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Newsletter winter 2014 

    Thank you, dear supporters! Enjoy our Winter 2014 Newsletter and Happy Christmas Holidays to everyone from Street Dog Care!
    In this edition:

    1. Volunteer Aranzazu experience with SDC
    2. Miracle story Bebe/Rani and her recovery with the help of Dr. Gautam
    3. Discovery tour SDC, experience by Shiree Herbert 

    4. The new Advisory group of SDC: introducing Monika & Andreas Grothus

    5. Dog stories
    6. Krishna is looking for a new home
    7. Dogs that are adopted - International

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1. Volunteer Aranzazu experience with SDC:

" When I arrived at Nepal I was not sure what to expect from my trip. I knew I wanted to volunteer and I knew I was going to dedicate all my summer trying to help. By chance, one day I discovered Street Dog Care and decided to visit the centre.

The first time I saw it I immediately felt that the place was different from everything I have seen before. I felt the peace and the hope arround me. I decided the first second I was there that I wanted to volunteer. The walk home I was smilling with no reason and very excited for my first day to come.

I volunteered for almost a month in total. I dont regret a single minute I was in there. There were some tough days, days that you are forced to realize all the help that is still needed and days that you can only think of all the things you are not able to do for them. But despite these days, you have days when you see a dog improve because of your help, days that one of them kisses you and start jumping arround showing how much they appreciate your love, days when you get to see a dog being adopted by a caring family... These days are when you realize how lucky you are to be a part of it.

I will never forget all the dogs i met and all the moments I spend with them, I will never forget Vote, Tika, Tashi, Courage..., i will never forget the other volunteers and how their strengh made me stronger when I needed it. I will never forget that there are good places in this world, that beside all the madness and chaos there are places where it is all about others, all about loving other beings, all about this giving them back what they deserve the most, our love and our respect.

Thank you Street Dog Care for making me a better person and for showing me this much."
Aranzazu Diez

          volunteer Aranzazu at Street Dog Care

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2. Miracle story of Bebe/Rani and her recovery with the help of Dr. Gautam and SDC

Rani was born not far from my house, and I've known her since she was a puppy. At that time I simply called her Bebe. Some kind people use to feed her family rice the first few months. Before I travelled to France her three sisters had already died, but Bebe was quite fine with her mother and aunt.

When I came back two and half months later, a friend told me she wasn't fine, but I would never imagine such a disaster. The first time I met her, she was lying on some trash and I though it was a corpse! She was terribly skinny, with bad mange and her legs were swollen. I felt so sorry for her, it was an emergency and she could die anytime due to starvation. My first reaction was to call Street Dog Care, but unfortunately they were full. Jasmine told me to call again everyday so that as soon as there is a place they could admit Bebe. Three days later there was a place, so I immediately brought her. I wasn't planing to adopt her myself because I had just lost my beloved dog, but I hoped somebody else would do it.

During the first month she was stable. She recovered from her mange without gaining but not losing weight. However, during Dashain festival she lost weight again and her condition declined very quickly. She was just skin and bone, there was no more flesh. It was unbelievable that she continued to lose weight as there was almost nothing left on her bones, and her skin was very thin. At that time Jasmine, Sanu, Juno and the volunteer vet Anna, had lots of work and I was afraid these would be the last days of Bebe. I decided to stay at Bouddha as long as it would be needed and spend all my time at Street Dog Care near Bebe. She continued to lose weight and soon she couldn't walk, she fell down while trying to pee. The next day she couldn't even move her head. She hardly ate anything and we gave her water in a syringe. She was receiving IV fluids and other medicines everyday during 4 or 5 hours, so we used to spend this time together and she would often watch me right in the eyes for long moments. Her condition was so critical, everyday I was afraid she would die in the night, and at the same time she was suffering so much I didn't know if I was right to pray for her to remain alive, I didn't know what she wanted. In order to encourage her, I promised her that if she survived I would adopt her and bring her to France. Apparently it motivated her, she was incredibly strong in the fight for life. The fourth day, when she couldn't move at all, during the night the rats started to eat her alive. It never happened before at Street Dog Care, but she was so weak it was very easy for them. In the morning we all cried very much and I felt very guilty. I am convinced that another dog called Rubio saved her from the rats so they would stop eating her. They didn't eat that much, but we all felt horrible.

I decided to take Bebe with me to the hotel for a night. Apparently she loved that, because from the first night she starting to eat again. She was so happy and smiling in her small jacket, our first night together was magical. She had become my dog. She now has a family! And that was the very beginning of her recovery.Everyday we went to Street Dog Care for IV and every night we slept in hotel together. A kind man was carrying her in a box everyday, she loved to be carried around the Stupa like a Queen. She was gaining a few grams everyday. Two days later she could raise her head, and after a week she was able to remain standing for few minutes without falling. The Vet decided that she didn't need IV anymore so I could take her to my home. I am extremely glad the house owners were touched by her situation and made an exception to allow me to take her. By this time we already had incredible bond and love for each other.

Bebe kept improving, I lovingly cooked her pancakes every morning and fed her tonnes of meat. I decided to give her a real name as there were many other Bebe before her. She was so regal in the fight for life, and she is very picky and clearly has luxury taste. She also started to look incredibly elegant, so I decided to name her "Rani", which means queen in Nepali. Some days later I came back one evening and I found a walking Rani!

Since then she has just kept improving, she now looks gorgeous and she has a very funny little temper. We sometimes visit her mother and aunt in the street and of course we visit the Street Dog Care team. The other day, a little girl who would sometimes feed her was overwhelmed with joy when she saw us. She kept shouting "mummy mummy the puppy is not dead, she is alive!" It was a very magical moment. Rani now enjoys being alive and being loved, and we are immensely happy that we found each other.

During her hard time, there has been some people from all around the world making prayers for her everyday. They send Rani energy and positive thoughts, practicing Reiki and distance healing. I wish to thank you all. I also wish to thank the Vet, Dr. Gautam whose expertise has saved her, it is a miracle!

There is no sufficient words to thank Street Dog Care enough. They have shown such amazing compassion, humanity, dedication and hard work day after day. I will never forget what you have done for Rani and I.

     Juliette and Rani today

3. Discovery tour SDC, experience of Shiree Herbert 

Scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook newsfeed with the multitude of dog pictures and posts of what people had cooked for dinner I came across an advertisement for a tour with a difference. It related to dogs and travel so instantly I was intrigued. Nepal. Where  was Nepal!!! After a bit of Google research I thought what the heck and booked!! I met with my parents a few days later to tell them about this adventure. I showed them the tour itinerary, the pictures of the mountains and the YouTube videos from the Street Dog Centre...the next day Dad calls me. "I'm coming too!!"

Over the next few months we fundraised to purchase supplies for the shelter and Dad would walk around the house in his new hiking boots to wear them in. Andrea, the founder of Street Dog Care set up a tour Facebook page where we could all ask our questions and get to know the others who would be joining us on this adventure of a lifetime.

I can safely and whole heartedly say that this tour was far better than I could have ever imagined. I did not need the bag full of snacks that I packed in case the food was dodgy and even my carnivorous father has never eaten so much delicious vegetarian food as he did at the beautiful Namo Buddha Resort.

Each day was better than the next and the tour I believe, provided a fantastic insight into Nepali life and the work at the Street Dog Centre. We visited temples, monasteries, listened to monks chant, trekked through the jungle, rode in a helicopter, climbed mountains, found treasures in the markets, fed and loved the street dogs at the Saturday Camp and cried tears for the times we felt powerless in not being able to save every dog we came across.

On the final evening we were treated to the most beautiful dinner at The Garden of Dreams.  Following this I had to return to the hotel to pack my bag to come home to Australia. As the power went out again I just laughed to myself and put on my head lamp. I had made lifelong friends on this tour and have the utmost praise and respect for Andrea, Jasmine and the staff at the Street Dog Centre. Nepal and the Street Dog Centre have stolen my heart and always will. I can say to anyone thinking of doing this tour DO IT! And to anyone who hasn't thought about doing the tour DO IT! It was an incredible life changing experience and I hope to be back again very soon.

4. The new Advisory group of SDC

The Street Dog Care family is growing!

We are very happy to introduce Andreas and Monika Grothus, two of our new group members:

I met Monika and Andreas for the first time in January 2011. They were visiting Nepal and looking for an animal organization to support. Both had very busy lifes back in Germany, but wanted to do something meaningful and support a project afar. We met in Boudha and had an instant connection and same way of wanting to help the dogs of Nepal. They decided to try to be part of it doing a fundraising event at Andreas Business Company during Christmas time.

It was a big success and 900 Euro were raised at that time. Monika had prepared many little Christmas gifts (hours of handmade hard work) to sell at the auction.

Since then we stayed in touch and they started to get more and more involved with S.D.C. They were with us, when we moved to the new land in Boudha and saw the building coming up. They always put their trust and energy into S.D.C. and I am so lucky to have found them and become their close friends over the past years. It is very crucial to have good friends around that believe in you, while you are trying to set up something. Monika and Andreas are definitely a very important part of SDC’s growing process.


They helped with the registration process of the N.G.O. in Germany and took care of the administration work too. It was very helpful, as I was far in Nepal and communication with banks and tax office were so difficult for me to handle from far. Nowadays, both are on the Advisory group of S.D.C. Monika as a fundraiser and Andreas in the role of Administrator.

When they came to visit us in 2013 they felt in love with one of our dogs Teddy and decided to adopt him. He had a bad front leg injury and the legs had joined wrongly. He needed a special surgery in Germany and was lucky to find a family like them. They live now happily together.

I am looking forward to many happy years together at S.D.C. Four years have past since we first met and many things have happened.

Andreas and Monika Grothus in their home in Germany with their dogs Olli from Germany and Teddy from Nepal

The Advisory group will collaborate with Executive Director Andrea Bringmann in helping to make important decisions for Street Dog Care. Its members are: Katharina Dworschak (Germany); Nicole Beasley (Australia); Nir Thapa Maga (Nepal); Monica Grothus (Germany); Andreas Grothus (Germany);

5. Dog Stories

We have so many amazing dog stories we would like to share, but we have had to choose a few. Below are our favorites and also two of our volunteers that helped during the past month at S.D.C. Follow our Facebook page to get our new stories every day! This time we introduce you to Khaire, Koko and Rubio.

Here a nice video of volunteer Marius and Khaire (his favorite dog)

Khaire came in with a huge injury on his back leg. He had a complicated surgery and recovered for several month at SDC. Thank you, Annemie Baeyens for being his sponsor and helping to make his recovery possible.

Volunteer Gesine came from Granny Au-Pair to help S.D.C. for one month. She did amazing work ordering in our clinic, files, photos and fixing our blankets and inventory numbering them all.

Koko came in with her little scratchy body and recovered well too. Thank you, Ana Casperi for being her sponsor and helping to make her recovery possible.

Rubio suffered from severe skin problems and dehydration. He recovered well at S.D.C. and even found a home. He wes picked up by this kind man who cared for him. (see photo below)

6. Krishna puppy is looking for a new home

We have a few dogs who cannot go back to the street and are looking for a loving home anywhere in the world! Krishna (see photo) is looking for a new home. He is vaccinated and dewormed. He was dropped off at our shelter with skin problems and recovered very well. Now he is full of strength and would love to live with you! Please spread the news to find him a home or conntect me at:

7. Dogs that found a new home

Micky is going to France with her new friend Francois Carrière

Micky with Francois. They met at the Stupa of Boudhanath and it was love at first site. For several months Francois contacted me and wanted to have news about his Micky girl. We spayed her and kept an eye on her while she was living on the roads of Boudha. Later he convinced his wife and 4 other doggies to get a new sister, so now we are preparing the paperwork for the process to send her to France. We already have 2 dogs living in France (Selu and Changa) Maybe they can meet one day?

Zeldo found a new home. Susmita adopted him here in Nepal. Happy together :-)

If you are interested in adopting a dog please contact us at:

There is still so much to share with you! Please see our Facebook page, to stay up to date with all our dog stories! And don't forget to visit our new Facebook group page, Street Dog Care Adopted Dogs, to see stories of adoptees, to ask questions and get advice for new international adoptions!

As always, the dogs thank you for your love and support! Street Dog Care would not exist if it weren't for our generous supporters. If you would like to make a donation, please visit


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