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Netspring Social Enterprise is creating shared value between corporations and underprivileged Chinese kids, by reducing e-waste pollution and building IT classrooms. More and more companies and entrepreneurs decide to use their leading position to work with Netspring and contribute towards the improvement of our environment.

After one day training for Faurecia’s volunteers (managed by Maverlinn with the support of Ricci institute), Netspring Social Enterprise and Faurecia, a world leading automotive supplier, have built a "Faurecia Green IT Classroom Against Poverty" in Yu Hong primary school of Jiading District in Shanghai on Feb. 26. This IT classroom is the first IT classroom Faurecia supports in China. Jean-Michel Vallin, President of Faurecia China, Arnaud Lesschaeve, Vice President of Asia Division at Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Faurecia’s volunteers as well as Netspring general manager Zhang Binfeng and his team attended the opening ceremony, and gave a lively and interesting class for the children.
The board chairman of the school received the Green IT
Classroom Against Poverty gate plate from
 Faurecia executives.

The school and Faurecia representatives unveiled together the
 name plate of the newly built IT Classroom.

Faurecia's volunteers gave a computer class to the kids.

 Funny art class, enthusiastic volunteers and happy kids.

Outside game with volunteers and kids, united into one complete circle.
Faurecia volunteers, Netspring team and Yu Hong primary school children share one last souvenir.

Netspring was invited to the “NGO meets Enterprise” workshop hosted by AmCham Shanghai’s Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility (BCSR) on Feb.27. The event attracted over 50 enterprises and Netspring received lots of attention thanks to its social innovative concept. We shared our views and how we function as a unique player in the social sector.                                                            

Mr.Zhang Binfeng, the GM of Netspring tells us the story about how the idea of "Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty" has come into reality. Welcome to watch this short video in Chinese!  

American CBS News TV report "60 minutes" explores where your "recycled" e-waste really goes...And takes us to Guiyu, Guangdong.

On 2nd March, Netspring was invited to participate in the "Learning from Lei Feng spirit" theme activities hosted by the Shanghai Youth League. Despite the cold weather, the residents show strong interests in the Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty program and were enthusiastic in sharing their environmental protection knowledge.

To find out more about the Faurecia event, please check their press release in Chinese.

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