Today is the day for... SACRIFICING VIRGINS!

"Today is the greatest day I've ever known. Can't live for tomorrow, Tomorrow's much too long"      - Smashing Pumpkins "Today"

Sacrificing Virgins hits the streets today!

Sacrificing VirginsMY FOURTH FULL COLLECTION of short stories, Sacrificing Virgins, is finally on sale today! Some preview copies debuted at the HorrorHound Convention in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, but today is the day you can finally order an e-book or trade paperback copy on all the major bookstore outlets!

If you have enjoyed my fiction (and I'm not sure why you'd be on this mailing list if you haven't!)  please consider taking a minute and ordering a copy today -- particularly from Amazon. If a good bunch of my loyal readers on this list order/download the book all on the same day, it will send Sacrificing Virgins up the "horror charts" on Amazon and hopefully lead to more readers discovering it! Let's make a sacrificial wave!

A big batch of overdue Sins
My last full-length fiction collection was Needles & Sins, released over eight years ago now, back in 2007, before any of my paperback novels hit bookstores. So... it's been a long time between collections! Needles gave me artwork that I loved so much it has been incorporated in my website design and this e-newsletter banner, and I have to say -- I love the art on Sacrificing Virgins just as much.

Sacrificing Virgins is also my longest collection of short stories, featuring 25 tales that spotlight all facets of my writing. There are quiet ghost stories, a touch of urban fantasy, a previously unpublished tale of macabre humor, a "gross-out contest" story that I wrote for the World Horror Convention and some more extreme and erotic horror tales. There are "tie-in" stories that are set in the worlds of my novels Siren and NightWhere, as well as the original short story "The Pumpkin Man" which eventually inspired me to write the novel of the same name.

The title story, "Sacrificing Virgins" was originally printed in a limited edition Delirium Books anthology, The Dead Inn, way back in 2001, and "Grandma Wanda's Belly Jelly" appeared in an ezine back in 1999. Most of these stories, however, come from the past 10 years. Two of them, "Field of Flesh" and "The Hole To China" were first published earlier this year, in the magazine Dark Discoveries and the anthology Eulogies III, respectively. And "Voyeur" originally appeared last summer in the award-winning sf/horror anthology Qualia Nous.

This book also collects most of the tales that were in the now out-of-print mini-collections Creeptych and Deadly Nightlusts, and also finally collects personal favorites like "The Tapping," "In Memoryum" and "She Found Spring".

I hope you'll read and enjoy these tales as much as I enjoyed writing them! Please drop me a note and let me know what you think of the book when you get a chance to read it. I'd love to know what your favorite pieces are.

Here are the links to the book on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Samhain:

Barnes & Noble:



Here's the stack of copies that appeared on my desk this past week!

Thanks, as always, for reading!

Yours in Dark Arts,
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