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IT'S HALLOWEEN WEEK!  Read on for Book Sales, Free Reads and The Coffin Hop Contest - Free Prizes!   
Trick or Treat!    

Today Only!
The Pumpkin Man is featured as today's Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon!

TODAY, AMAZON.COM is featuring my fifth novel, THE PUMPKIN MAN, as the lead book in the Kindle Daily Deal! It's on sale for just $1.99, so if you don't have a copy... grab it before midnight here:

AMAZON HAS ALSO put my first four novels on sale for the Kindle for just $0.99 this whole month. So grab copies this week here:    

If you already have these novels, please spread the word - I'd love to get them in as many people's hands this week (while they're cheap!) as possible! Share the wealth!


Win autographed copies of Violet Eyes, Creeptych

THIS WEEK,  my blog is part of the annual "Coffin Hop"!

What is The Coffin Hop, you ask?

I would like to say that it’s an event where everyone climbs into a coffin and hops bunny style towards a finish line while being chased by a line of Grim Reapers with extra shiny blades.

Sadly, it’s not quite that cool. But it IS pretty cool.

The Coffin Hop is an annual event wherein a slew of horror authors and artists feature daily contests, prizes, fiction, giveaways… it’s basically a  series of connected horror blogs each offering a bit of trick and treat for readers. The more places you hop to on the chain every day, the more stuff you’re going to amass by the end of the week. Check out all the blogs for a chance to win… all manner of ghoulish prizes!

At my Blog on, we’ll be serving up some eight-legged fare. Yep… this year, my Coffin Hop goodies all revolve around SPIDERS! (Go figure!)

Every day for the next week, I’ll be giving away a free e-book of my novelette Violet Lagoon!

And at the end of the week… there’s a big prize. On Halloween night, after Trick-or-Treating is all done, I’ll have my son Shaun draw a name out of The Great Pumpkin from all of the entries I receive this week. That winner will receive:

  • An autographed copy of Violet Eyes, my seventh novel, just released from Samhain Publishing.
  • An autographed copy of Creeptych, the rare, out-of-print 2010 Delirium hardcover that features “Violet Lagoon” and two other buggy stories. This is a collector’s item and the last “extra” copy of this book that I own.
  • A cool spider design candle holder that has been lingering about in my office for many years.
  • One nifty Samhain blood pen.


So stop by my blog every day this week, follow the instructions on each day, and enter the contest several times to increase your chances of winning!

Happy Halloween!


Come say hi and chat with me Sunday at The Writers Chatroom

EVERY YEAR FOR for close to a decade now, I've been a guest in October at The Writer's Chatroom. It's always a great time, and the more people who turn up, the better. So stop by tomorrow at 6 p.m. Central Time and say hi!

We'll be talking about the new book, Violet Eyes, as well as other Halloween-oriented things. I'm sure we'll touch on "Pumpkin Head," one of the moderators' favorite tales of mine (which you can read for free here).

It's Pumpkin Time....

October is a favorite time of year for all horror fans. Time to celebrate the spooky! If you're looking for some free fiction or some creepy fun, stop by my micro site for The Pumpkin Man novel and read the prologue of that book, or the original story that inspired the novel, or my perennial favorite "Pumpkin Head." 

All of those stories are free on

You can also use the online Ouija board to talk to the Pumpkin Man - ask him if he's going to come for you this Halloween, I dare ya!

Trick or Treat!

Yours in Dark Arts,

The Vampire Diaries

Visit the blogs on The Coffin Hop and win lots of horrific fun!

Upcoming Appearances

OCTOBER 27, 2013
The Writers Chatroom
6 p.m. Central Time
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