COMIC CON WEEKEND starts tomorrow, plus SACRIFICING VIRGINS on a 99 cent sale this week!

Back to School Edition!
hanks to everyone who I met just over a week ago at Flashback Weekend. I had a blast there, and there are now several new members on this newsletter list so... welcome! Hoping to see even more of you this weekend:


Come out and say hi at Wizard World Comic Con!

John Everson BannerTHIS WEEKEND I'll be a guest author at  Wizard World Comic Con at the Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. I'll be speaking (though god knows what I'll be saying!) on a panel called Villains Verses Villains on Friday at 5:30 p.m. in Room 1 along with several authors, including my ol' Twilight Tales live reading series compadre Darren Callahan.

I'm also helping to run an authors table in the Artists Alley area of the convention exhibition room throughout the weekend featuring many of the author panelists including Darren and my other longtime Chicago writer friends Jay Bonansinga, Mort Castle, Brian Pinkerton, Raymond Benson, Sam Weller and Jeff Jacobson.  If you're coming down to Comic Con, please stop by and say hi - I'll be selling books and autographing at the table most of the day on Friday and Sunday, and will be there the first couple hours the Hall is open on Saturday. Our table will be located at H33 in Artist Alley

If you're coming down on Friday, here's the description of the panel I'll be on:

A battle royale between villains! What makes a great monster or just plain psycho-antagonist? Creators divulge which characters claim the best villain award. Why do some win our hearts while others creep us out? Special guest speakers Genese Davis (The Holder's Dominion), Darren Callahan (Battle Apocalypse), Michael A. Black (Chimes at Midnight), Eric Kieron Davis (Star Citizen) and John Everson (The 13th) will share their perspectives and creative process including what key ingredients they focus on when creating vicious characters. Don't miss this thrilling discussion.

And here's a little page they put up on the Comic Con site with my bio.
(kinda cool to be on a Comic Con website!)



My latest release Sacrificing Virgins is on sale this week!

Vigilantes of LoveTHIS WEEK, my short story collection Sacrificing Virgins is on a 99 cent e-book sale on all bookstores. This book includes the best short fiction I've written over the past 10 years, including some tie-in tales to my novels Siren, NightWhere and The Pumpkin Man... so I hope if you haven't given it a read yet, you'll grab a copy and check it out.

And if you have any friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. who enjoy horror... I'd really appreciate any help you can give in sharing a link to the book to spread the word! Samhain Publishing rarely puts my titles on their catalog on sale, so I really want to make sure a bunch of people discover this book while it's cheap over the next few days! Here are links to Sacrificing Virgins on a few stores where it's available for a buck: Sacrificing Virgins has had a bunch of great 5-star reviews over the past few months since its release. Here are a couple from Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

From The Horror Fiction Review
Wow, these are some excellent stories! Beautifully written, dark, evocative, spooky, sensual, each with its own unique blend of mood and emotion … disturbingly erotic, weird, powerful, mingling dread and humor … all with precise, intense effect. There are ghost stories, murders, infestations, a guy in love with his answering machine, revenge, deadly dunk tanks, twists, kinks, and shocks. What would you do if you found a beautiful body buried on the beach? If you thought you had a chance to bring a loved one back from the dead? If you got tired of the deal you made with the devil? This may be one of my toughest challenges yet in terms of trying to select my faves.

Love this book
It's hard to even know where to begin while talking about Sacrificing Virgins by John Everson. I could easily write 500 words analyzing each of the 25 stories here, but the best way to experience this book is by reading it. One thing that I will say though is that this book is a template for what great horror stories should be. Sacrificing Virgins has moments that are shocking, violent and downright disgusting. These are all things that horror fans want but for me what makes a great horror story is characters that you care about and can relate to. Then you have to put them in a bad situation where it looks like they can't escape...Every story in this book is a lesson on how great horror literature can be and it's a can't miss book for real horror fans.

Gotta love reviews like that!

So... there ya go.  If you've read the book... please consider leaving a reader review on Amazon or one of the other bookseller pages (those reader reviews really do help convince other readers to check it out)... and if you haven't read it yet... please give it a go this week! 

And... if you're near Chicago, I hope I'll see you at Comic Con this weekend.

Thanks, as always for reading and... Read on...

Yours in Dark Arts,
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