCon at JohnGy's Beat.

I've been working on some new writing projects over the past few weeks, and I'm looking forward to sharing news about those... soon. In the meantime, it's sunny and closing in on 60 degrees here in Chicagoland, Time for me to go do some yardwork and Sunday barbecuing!

Yours in Dark Arts,


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