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A vibrant social responsibility culture combines meaningful programs, long-term investment and a company’s full participation. By participating in our Green IT Classrooms program, foreign companies have gained better understanding of their local communities and built the foundations for a more sustained business development.

On April 24th, Air Liquide built its 3rd Green IT Classroom with Netspring, at Maoshan No.1 Primary School in Maoming, Guangdong Province, where it operates a Joint-Venture company. Upon learning that the school was in urgent need of IT facilities, the company reached out immediately to help set up a computer classroom, making the students’ computer dream a reality.

The classroom opening ceremony was led by Mr. Remi Charachon, President and CEO of Air Liquide China. Mr Charachon happily exchanged with the children, explaining: “Children are our future. We are pleased to do our part to help them grow. By leveraging our company’s resources and our employees’ initiatives, Air Liquide will continuously contribute to local communities.”

Volunteer staff of Air Liquide China have committed to visit the children regularly to deliver knowledge on science, safety, environmental protection and other subjects. Air Liquide China hopes that this way, their actions will not only promote the reuse of these recycled computers, reduce e-waste, but also help the children acquire computer knowledge and broaden their horizon.
In addition to Maoshan No.1 Primary School, Air Liquide also helped to set up two other computer classrooms, respectively at Daiji Primary School and Yongfeng Primary School in Changfeng County, Hefei, Anhui Province, in May, 2012.
The event was covered by industry media and local government newspapers.

Together with Netspring, a couple of French successful entrepreneurs gave back to their local community and built a Green IT classroom for the migrant children attending San’gang Primary School, in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. Despite having received recognition for its efforts in giving quality education, San’gang primary school operates privately for the local migrant community and its resources are severely strained. 

The opening event was a joyous family affair, as the couple was joined not only by their three children and friends, but also  parents and other relatives who were visiting from France.
Everybody enthusiastically engaged in the interactive IT lesson given to 20 of the school’s students, miming the functions of computer parts in an informal competition and drawing together on Paint. The event finished off with an outdoor game. The Chinese and foreign children united to form a huge “gluttonous snake” and demonstrated that through cooperation and teamwork, a diverse group can build a strong and stable community.

As expressed by Ally QIN, Marketing Manager at Netspring: “I love to see people from different parts of the world coming together for a common cause. The children from San’gang primary school had a great time playing with the little volunteers from France, it is a wonderful opportunity to bridge cultures and create friendships.”

Video: In the autumn of 2012, Netspring, Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell together with SMG and Science foundation have built several Green IT Classrooms in Guizhou and Gansu,please click here to see the video just finished by SMG volunteers.

What can computers do for our kids? Can they learn without teachers? If you have these kinds of questions in mind, please have look at the speech from Mr. Sugata Mitra, an Indian professor. His team had studied for years about children’s creativity on learning and the result is so inspiring: we have underestimated them! After all, learning is one instinct of human being. Please support our “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” program, with your contribution, underprivileged kids and NETSPRING will not let you down!

Recently, we've teamed up with global nonprofit foundation e-Learning for Kids (EFK) to give our Green IT Classroom students access to best-in-class learning from around the world.
EFK provides fun, high-quality learning on the Internet for children ages 5-12 free of charge.
The courses are all in English, which means that even when the children are learning another subject, they will still be improving their English skills. But don't worry!Just watch the above talk by award-winning educational researcher SugataMitr, their learning abilities are much more amazing than you think! 

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