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It’s time for BACK-TO-SCHOOL and buying school clothes and supplies are not the most important things parents can do to prepare their children for going back to school. Far more important is preparing children to survive, and even thrive at school. To that end, I want to share with you some of my TOP THREE MUST-HAVE BACK-TO-SCHOOL RESOURCES that I have to offer to help make getting your children back to school less stressful and more rewarding at every grade level.


All of the resources listed below can be found on my website, 

Please note that you might find a grade level’s resources more appropriate for your child even though your child might not be at that particular grade level. Because you know your child best, please feel free to choose the resources that will work best for your child. 

One more thing—my books How to Do Your Homework and Schoolwork as well as How to Get Good Grades will be presented in a future newsletter that will be posted once kids are already in school and dealing with these subjects.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE Teach Me About Separation or Let’s Talk About Being Away from Your Parents

One of the biggest hurdles for most young children to overcome when they begin school is being away from their parents. Therefore, helping young children deal with separation needs to be a back-to-school priority.

OPTION #1 - My Teach Me About Separation book helps very young children deal with the stress of being away from the important people in their lives and explains how they can deal with short-term separation.

OPTION  #2 - My Let’s Talk About Being Away from Your Parents book acknowledges the difficulty of parent-child separation and explains how to make these separations positive instead of negative experiences.

#2 RESOURCE – Teach Me About School

Knowing what to expect is the most important requirement of guaranteeing success for young children experiencing new situations. This is why my book, Teach Me About School, is a must for children entering school for the first time.

My Teach Me About School book helps prepare children for what they are likely to see and do at school. It also reassures them that they will be safe and will have their basic needs met while they are at school.


#3 RESOURCE – Teach Me About Friends

Since having friends is a crucial part of young children getting the most out of school, my book, Teach Me About Friends, is a must-have for pre-kindergartners.

Teach Me About Friends helps prepare children for social interactions with other children by explaining what they can expect and what kinds of behavior are acceptable around others.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – Let’s Talk About Being Shy

No matter how extroverted young children might be before they start school, chances are they will experience some amount of shyness during the first day or week of school. My Let’s Talk About Being Shy book can help children deal with their shyness.

Let’s Talk About Being Shy defines shyness and explains how to replace it with positive social skills that can ward off negative attention.


#2 RESOURCE – Let’s Talk About Feeling Inferior 

Before young children become familiar with their classmates and their classroom situations, it is normal for them to question themselves and their abilities when they begin school. They might even experience feelings of inferiority. My Let’s Talk About Feeling Inferior book can help children process these thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Let’s Talk About Feeling Inferior defines feelings of inferiority as well as its causes and explains how to handle these feelings in positive instead of negative ways.


#3 RESOURCE – Let’s Talk About Being Fair

Fair play is essential to the success of a young child’s social experiences in school. However, being fair is a life skill that needs to be learned. This is where my book, Let’s Talk About Being Fair, can be helpful.

Let’s Talk About Being Fair defines fairness and its importance in all relationships and encourages fair play.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – A Help Me Be Good Book About Being Bullied

Because being bullied still remains a huge problem in elementary school, I recommend confronting the problem in the very beginning of a child’s elementary school experience. That’s why A Help Me Be Good Book About Being Bullied is a crucial resource for first graders.

A Help Me Be Good Book About Being Bullied explains why children bully others and shows constructive ways to deal with a bully.


#2 RESOURCE – Let’s Talk About Playing with Others 

Knowing how to get along with others is a must for survival in the classroom and on the playground. This is why  Let’s Talk About Playing with Others is an important resource for first graders.

My Let’s Talk About Playing with Others book teaches how to recruit playmates and how to treat them appropriately.


#3 RESOURCE – Let’s Talk About Being Good 

Although “being good” can mean different things to different people in different situations, there are a few bedrock principles that apply to every situation including your child’s classroom. Those principles are put forth clearly in Let’s Talk About Being Good.

My Let’s Talk About Being Good book defines what it means to be good and what can be done to replace misbehavior with good behavior.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


Throughout the years, teachers have shared with me that three annoyances including rudeness, interrupting, and tattling, always top the “List of Little Annoyances That Drive Teachers Crazy.” So, in honor of teachers who are called on to endure myriad niggling aggravations, here are my top three resources for second graders.


#1 RESOURCE – A Help Me Be Good Book About Being Rude 

A Help Me Be Good Book About Being Rude defines the Golden Rule and shows children how they can practice it in their relationship with others.


#2 RESOURCE – A Help Me Be Good Book About Interrupting 

A Help Me Be Good Book About Interrupting defines interruptions and explains under what conditions interruptions are and are not acceptable.


#3 RESOURCE – A Help Me Be Good Book About Tattling 

A Help Me Be Good Book About Tattling defines tattling and explains when it is appropriate and inappropriate to tattle.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – Every Kids’ Guide to Making Friends

The importance of kids having friends in school cannot be underestimated. So, because friends are the key to a  happy, healthy school experience, an important resource for third graders is Every Kid’s Guide to Making Friends.

My Every Kid’s Guide to Making Friends book explains why friends are important and teaches how to develop and maintain friendships.


#2 RESOURCE – Every Kid’s Guide to Handling Disagreements

Because conflict resolution is a crucial social skill that kids need to learn, and because this skill can serve kids well throughout their lives, Every Kid’s Guide to Handling Disagreements is an imperative for kids in elementary school.

My Every Kid’s Guide to Handling Disagreements book explains how conflicts develop and teaches kids positive ways to resolve them.


#3 RESOURCE – How to Be Good 

The only way to avoid chaos in a classroom is to have well-defined rules and regulations that everyone understands and accepts. The best way to ensure that kids respect and adhere to rules and regulations is to involve them in creating the rules and regulations and establishing the consequences for noncompliance. How to Be Good can help make this happen.

My How to Be Good book explains why rules and regulations are necessary and encourages children to understand, respect, and abide by the rules and regulations they are expected to follow.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – Every Kid’s Guide to Laws that Relate to School and Work 

There often comes a time when school starts to get a little harder and isn’t as much fun as it was in the beginning. School-fatigue can set in, and kids can become resistant to attending school. At times like these, kids might need to be reminded why school is mandatory. This is where Every Kid’s Guide to Laws that Relate to School and Work can help.

My book, Every Kid’s Guide to Laws that Relate to School and Work, explains all of the laws that relate to kids while they are at school—including why school and following school rules and regulations are mandatory.


#2 RESOURCE – Every Kid’s Guide to Thinking and Learning 

Learning the fundamentals like reading, writing, and arithmetic is important. However, more important is learning how to become a lifelong learner. That includes learning how to formulate questions then get the answers to those questions in as many creative ways as possible. Every Kid’s Guide to Thinking and Learning can help kids attain these worthwhile goals.

My book, Every Kid’s Guide to Thinking and Learning, teaches the intellectual skills that can help kids become lifelong learners.


#3 RESOURCE – Every Kids’ Guide to Using Time Wisely

Around the fourth grade, school and life in general begin to get more complicated and when it does, it’s important for kids to have some time-management skills.

My book, Every Kid’s Guide to Using Time Wisely, teaches kids how to organize their time in order to accomplish the things they need and want to do.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


Kids at this age should be completely on their own when it comes time to get themselves ready and off to school. If this isn’t a reality for your child, now is the time to make it happen. The following resources can give kids the information and skills they need to be more self-sufficient on mornings before school.


#1 RESOURCE – How to Clean Yourself Up

My book, How to Clean Yourself Up, shows how to clean and groom one’s body from head to toe.


#2 RESOURCE – How to Get Dressed

My book, How to Get Dressed, teaches how to select clothing that is appropriate for the occasion, weather conditions, and one’s own physical characteristics.


#3 RESOURCE – How to Make Breakfast and Lunch

My book, How to Make Breakfast and Lunch, shows how to plan and prepare simple and nutritious meals and snacks.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – You Can Overcome Fear!

Over time, kids seem to accumulate a lot of fears that can prevent them from trying and succeeding. Because being fearless is essential to living life to its fullest, it is important to teach kids the information and skills they need to overcome their fears--especially as they relate to school.

My book, You Can Overcome Fear, explains the origin and nature of fear and teaches how to respect acceptable fears and overcome unacceptable fears


#2 RESOURCE – You Can Handle Criticism and Rejection!

Kids at this age can be hypersensitive to criticism and rejection—which can cause them to become shyer and less socially engaged. Kids need to learn how to evaluate and react appropriately to both the criticism and rejection they might receive at school.

My book, You Can Handle Criticism and Rejection, defines the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and encourages the acceptance and use of constructive criticism as well as the rejection and avoidance of destructive criticism.


#3 RESOURCE – How to Avoid Hanging Around with the Wrong Crowd

Around the fifth-grade, kids often begin making choices that can get them into a lot of serious trouble. A lot of those bad choices can be motivated by peers. This is why it is crucial for kids to surround themselves with peers that will be a good influence.

My book, How to Avoid Hanging Around with the Wrong Crowd, discusses the difference between peer groups that have a negative influence and groups that have a positive influence and teaches how to select and become a member of an acceptable peer group.

Top Three Must-Have Back-to-School Resources for


#1 RESOURCE – You Can Handle Stress!

Middle school can be stressful—which is why it is important to equip middle-schoolers with the information and stress-relieving tools they need to decompress. 

My book, You Can Handle Stress, defines stress and stressors and explains how to navigate around these obstacles to achieve inner peace in all circumstances.


#2 RESOURCE – You Can Get Organized!

It has been said that “Organization is the key to success,” and this saying seems to have a lot of merit when it comes to succeeding in school. Organization can help replace a lot of anxiety and frustration with inner peace and confidence. This is why getting one’s possessions and environment in order before school starts is important.

My book, You Can Get Organized, teaches how to organize possessions, space, and time in ways that will alleviate frustration, enhance individual efforts, and lead to greater personal achievement and fulfillment.


#3 RESOURCE - You Can Be Liked!

Since being liked and being popular are two of the biggest concerns for kids at this age, it is important to teach them to value being genuinely liked by their peers rather than being popular. It is also important to equip middle schoolers  with the information and social skills they need be genuinely liked.

My book, You Can Be Liked, discusses the benefits of being a person who is liked, rather than one who is popular, and teaches how to become someone who will be respected and liked by others.



My book, You Can Be Smart, puts forth various definitions of intelligence and teaches how to become an open-minded, critically thinking, and lifelong learner.

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IN CLOSING: Back-to-School has always been a crucial time in every child’s life. It’s a time to keep the momentum of positive behaviors going in the right direction. It is also a time to reset by replacing past negative behaviors with new positive behaviors. I sincerely hope that, regardless of your child’s circumstances, the resources in this newsletter will help make going back to school more pleasurable and beneficial.

Best wishes!


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