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December 2016

Inestimable Reader,

More about this below but first, Summer was late arriving and Spring left us with something to remember it by, but the former is here now and Christmas is imminent. 
A busy time for you and McLeods have been active too. This month we provided material and tacit support for three local authors to publish their work. It went well. First, Clive Fugill's Te Toki Me Te Whao: The Story of Maori Carving Tools, then, Keith Nunes' clever collection of poetry; Catching A Ride On A Paradox and most recently, Philip Andrews' Gold and Geysers. Each of these volumes are worth owning, sharing and giving to others.
Best selling books right now include Karena & Kasey Bird's Hungry, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen and The Great War For New Zealand (Vincent O'Malley). Also, both Richie McCaw and Brendon McCullum's recent memoirs. In music CDs, both Leonard Cohen and David Bowie's final offerings are popular. Also Bic Runga's new album Close your Eyes and likewise Nick Cave and Neil Young. Handel's Messiah is a perennial favourite at this time and French Christmas, in the Putumayo collection, is leaping out the door too.
Inestimable you are, because McLeods survive because of your support. Thank you very much for it from David, Lynne, Jemma, Mike, Pete and Gaby. We all hope you enjoy the festive season. Don't drink too much - but don't refuse chocolate either! Our thanks to you.
The Team 

Etcetera. n.& vb. Wait. More

As usual for December, McLeods staff eschew what we have been reading and instead offer our personal picks of the year's best. It may help you to decide on a gift or a good book to read over the Summer. Now we are six, each of us has selected six titles - with brief summaries.
Finally, two things; In April next year McLeods will again co-host a fundraiser event for Big Brothers Big Sisters - a voluntary organisation that assists young people - with a quiz for a handsome trophy prize. It is a quiz about all things bookish and matches up book groups and their knowledge about all things literary. It is surprisingly competitive and highly entertaining. It's for a good cause and is great fun. You are cordially invited to climb on board. 
Secondly, small businesses survive largely because of patronage from locals. It's called localism. McLeods call it oxygen. Your patronage allows us to breathe. Thank you for that, keep it up and enjoy the season. Mike

Prize Draw

Congratulations to the winer of our November prize draw Linda Page! Your book is available to collect in the shop. This month's draw is for a reading copy of Moonglow, by Michael Chabon.
To enter for your chance to win, email with your name and phone number. Good luck!


~ The Six Choose Six Faves ~



Everyone Brave is Forgiven, by Chris Cleave - An absorbing, intense and beautifully written historical novel set in England and Malta in WW2.
To the Bright Edge of the World, by Eowyn Ivey - Characters come to life against frozen landscapes.
Barkskins, by Annie Proulx - 'Cli-fi' at its best. Ecologically jittery times. A timely book.
A House Without Windows, by Nadia Hashimi - A fascinating look at the lives of Afghan women. Triumphant.
In Order to Live, by Yeonmi Park - Unbelievable. A testament to the human spirit.
Days Without End, by Sebastian Barry - A lyrical and vivid portrait of America's darkest years - told through fresh eyes.




Beast, by Paul Kingsnorth - A man alone on the moors with an unravelling mind.
The Noise of Time, by Julian Barnes - The imagined life of Shostakovich under the Stalin regime.
A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara - One of the most devastating books I have ever read.
The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old, by Hendrik Groen - Hilarious first hand account of life in a Dutch retirement village.
The Rules of Backyard Cricket, by Jack Serong - Aussie thriller with insight into hard nosed cricket culture.
Protecting Paradise, by Dave Hansford - A much needed expose of 1080 and the fight to save our wildlife.




Don't Dream It's Over, by Emma Johnson - The future of journalism.
How to Watch a Bird, by Steve Braunias - Both kinds.
The Blue Guitar, by John Banville - 'Things as they are, are changed upon the blue guitar.'
Can You Tolerate This?
By Ashleigh Young - The feng shui of prose writing.
Absolutely on Music, by Haruki Murakami & Seiji Ozawa - Two Japanese maestros talk turkey.
The Crime Writer, by Jill Dawson - Carol meets Hitchcock.




To the Bright Edge of the World, by Eowyn Ivey - The correspondence between a Colonel and his new wife as he maps the Alaskan territory, in which the line between reality and Native legend becomes blurred, from the author of The Snow Child. Beautiful.
Lockwood and Co.: The Creeping Shadow, by Jonathan Stroud - The fourth in highly addictive YA series, in which Lucy and team uncover a ghostly conspiracy in a haunted village.
Hollow City, by Ransom Riggs - The second in the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series - deftly written fantasy adventure combined with creepy vintage snapshots.
Where the Heart Is, by Billie Letts - Utterly heartwarming and bittersweet story of a young woman who finds her own feet amidst a host of unique characters in small town America, after being abandoned in a Walmart.
In Order to Live, by Yeonmi Park - Harrowing true story of escape from North Korea into further enslavement, and finally - freedom.
Everyone Brave is Forgiven, by Chris Cleave - Fleshed out characters and superb writing about war and its heartbreaking effects on all involved.




Everyone Brave is Forgiven, by Chris Cleave - Like a slowly simmering toffee - becoming more absorbing and dark with each page.
In Order to Live, by Yeonmi Park - Gripping, at times unimaginable, ultimately inspiring.
Gold Fame Citrus, by Claire Vaye Watkins - Contemplate a world where fresh water is scarce, add human desperation and you have a compelling read.
New Zealand Photography: Collected, by Athol McCredie - Stunning selection of just a small fraction of the amazing Te Papa photography collection.
This Change in the Light: A Collection of Poems, by Fiona Kidman - Read it from woe to go, absorb its beauty.
The Muse, by Jessie Burton - Combine civil war Spain, swinging 60s London and an art mystery - a great story.





Digging for Richard lll, by Mike Pitts - Finding a 15th century king in a council carpark.
House by the Lake, by Thomas Harding - 20th century German history from the point of view of a house.
Hanns and Rudolf, by Thomas Harding - A Nazi and a Jew; How their very different lives become entwined.
Stalin's Daughter, by Rosemary Sullivan - The ordinary life of a woman who had an extraordinary father.
Black Hole Blues, by Janna Levin - How three men came together and a project was created which culminated in the detection of gravity waves.
Red Rover, by Roger Wiens - Building an instrument destined for Mars. Project management for the not so faint-hearted.


Fave Books for Kids and Teens

Picture Books:


Snark, by Lewis Carroll & David Elliot - Nonsense rhyme and adventure decadently illustrated with a cast of unusual characters.
A Child of Books, by Sam Winston & Oliver Jeffers - A gorgeous celebration of books and the journeys that can be embarked on within their pages.
Fox & Goldfish, by Nils Pieters - A heartrending wordless book about Fox who takes his beloved friend Goldfish on new experiences around the world to create cherished memories before he passes away.
Kuwi's Very Shiny Bum, by Kat Merewether - The third (Christmassy) title in the fabulous Kuwi the Kiwi series with trademark humour and clever portrayals of NZ icons adorning the pages.


Children's Fiction:


Barking Mad, by Tom E. Moffatt - Hilarious page-turner involving a boy whose Grandad has swapped brains with the dog! Local author.
Ollie's Odyssey, by William Joyce - A magical story set in the world of toys: an epic quest with villains, valour and friendship.
Pax, by Sara Pennypacker - The moving tale of a boy and his fox who are separated during the war, and their journey to find one another again.
The Midnight Gang, by David Walliams - Children confined to a hospital ward, a wicked matron and Roald Dahl-esque humour.


Young Adult Fiction:


Lockwood & Co. series, by Jonathan Stroud - A rollicking, witty and thrilling read of a London plagued by ghosts and the agency hired to eradicate them.
Aerie, by Maria Dahvana Headley - An epic world in the sky, adventure and coming-of-age for Aza Ray, who is torn between her home on earth and Magonia.
Fever Code, by James Dashner - A prequel to The Maze Runner trilogy. Thomas builds a maze...
Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli - A lyrical, enchanting novel about a girl who is so completely herself that it affects all those around her. The boy who falls in love with her narrates this heart-wrenching story.


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