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Sign Up Today for Green ProAction Cafe

6:15 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 10
Oak Park Main Library, 834 Lake St.


Meet new people, add your creativity to projects already in the works and help nurture new ideas. The ProAction Café is an interactive, small-group process.  Conversations will build on each other as people move between tables, cross-pollinating ideas and offering new insights.

We'll gather at 6:15 p.m. for a light supper and have an opportunity to select topic dialogues that you would like to participate in. The program will start promplty at 6:45 p.m. with a brief introduction and the ProAction Café will start at 7 p.m.

Help Build the Wildlife Corridor

Pamela Todd,
West Cook Wild Ones

Doug Tallamy, a leader in the native plant movement, makes a startling statement in his book, Bringing Nature Home. He says, “Unless we modify the places we live, work and play to meet not only our own needs but the needs of other species as well, nearly ALL species of wildlife native to the United States will disappear forever." The good news is that there is an easy solution to this problem. Restoring native plants to most human-dominated landscapes is relatively easy. Come and share your thoughts, ideas, and passion about improving our region's biodiversity through establishing a vibrant wildlife corridor across Oak Park and River Forest.

Advocate for Policies that Build Resilience

Jim Babcock
Interfaith Green Network

The world is in the midst of a climate emergency. And while individual actions to reduce our footprint are important, community-wide climate sustainability policy can have many times the impact toward healing the natural systems that sustain us. Join us in exploring how concerned residents and community organizations can leverage our forces to attain comprehensive, intelligent, coordinated and effective climate-restoring policy enacted in OPRF and in Springfield.

Care for & Learn from our Forest Assets

Bill Sieck, Learning Gardens
Kathryn Jonas, TreeKeepers

Village of Oak Park in conjunction with the Oak Park Park District is preparing to apply to have the trees in the parks and parkways collectively designated as an Arboretum.  We are excited about this opportunity and would like to invite you to join us in thinking together about how we might take care of this great resource and use it for the benefit of the community.  Let's spread the word on this.

Protect the River with Natural Lawn Care

Katarina Berin and Sue Crothers,
River Forest Sustainability Com.

This program will be the first official initiative for the newly formed Sustainability Committee for River Forest, which will be housed in the River Forest Parks Foundation.  This campaign will promote best practices for lawn care and landscaping at the residential level to reduce use and impact of lawn care products on human health and the environment.  Change is challenging.  Help us think about how to invite people to, “take the pledge,” to plant natives and go chemical free.

Join in Crafting a Good
Food Challenge

Cheryl Munoz,
The Sugar Beet

Good Food Challenge - creating a national food policy may take years but creating a food policy for your home, place of work or worship can be achieved now!  By first understanding the various tenets of a food policy we can begin to set intentions to make desired changes in our daily habits. Considerations range from personal wellness to environmental impact, and by aligning your values with our food choices we can make small changes that add up to building a healthier food system for our families and our community.  Join our conversation and share your ideas about the design and benefits of a local good food policy and how to get started.

Your Family's Health & the Environment

Peggy McGrath,
Go Green OPRF

Information is available to protect us against environmental toxins.  We can take advantage of State Notification Laws, for example.  Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics stipulates that pediatricians should teach parents about the dangers of toxic exposure. Join the conversation today and share your ideas about how can we draw on our own experiences to disseminate this and other knowledge to the larger community.  We value your input and contribution to our efforts.

Explore the Local Sharing Economy

Chris Petite, Mutual Aid Network
Barry Koren, OurVillageLife
Nancy Bauer, Repair Café 

The “sharing economy” can be a way of redefining work in order to allow people to do what they love doing, and a way of reducing the resources that we need to support a comfortable lifestyle.  It is also a community building dynamic.  We invite you to join a conversation regarding what’s already happening in this realm and what is the future potential for development.

Promote Federal Action to Reduce Carbon

David Holmquist,
Citizens' Climate Lobby

Knowing the potential broad global consequences of climate change, it seems clear that in addition to household and community changes, we need national policies that will force companies that are putting carbon in the atmosphere to pay the cost of the damage.  We care about and think that it's essential that we have an effective policy on this.  Please join the conversation and share your thoughts about effective ways to act locally to educate the public and influence congress.


Thank you to our partnering groups:  West Cook Wild Ones, Sugar Beet Schoolhouse, River Forest Sustainability Committee, Interfaith Green Network, Oak Park TreeKeepers’ Historic Oak Propagation Project, The Learning Gardens, Mutual Aid Network, Our Village Life,  GoGreen OPRF, Repair Café, Citizens Climate Lobby, Oak Park Environment & Energy Commission, Seven Generations Ahead.


The Green ProAction Café is sponsored by Green Community Connections and partially funded by a grant from the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation.  More information is available at  For questions contact  or 773.315.1109.

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