Newsletter 01 / 2014
Oakleigh Clayton Community Toy Library
Welcome to the new toy library year! 

First of all, we want to thank everyone who was involved in helping out with our stock take process. It was a huge success and ran very smoothly thanks to the wonderful organisation of Jillian Malin, Ildiko Tarjan and Kristin Brown. We also want to congratulate the winner of our stock take door prize, Wendy Renehan. Hope you can spend the $50 Chadstone voucher on yourself!

And if you still have the toys that you borrowed from stock take, please remember to return them ASAP to avoid getting chased up for them, as they were due back in the first week of February.

Now, the most important issue of our toy library - we desperately need someone to step forward to be president or the toy library will close.
Please don't assume that someone else will step forward, as we've been looking for months and no one has come forward yet. Kristin, our current president, has been an amazing asset to the library and gone above and beyond what's required in the role. However, the only actual requirements for the role are the following:
• Checking PO BOX once a month prior to committee meetings 
• Chairing monthly committee meetings (8pm, 2nd Wednesday of each month between February and December)
• Completing the annual council grant (in February 2015)
• Liaising with local council when situations are required (i.e replacement of keys)
• Creating 2015 schedule of dates (in November 2014)

Without someone in the role of president, the library will need to shut down. This has happened to a couple of other toy libraries in Melbourne recently. With over 75 families being members of our library, it would such a huge loss to have to close our doors, particularly for our children.

As a reward for their efforts, the new president will receive the following benefits:
  • do not have to do duty
  • FREE membership renewal, and
  • double the toy borrowing allowance.
Please seriously thinking about volunteering for this role. If you are willing to help out your community, please email us ASAP.
Tuesdays might close! 
Unfortunately our Tuesday morning sessions (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month) have dwindled down to only a few members. Unless we get more members who can do duty, we will be shutting down the Tuesday sessions after Easter. Can you please let us know if you would be happy to swap your duty day to Tuesday?
Like on Facebook 
Like us and borrow an extra toy
Like our toy library's FACEBOOK page to stay up to date with everything that's new with the toy library and with what's happening locally. Once you like our page, visit the toy library and let the person on duty know and you will be able to borrow an extra toy that week. A sign will be up in the toy library shortly about this, but this offer is available immediately.
Hang up C & D toy bags
When returning one of the C or D toys, please make sure you hang it back up on our new C & D rack if it comes in a bag.

The new rack helps make it easier to find new and exciting toys for your child. 

Magnetic Davinci Blocks

Innovative and fun, these blocks are an educational toy that allow children's creativity to be expressed. These transparent, magnetic blocks use a unique rotating Magnet technology that allows blocks to stick together. Great for kids 3+, encouraging imaginative play, hand-eye coordination and shape & colour recognition. 

Our puzzles are now easier to find

Thanks to some hard work by some of our dedicated members in January, our puzzle section has been reorganised so that it is much easier to find a puzzle that's right for your child's age. On the top of the puzzle racks, you'll find a colour code chart to show you which colour is best for which age. I've found it to be incredibly useful!
As always, we would love to hear from our members. Comments, feedback, ideas are welcome! This is a community library, so our goal is to ensure that the library meets our member's needs.  

Hope to see you at the Toy Library,

Kathleen Killick
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