Newsletter 02 / 2014
Oakleigh Clayton Community Toy Library
Welcome to the jam-packed winter newsletter. At this time of year, it's great to have access to such a great a library with plenty of toys and activities to keep your kids stimulated and entertained during the cold and wet days ahead. 
It's been a busy few months and a big time of change for the toy library, with a new president and new committee members coming on board in March. We would like to sincerely thank outgoing president Kristin Brown for her fantastic work during four years on the committee, as well as our former secretary Kathleen Killick and sewing co-ordinator Renee Cullen for their great contribution to the library. 
We would like to welcome and introduce our new committee:
President - Alok Bhatt
Secretary - Jasmine D'Souza
Treasurer - Moly Krishshanthan  
Membership Coordinator - Amanda Macpherson
Marketing & Communications - Victoria Kyriakopoulos
Toy Buyer, Processor & Party Pack Coordinator - Jillian Malin
Sewing Coordinator - Bridget Hollestelle
Communication Coordinator - Lina Susanti
Fundraising Coordinator - David Birch
Roster Coordinators Tuesday- Caroline Knowles, Wednesday - Ram Iyer, Saturday - Lydia Oey.

We have one vacant committee position left:  Maintenance & Stocktake Coordinator.
Duties include:  Coordinate yearly stocktake activity during the first/second week of December and check monthly for any toys requiring maintenance e.g. missing, broken pieces/toys, batteries for the toys etc. Most of our members are very responsible so there isn't much 
maintenance required.
As a reward for their efforts, committee members receive FREE membership renewal and double the toy borrowing allowance.

Tuesday Borrowing Sessions Ending

Due to dwindling attendance over many months, we have regrettably decided to end the library’s Tuesday morning borrowing sessions. It was no longer sustainable to keep opening the library as there were not enough people to cover the roster duties and roster coordinator Caroline has ended up doing it on her own a lot of the time.

The Tuesday sessions will stop after the coming school holidays. Big thanks to Caroline for all her hard work with the Tuesday sessions.

On the plus side, this should free up more members for other borrowing sessions and we are also considering adding another duty person to the busy Saturday sessions.

Library Makeover

We have a new look, thanks to a major rebrand and update of the library's marketing materials. In the next few weeks we will be launching a new logo, new brochures and a poster to promote the library in the community. 

We have kept the Jack in the box theme, but we now have a fresh and contemporary logo and bright design that will stand out in the crowd of brochures and posters at local pre-schools, libraries and other community noticeboards.

This followed a review that found that we did not have the appropriate artwork and electronic files necessary to create any new promotional material. Since we had to redo the logo, we took the opportunity to update the brand and invest in a suite of material to ensure we have what we need to promote the library going into the future. 

Thanks to Sophia at Soph&Son for her work on the designs. We hope you like our new look!


Alok Bhatt
Committee Role: President 
Occupation: Telecommunication Engineer
Lives: Mount Waverley (dodgy end!)
Born: India
Moved to Australia: 2005
Joined the library: 2010.
Children: Two daughters, Anushka, 4 and Amaya,18 months.
Joined Committee: 2014.
Why volunteer?
“It’s simply a fantastic idea. This library saves all of us money, space and at very minor cost. The Party Pack is fantastic. I would like to contribute whatever I can for this organisation to do well, and I would like to see more and more people in the area with young children take advantage of this library.”

Borrowing Times

When you are borrowing toys can you please make sure you allow enough time to select, count and check out the toys.  This ensures that people on duty are not having to stay any longer than the required duty time. 
Members have the right to refuse borrowing 10 minutes before closing time (this is as per the rules of the ‘Duty Person’ book).

Batteries Dead?

When you need to replace batteries on toys, the spare batteries and screwdrivers are located in the bottom draw of our plastic cabinet. 

Like us and borrow an extra toy

Like our toy library's FACEBOOK page to stay up to date with everything that's new with the toy library and with what's happening locally. Once you like our page, visit the toy library and let the person on duty know and you will be able to borrow an extra toy that week. A sign will be up in the toy library shortly about this, but this offer is available immediately.

We Need You!

Our annual Bunnings BBQ fundraiser is on this weekend - Saturday 28 June at Bunnings Oakleigh South. This is our only fundraising event for the year and we need the support of our members to make it work.  
If you haven't allocated yourself a duty time between 8.30am-4.30pm Saturday you can still do so at the library on Wednesday or email or call us to make a time.
We use these funds every year to buy new toys and cover our public liability insurance and other costs. 

Congratulations Jillian!

Congratulations to our long-standing committee member Jillian for her high commendation in the 2014 Sir John Monash Volunteer of the Year Award. Jillian was one of four finalists in that category who were presented with awards at a ceremony at the Monash Gallery of Art on May 14.

It's a great achievement and a well-deserved award for Jillian's tireless work for the Oakleigh Clayton Community Toy Library over 20 years (and for her volunteer work with the Guides). We're lucky to have her on board.

Calling For New Toy Ideas

Is there anything you would like to see added to our toy collection? We are in the process of selecting new toys to purchase for 2014. If you have any suggestions about toys that would be appropriate for the library (hard-wearing, educational and/or just fun) please send us an email or bring any photos or catalogues along on your next visit.

Importance of Duty

Volunteers are the backbone of our Toy library, so thanks to thank everyone who helps make this toy library work - by showing up for duty, helping with the annual stocktake and fundraiser and joining the committee. 

Unfortunately there have been a few occasions in the past few months where the library was unable to open because the duty members were not available. Other times, members have been forced to open alone, creating unfair stress and often causing delays for other members using the library. Thank you to members who have stepped in to help on these occasions.

It is imperative that you notify us well in advance if you are unable to attend your rostered duty session. It is up to members to make every effort to find a replacement (member contacts details are on the rosters) and notify roster coordinators if there is a problem.

This will help keep the library open and running smoothly.

Membership Renewals

Renewal forms are now available in the member folder. Duty member should hand these to members as they check in and also ensure they fill out the duty member's section of the forms before putting it back in the member folder so that we can update our database. 

If you're quitting the library, we're sad to see you leave, but please let us know so that we can keep our database up to date. This will help roster coordinator ensure that only active members are on the roster. 

Entertainment Book

Jillian is supporting fundraising for Oakleigh South Girl Guides through the sale of the 2014 Entertainments Book and digital edition. For $65 you get access to hundreds of discount coupons and 2-for-1 offers for restaurants, entertainment, attractions, hotels, shopping. There are a few copies of the book at the library or you can get more information and order online  or call Jillian on 95790898. 20% of funds raised go to Oakleigh South Girl Guides.


As always, we would love to hear from our members. Comments, feedback, ideas are welcome!

This is a community library, so our goal is to ensure that the library meets our member's needs.  

Hope to see you at the Toy Library,
Lina Susanti & Victoria Kyriakopoulos

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