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If ever there was a two-steps-forward, one-step-back situation, the launch of the Official Joy Berry website is it! When we launched the website about a year ago, our books were available in digital formats only.

However, we soon learned that parents and teachers want printed books. Consequently, we added 154 Print-on-Demand books with “Look Inside” features. And while we were accomplishing that daunting task, we added an offer of FREE songs with the purchase of every printed book or eBook.

So now we are back in the saddle again with a bigger, better website for parents and teachers who want to help kids become responsible. But that’s not all. For the first time we are going all-out with our Social Media efforts—with Joy Berry’s Newsletters (like this one) adding to the exciting mix of Facebook and Instagram posts.

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Speaking of being back in the saddle, now that the long, arduous COVID nightmare is coming to an end, it’s time to get back in the saddle of real, everyday life.

Parents have shared that being cooped up with their kids at home has resulted in the dissipation of every rule that kept the family organized and productive. Limiting screen-time on electronic devices comes to mind and so does regular bath times and bedtimes. Even good eating habits fell by the wayside.

Time for a family meeting to reset the family rules! I’d like to give you a book that can help with that important task. It’s called Every Kid’s Guide to Family Rules and Responsibilities and it’s FREE for you if you use the code SADDLEUP.

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Teach Me About Travel

Since COVID restrictions are lifting, many of us will be eager to travel. The Teach Me About Travel book will be a fantastic companion for your journeys. As a newsletter subscriber, you're receiving a FREE copy! Just use the code SADDLEUP.

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Help Me Be Good: Being Rude

As we begin to reengage with our in-person social lives and navigate the ever-widening gap of differing opinions amongst our peers, this book will serve your family well. Newsletter subscribers just need to use the code SADDLEUP.

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Because Post-COVID kids are going to be out and about in public a lot more, it’s the perfect time to get back in the saddle with a great game of I Spy with My Little Eye in Public. Here’s how to play the game:

1) STEP ONE: Read How to Behave in Public. (It’s FREE if you use the code SADDLEUP at checkout)

2) STEP TWO: Whenever anyone sees someone who is misbehaving in public, the person says, “I spy with my little eye someone being a public nuisance because the person is…“ (Add the explanation of how the person is misbehaving. For example, the person threw trash on the ground.)

3) STEP THREE: Whenever anyone sees someone who is behaving In a positive way in public, the person says, “I spy with my little eye a person who is being a public treasure because…“ (Add the explanation of how the person is behaving properly. For example, the person threw his or her trash in a trashcan.)

4) STEP FOUR: Award one point for each “I Spy” answer!

Thankfully, COVID days are behind us and now it’s time for blue skies! Enjoy!


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