Meet new people, have fun and help promote a healthy, resilient future for our community.

Sign Up Today for Green ProAction Cafe #2

6 to 9 p.m., Monday, May 4
Oak Park Main Library, 834 Lake St.


Add your creativity to projects already in the works and help nurture new ideas. The ProAction Café is an interactive, small-group process which helps us connect with one another to link fresh perspectives with experience making us stronger and more effective..

We'll gather at 6 p.m. for a snack supper and have an opportunity to check out action projects that you would like to work on. The program will start at 6:30 p.m. with brief project introductions, and the group work will start at 7 p.m.

Jumpstart the Wildlife Corridor

Pamela Todd, West Cook Wild Ones
West Cook Wild Ones will host Living Landscapes: A Native Gardening Conference and Native Plant Sale, on May 17, at Dominican University. As keynote speaker, renowned author Doug Tallamy will share his ideas on how we can reverse the decline in birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife by creating islands of habitat in our own backyards. This will be a great opportunity to educate and inspire the community about the important role of native gardens. Add your ideas and energy to help maximize the impact of this exciting event.

Host a Forum on Renewable Energy

Jim Babcock
Interfaith Green Network
The Community Choice Aggregation contract for our local electricity supply will be up for bid soon. Those of us who believe that using clean, renewable energy is a high priority would like to have a say in the energy choice selected by the Village Board. The local advocacy team plans to host a community forum to familiarize residents with the various options being proposed and the process by which the ultimate energy supplier is selected.

Find Your Voice in the National Climate Policy Debate

David Holmquist and Ken O'Hare
Citizens' Climate Lobby

We invite you to participate in the design of an impactful presentation of policy options for dealing with climate change. What questions most need to be addressed in order to make possible a transparent evaluation of the alternatives? And what roadblocks need to be overcome to empower us to find our voices? We’d love to have your suggestions and involvement.

Increase Pesticide-Free, Child and Pet-Friendly Yards in River Forest

Katarina Berin and Julie Moller,
River Forest Sustainability Com. 

Gardening and lawn care chemicals can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife and waterways. The good news is there are many surprisingly easy ways to care for your lawn and garden that avoid putting your family and neighbors at risk. Please join us to help design ways to keep the momentum going and develop online tools and resources.

Help Design the Good Food Pilot Program

Cheryl Munoz, Sugar Beet Co-op
Little shifts in our daily choices add up to meaningful changes over time. Create ways to support families in making the small changes in daily food choices that will improve our health and the health of our planet? Explore eating locally-grown foods, composting food scraps, and using less water and energy for cooking through a Good Food Pilot Program guided by Sugar Beet Food Co-op. Try new recipes, stock a local and sustainable pantry and learn new and easy ways your household can get on board with the Good Food Movement!

Pesticide-Free Lawn Care in Oak Park

Peggy McGrath, GoGreen OPRF
Nick Bridge, OP Environment & Energy Commission

Team up with the Oak Park Environment and Energy Commission and GoGreenOPRF to distribute eye catching lawn signs that identify pesticide-free yards. Brainstorm and implement ideas to distribute informative "How To" brochures and encourage families to take a simple pledge to eliminate use of chemicals that are harmful to children, pets and wildlife. 

Try It, You'll Like It! Increase the Use of Time-Banking

Chris Petite, Mutual Aid Network
Barry Koren, OurVillageLife
Nancy Bauer, Repair Café 

It’s time for us to use the many wonderful assets of all residents and match unmet needs with available resources. A time bank is a tool that matches individuals who have something to share with individuals and organizations with needs. Join us to explore the local assets and needs that can be matched through time-banking.

Recommend Ways to Learn From & Enjoy our Arboretum

Bill Sieck, Learning Gardens
"What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Our new Oak Park Arboretum is just a name. Join us to develop its "form and fragrance."  Let's make a list of all the ways we would like to enjoy and learn from the 21,000 trees in our "walk out your front door - turn left or right  - you are there" arboretum. Your suggestions and ideas are appreciated. 


Thank you to our partnering groups:  West Cook Wild Ones, Sugar Beet Schoolhouse, River Forest Sustainability Committee, Interfaith Green Network, Oak Park TreeKeepers’ Historic Oak Propagation Project, The Learning Gardens, Mutual Aid Network, Our Village Life,  GoGreen OPRF, Repair Café, Citizens Climate Lobby, Oak Park Environment & Energy Commission, Seven Generations Ahead.


The Green ProAction Café is sponsored by Green Community Connections and partially funded by a grant from the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation.  More information is available at  For questions contact  or 773.315.1109.

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