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The last few months, Netspring received more than 1000 sets of used computers, and 643 sets were successfully refreshed. Among the refurbished computers, 179 were used to set up 8 Green IT Classrooms, and over 2700 kids benefited from those IT Classrooms. In addition, Netspring disposed of 968 obsolete computers’ main parts (frames, 
CRT screens, laptops…) in an environmental-friendly manner. We have also eco-recycled 2295KG of e-waste, from 
broken fax machines to 2nd hand printers etc.
We also revisited Binhu Primary School located in Huaining District, Anhui at the beginning of August.


Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Development (Shanghai)Co. Ltd. built a green 
IT classroom.

Spirit Sharing
June 25, 2013. He Haiyan took the computer class for the first time and her first email was for a Faurecia corporate volunteer: "Today, I learned how to use computer. When I grow up I want to become a computer teacher, so I can teach others to use it better."
He Haiyan is one student of Fenhu Luxu Primary school, located in Wujiang District, Jiangsu. Faurecia joined hands with Netspring to build “Faurecia Green IT Classroom” for the school. This is the second Green IT Classroom Faurecia has supported in 2013. This time the project was not directly funded by the company, but by the Faurecia Emission Control Technologies volunteers who got involved in the program. These lovely volunteers used bonuses and awards they won in the company’s annual sports game to support a community event; in this way, the Faurecia employees shared their joy of victory with the children by building a computer classroom.


Netspring staff revisited

"Cache-Cache Green IT Classroom"

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On August 1st, 2013, Netspring staff visited the IT Classroom built in January 2013 thanks to the support of Cache-Cache. Following the school’s feedback, our technician examined and repaired the broken computers, and updated the others.
The children in Binhu Primary School have computer classes from 3rd Grade onwards, 2 classes totalling 90 minutes per week. They learn the basic skills, including typing and surfing the internet. There is only one teacher who 
takes charge of the computer classes, but for him the computer is also a new tool and during the past 6 months, he was learning on the job, together with the kids. That’s why they don’t have exam: “They learned much faster than me!” said the teacher. Yes, teaching is learning, and vice versa. 

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Latest Media Report

MBA Activity :
Another way of sharing

On June 28, 30 MBA students from 
Michigan State University met 
Netspring as part  of the key learning 
points of their program in China. The 
Netspring team shared their 
experience with the students, and 
told them about connecting social 
responsibility with doing business 
through the model of a social 

Ms.Cecile Cavoizy was answering questions.

Mr. Zhang Binfeng is introducing the refurbishing plant.

Thank-you note from MBA program

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