Kathleen Wonders, Are You Meeting 2014 with Courage and Grace, Staying Steadier in Your Transitions?

Meeting 2014 
with Courage and Grace


Living In the Flow of Grace
As much as I try, transitions don’t seem to go away. They seem to accompany me throughout each day as well as mark significant turning points in my life. What if I could learn to meet life’s transitions with strength and grace rather than be limited by my default habit of fear and confusion? What if I had a map to turn to when I sensed something is on the verge of shifting because the status quo simply can’t go on?
I wonder:
  • If all my life transitions, big and small, are steps bringing me home to myself…
  • If what I call transitions are layers of life dropping away, making my essence more visible and my expression more authentic…
  • If transitions ground me in my life’s purpose, give clarity to what matters, and open doors to greater service and contribution…
  • If transitions are the springboards to living in the flow of grace…
I’ll be exploring courageous and graceful navigation of transitions this year with my colleague Mary Mackenzie. Mary and I have each been through numerous transitions in the past ten years and have found the frameworks of Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness and
William Bridges’ book Managing Transitions rich resources for guidance along the path. Join us as a co-explorer if you want to unlock the potential growth in your own transitions.  Click here for information on the upcoming retreat in Montana.
I’ll also be exploring the critical realm of Radical Acceptance with my colleague Marcia Christen this coming February–March. Self-discovery and self-compassion is critical to navigating transitions with grace. Click here for more information on our intimate home series on Bainbridge Island.

Upcoming 2014 Events

Radical Acceptance Series
Feb. 25, Mar. 4, Mar. 11

Bainbridge Island, WA
Facilitated by:
Marcia Christen and Kathleen Macferran
Tuesdays noon-3 pm
Get More Details and Register

Meeting Life Transitions with Courage and Strength
May 23-26

Boulder Hot Springs Resort
Boulder, MT
Facilitated by:
Mary Mackenzie and Kathleen Macferran
dinner Friday-lunch Monday
Get More Details and Register

USA Ohio International Intensive Training
August 15-24

London, OH
Facilitated by:
Myra Walden, Jeff Brown, Robert Krzisnik and Kathleen Macferran
Fri evening Aug 15- Sunday noon Aug 24
Get More Details and Register

Meeting Life Transitions with Courage and Strength
September 26-28

Nashville, TN
Facilitated by:
Mary Mackenzie and Kathleen Macferran
Friday evening-Sunday 4 pm
Save the Date!  Details and Registration Info Coming Soon!

About Kathleen

Kathleen Macferran holds a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. She’s a Certified Trainer  and Assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and offers communication and conflict resolution training internationally to organizations and individuals including businesses, schools, colleges, community groups, faith-based communities, hospitals, families, prison inmates, and correctional and law enforcement employees.


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