“Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty”

Our Latest Achievements:

Thanks to our close partners such as Alcatel Shanghai Bell, SMG Shanghai OTV Media, SSEDF, PerkinElmer and Carestream, Netspring Social Enterprise continues its work on social innovation combining environmental protection with poverty reduction.

Netspring Social Enterprise has recently built 8 new IT classrooms in primary school of small villages in Guizhou, Gansu and Jiangsu Province. 


Underprivileged rural kids enjoyed learning how to use a computer as well as spending time with volunteers from large cities.

At each IT Classroom Opening, we also bring partner’s donation to kids and we organize team games with volunteers. This month the children were so happy to receive schoolbags, badminton rackets, table tennis paddles and some stationery kits.

From November 4th to 9th, 11 volunteers from Alcatel Shanghai Bell, Shanghai Media Group, SSEDF with Netspring Social Enterprise set up ASB-SMG “Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty” in Gansu.


The volunteers experienced
1,920 working hours, 6 days in Gansu,  3,880kilometers, providing 48 refurbished computers, 3 IT classrooms, 3 IT courses and enjoying 3 parties and games with kids. It was a long journey, with difficult snowing conditions but it was worth it; we were all touched by the wonderful smiles of kids.

News of our IT classrooms:

                      Volunteers and children spent a wonderful time together

They are talking about us:


The China Youth Daily conducted an interview with Netspring general manager Zhang Binfeng and published a report about us on Oct 22th, 2012.

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The Jiefang Daily published a report about the history and brief introduction of the "Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty" program on Mar 5th, 2012.

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The French Chamber of Commerce in China supports our Green IT classroom against poverty program. They published an article about us in their newsletter.

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Netspring was invited:

On November11th, 2012, Netspring was proud to participate at the exhibition organized for the first Social Entrepreneurship and Social Investment Summit” in Shanghai.

On October 30th, 2012, Netspring was invited to attend the 2012 Sino-Korea CSR forum. Corporations from Shanghai, Suzhou, and South Korea shared the CSR experience in Suzhou forum.

E-waste and environment in China:

According to the United Nations, by year 2020, the e-waste produced from obsolete computers will be 4 times those of 2007. China is the second largest e-waste producer country in the world.

According to “China Construction News” of China's Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, in year 2011, China produced 3.5 million ton e-waste.

We would also like to thank organizations supporting our program by providing computers to Netspring.

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