Netspring team wishes you a wonderful new year 2013!

Netspring General Manager Amongst Top 10 Youth Public Welfare Pioneers (China Communist Youth League Shanghai Award)

 In 2013, we will continue to be dedicated to "Green IT Classroom Against Poverty".
We have the pleasure to start this New Year with the opening of our first

On Jan 9th and 10th, several Cache-Cache Managers and Netspring employees went to Huaining County in Anhui Province and set up the Cache-Cache IT Classroom in Binhu Primary School (Jinshan village, Pingshan Town).

We would like to thank Cache-Cache which appointed Netspring Social Enterprise to refurbish some of their obsolete computers to set-up an IT-classroom for underprivileged kids. Netspring and Cache-Cache will provide a 3 year follow-up service to ensure that the IT classroom runs well and they commit to dismantle the computers in an environmental way after three years.  


Cache-Cache CEO Stephane Torck with the principal of the school Mr. Li

Excited kids using computer for the first time


Netspring GM Zhang Binfeng’s speech

Impatient kids at the door spying the IT course


                              Team games with Cache-Cache volunteers and kids

News of our IT classrooms:

Netspring and its partners commit to ensure a good quality of the IT classrooms. When computers are not running properly, we send IT engineers to fix problems.


Thanks to the support of Air-Liquide and their actions for kids and environment, Netspring sent IT engineer to repair some computers of their IT classrooms in Anhui Schools and to teach the teachers on how to maintain computers properly (Anhui Yongfeng Primary School and Anhui Daiji Primary School)

We would also like to thank 2KChina and APM for their continuous support to IT classroom with computers and furnitures. We are delighted to still collaborate with these partners in 2013.


They are talking about us:


On Jan 13th, Netspring general manager Zhang Binfeng was ranked in Shanghai Top 10 Youth Public Welfare Pioneers awarded by China Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee. Gong Xueping from NPC Standing Committee was invited to the ceremony to award the winners.

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In Dec 2012, the Young Public Welfare Alliance was initiated by Shanghai Youth Daily. Netspring Social Enterprise is in the first batch of members with 55 other institutions. The Alliance will become a media platform dedicated to creating a bridge between excellent public welfare projects and the public. The cooperation will see a prosperous development.

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Netspring was invited:

On Dec 29th, Netspring was invited to the “2012 Under Blue Sky of Love-For the Children” large-scale public welfare activities. Netspring brought second- hand keyboards and mouses to the charity fair, the profit of the sales is for children in need.


On Dec 5th (International Volunteer Day), Netspring was invited to the Shanghai Youth Volunteer Promotional Activities in Huaihai Park, Luwan District. Netspring staff and volunteers from Shanghai University introduced the “Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty” program to the citizens. Many people registered to provide their obsolete computers in order to participate in this public welfare cause.


E-waste and environment in China:


On Dec 12th, the State Council emphasizes circular economy and the government is now promoting the green recycling of obsolete electronic devices. E-waste is expected to become useful resource. The steel, precious metal and rubber extracted were worth 571.5 billion RMB in 2011. However, this industry has still a lot to do.

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