Message from the Toy Library Committee

Dear <<First Name>>, 
Welcome to our first 2015 newsletter and to our new members, Shwetha, Naie Yin, Sonal, Jennifer & Caroline.

As most of you know, our beloved toy library has made some of our biggest changes, so in 2015 we look forward to reaping many benefits from these changes and continually evolve them.

New rostering system, opening hours, membership levels, increased duty members on Saturday and bond will ensure that our beloved toy library will run efficiently and will make our main customers very happy - our kids. 


AGM - Annual General Meeting - 11th March

It's time for our annual general meeting which will be held on Wednesday 11th March at 8:10pm.
Please come along, there will be guaranteed laughter, yummy scones and rum balls (with no actual rum!), as well as finding out how your toy library runs and having your say. 


Vote for a Toy!

We have a new segment, Vote for a Toy! Where each month we will select 3 toys for our members to vote on, the toy with the most votes will be purchased and added to the toy library. Click HERE to vote.
Please remember that what makes our toy library great is
We are a community that share a common goal - to give our kids the best toy experience without having spending a lot of money on them . :) 
So, let's make this a respectful community by,
  • Showing up on duty, if you can't make it, ask someone to do it on your behalf (partner, grandparents, or a friend), or organise a swap, as long as the toy library stay opens. 
  • Not returning toys as the toy library is about to close
  • Finish selecting your toys 10 minutes before closing time. ( Duty member has the right to say NO to borrowing in the last 10 minutes) 
  • Use non abusive language; we are all parents, we do have bad days, but remember that at toy library we're all volunteers, we donate our time to the library for each other to make our kids happy.
  • Don't be a silent bystander, if you see someone receiving a hard time, speak up and show them your support. 

Coming Soon.. from Young Creative Farms

This quality wooden farmboard is coming soon.  All components are hand-made by farm owners locally in the country town of Dubbo, NSW. We have also ordered all the farm accessories. It is going to be great! Here is a sample setup:


Our new website is here !!!!!!
Check when the party pack is available and request a booking! 

We are looking for anyone with Wordpress (HTML,CSS) skills to help us with the website

Lina - Publicity Co-ordinator

How long have you been a member?
I have been member since 2012.

Why did you join the toy library? 
Wish to provide my daughter with good quality toys but didn't want to spend too much money. 

Why did you join the toy library committee?
I just want to help.. as I may have skills to offer.

What is your child’s current favourite toy at the toy library?
She likes the gryo car

What do you think will change about the toy library over the next five years?
Hopefully the members can feel as a community.


Position Vacant
Toy Maintenance Coordinator 

Looking for someone who likes to fix things especially toys. Some toys just need a screw tightened here or a bit of workaround there to help get them back on the shelf. Are you interested, please contact us, email

What is this $50 Bond?
Previously called Refundable Levy, we realised it really is a Bond, a guarantee that you will notify us when you cancel. We are asking all new members and renewing members to pay a $50 bond. This bond will help us run the toy library smoothly. When you do cancel and provide bank details, you will receive your bond back. Provided you haven't missed duty carelessly and fined. We soon hope that all library sessions will not close because of the absent of a duty member. 
We're NEXT!!
Oakleigh Toy Library will be on a Local Matters jar at Grill’d Carnegie this March!
Lets spread the word to our members and friends and encourage them to head into Grill’d Carnegie during March to help support our group. The group with the most tokens in their jar at the end of the month is the winner of the $300 – so the more people that come in and put a token in our jar, the better our chances of winning.

The folks at Grill'd want us to make sure when you or any of our members pop in for a burger, that we come say ‘hi’ – they would love to meet you in person!

New Membership Co-ordinator 

Renee has done a great job with helping us with the new 2015 forms, rosters, newsletters and logo design. She's now officially our new membership co-ordinator. 

Amanda who has done an excellent job, is taking a step back as she's now expecting her second child. We would like to express our gratitude for all of her help, including co-ordinating Hack Day resulting in the new website and online rosters, her commitments and her passionate energy in making our toy library better and better. We couldn't be more excited for her, and be appreciative of Amanda's ongoing support as a general committee member. 


Position Vacant
Bunnings Fundraiser

We are still seeking a member to co-ordinate and lead our only fundraiser, the bunnings BBQ. David has documented everything that there is to know. A very social and rewarding day! 

How big is our community now? 

In 2015, we have so far
-  69 active members
-  5 are new
-  5 have renewed 

Position Vacant

Looking for someone to be secretary to the toy library  Are you interested, please contact us, email


Evolving the Online Rosters

We have had some great feedback on our Online Roster Sign up form. Some further suggestions are coming in, we will begin discussing how we will evolve the Roster process at the AGM, please come along or email us your suggestions. 

Look out for SMS reminders one week prior to your duty. A few members have asked about the odd mobile number used by the Oakleigh Toy Library. We use a website from United States to manage our SMS reminders, therefore the phone number is an USA number. If you reply, your responses are emailed to us. 
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