MAHALO from Point of Light

POL is so very grateful for your love and support this past year and half.  We would not be able to do what we absolutely love to do without YOU. 
We are so thrilled about what is coming up for the rest of 2013 and beyond!  With the addition of our newest member, Theresa Dubois, and a full concert coming up on the horizon, we are busting at the seams and overflowing with gratitude and excitement!! 

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.  Point of Light is not even 2 years old yet but we have passed the wiggly wobbler stage and are ready to run!!   We can't thank you enough....Mahalo, arigato, grazie, danke, gracias, merci, salamat!!

Check out our website and Facebook page for updates and announcements in between newsletters.  We love and honor each and every one of you!  Mahalo, always...  Point of Light.

We Are a Ray of Hope!

Our Sisters in Song, the Jaja's (Jeanne Mac Laughlin & Barb Horton) just released a new song on 06.05.2013!! It's called "I Am a Ray of Hope".

Many friends and family members played a part in the visioning/making/recording of this song. Point of Light, Creative Living Fellowship's One Voice of Love Choir, to name a few, contributed to this song of hope and love.

POL & OVOL had so much fun in the studio working on this song and we are honored and proud to be a part of this message dedicated to the world that is ours. OVOL sang in the chorus and POL sported some "oooh" action in the bridge.  Babylyne was invited by Barb & Jeanne to write and perform a "prayer rap" that is in the middle of the song after the bridge.  An Asian rapper, who woulda thunk it? 

The Jaja’s website has the most information about this song, its inspiration, its inception, its execution and its message of hope.


You can go to their website at: to purchase your very own copy of this song. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the World Vision Organization (  How absolutely amazing is that?

by: Babylyne Isa

So I am the person who has been handling our Facebook page, Facebook group and Point of Light website.  I am NOT a professional web designer or graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination but I have A LOT of fun posting stuff and creating everything you see, including this newsletter. 

The plan make some changes, additions and enhancements to our POL website.  There will be either one additional page for all our bios or separate pages for each of us.  I plan on having the girls write a little more about themselves in their bio section/page and I will be including a blog that any of us and any of you can post to.  I'm still learning this design thing (and plan to take some classes soon) but I am having a blast doing all of it! 

Until then, you can always drop us a line on our Facebook page or email us at  We are always happy to hear from you!


Welcome, Theresa!!

Point of Light has recently added a new member to our group.  Please welcome Theresa Dubois, a  Mezzo-Soprano, who is a phenomenal singer/songwriter and happens to be our very own Heather Dubois' baby sis.  Mahalo to everyone who went to Creative Living Fellowship's Sunday Services on 05.26.2013 and helped support POL and Theresa's debut performance as 1/5 of POL!  What an extraordinary experience that day was for the group.  We had so much fun and were inspired and jazzed by Rev. Dr. Michele's talk that day.  You can drop Theresa a line on our Facebook page and in the near future you will be able to blog with us via our website.  Welcome, Theresa!  POL is blessed, honored and SUPER DUPER excited that you chose to be part of our, now your, group!!


We've got some really cool things going on.  All five of us have been working on original songs, we've got a full concert coming up and some website additions and enhancements in the works as well.  POL was also blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the recording of a phenomenal song written by some dear friends.  Read all about here.  Enjoy!

Point of Light & The JaJa's in Concert @ Land of Aahs!!

Point of Light is so extremely excited to announce our concert happening on Friday, November 15, 2013 from 7:30pm to 9:45pm at the Land of Ahhs.  We are so blessed to be sharing the stage that night with none other than The JaJa's!!  So mark your calendars now!  Save the date and invite your friends, family and co-workers.  Point of Light and The JaJa's have some awesome stuff planned!  We endeavor to entertain the heck out of you!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will scream and dance...I think we will be doing that too...but we can all share in the experience together!!  Don't miss out on an evening you won't forget.

Side bar: Point of Light was so blessed to be invited to open for Daniel Nahmod last year (11.16.2012) at the Land of Ahhs.  The turnout and the feedback from many attendees is what prompted owner, Jodi Floyd, to invite Point of Light to return this year.  We are stoked beyond words at this opportunity.  Much Mahalo to Jodi Floyd for everything she does for New Thought artists!

Land of Ahhs, owned/operated by Jodi Floyd, is a nifty consignment store with locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ.  On the 3rd Friday of each month, Land of Ahhs sponsors an evening concert (so cleverly called the Emerald City Concert Series) that highlights New Thought artists from across the globe.  Jodi has been a devoted supporter of New Thought artists for years and years.  There is no charge for admission.  It is on a love offering basis.  Jodi provides "light snacks" (they are overflowingly abundant and delicious!  Nothing "light" about the spread she lovingly puts out for all guests who attend) and an absolutely amazing venue.  Overnight, her whimsical consignment store in Scottsdale transforms into an intimate concert venue right down to the sound system equipped stage area and special stage and area lighting!  During the concert her consignment store stays open and offers a 10% discount on every purchase that evening.  Jodi has played a huge role in how Point of Light came to be.  That is another story for another newsletter, though. 


Isn't that picture above hilarious?  I had to include it!  Anyway, so all us girls have been meditating, praying and allowing songs that are waiting to be written to use us and flow through us onto paper. 

Theresa has two on the table right now.  We are working on the accompaniment to one already.  Cerise has two completed waiting on accompaniment and you know she will have at least one more done by the time you read this.  LOL  Heather has two completed waiting on accompaniment.  Vicky has two songs in the beginning stages of formation and Babylyne has two half songs....yes, half songs!

So that is at least 10 original songs a brewin' on the horizon.  We cannot wait to share them with you! 

POL 2013 Event Schedule

This is the POL Event Schedule so far for this year.  Keep checking our Facebook page
and our website for any additional added events and appearances. 
We look forward to sharing a musical experience with you! 


Sunday, 06.30.2013 CLF: Independence Day Celebration
One Voice of Love Choir & Point of Light
9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 07.07.2013 Soloist: Cerise Patron: 9am & 11am Services Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 07.28.2013 Point of Light:  9am & 11am Services Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 08.18.2013 Soloist: Heather Dubois
Song Leaders: POL (Heatherettes)
9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 09.22.2013 Soloist: Cerise Patron
Song Leaders: POL (Cerisettes)
9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 10.20.2013 Soloist: Heather Dubois
Song Leaders: POL (Heatherettes)
9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 10.27.2013 Point of Light: 9am & 11am Services Creative Living Fellowship
Friday, 11.15.2013 7:30pm to 9:45pm
Point of Light & The JaJa’s
Land of Ahhs
Monthly Concert Series
Sunday, 12.01.2013 Soloist: Cerise Patron
Song Leaders: POL (Cerisettes)
9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
Sunday, 12.22.2013
Point of Light: 9am & 11am Services
Creative Living Fellowship
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