Netspring social enterprise was born in the Dragon year 2012. Our first year was amazing and very promising with impact on more than 10,000 children.

Recently, “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” program received Shanghai Innovative Volunteer award, Jing'an Best Innovative Public Welfare Project award, and a prize from J.P.Morgan Chase Foundation. We have been additionally rewarded by the touching messages and  the below pictures made by mentally disabled children and deaf-mute children from our C3 IT classroom in Anxiang Special Education School.

"Surfing on the internet gives me dreams" "Your computers bring us wings,thanks"

We want to express our gratitude to all the companies which believe in our program and have supported us:

Many HR studies show that when employees work together to create common good, it strongly reinforces the team’s cohesion and company’s spirit.

On Jan 31th (France Telecom Group), acting as an industry leader with a strong sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness, held a volunteer activity in support of “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” program with Netspring Social Enterprise. The corporate volunteers visited Netspring office to learn about social innovation technology, then they went to the Tianmuxi Community Elderly House to visit our IT classroom. The volunteers had been trained to teach the elderly people how to surf on the internet, how to type words and use social network platforms. Volunteer spent a good afternoon interacting and communicating with the seniors, and they also offered some New Year gifts.
Through these activities, the corporate volunteers were touched by the older people’s optimistic attitude towards life and their desire to new technology.

Mr. Zang, in charge of the Netspring workshop, is introducing our refurbishment procedure. Grandpas are delighted to learn how to use the computer.
Social Innovation: What is a Social Enterprise?
The Social Enterprise concept has evolved into a worldwide movement to solve some of society’s most pressing issues. We define a social enterprise as a sustainable business venture with a social purpose at the core of its business. Netspring is a pioneer social enterprise in China which combines a sustainable business model, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and helps education of underprivileged children.
Source: Maverlinn Strategic Finance

They are talking about us:

On Jan 15th, the Life Weekly released a report about popular social programs, featuring “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” as an example.

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On Jan 22nd, the Youth Daily published a report about Netspring GM Zhang Binfeng who ranked in Shanghai Top 10 Youth Public Welfare Pioneers. Zhang said that Shanghai is such an inclusive city that people here are warmhearted in promoting public cause and this is exactly the reason he loves Shanghai so much.
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J.P.Morgan's award:


Our program “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” received a prize from J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, thanks to support of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)

Shanghai Volunteer Association's  award
Netspring is proud to announce that our program "Green IT Classroom Against Poverty" received the 2012 Shanghai Innovative Volunteer award, jointly hosted by Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office and Shanghai Volunteers Association.

Jing'an district government's award

Our program “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” won the Best Innovative Public Welfare Project in Jing'an District.

E-waste and environment in China:


In Jan, Hunan Province CPPCC member Xu Qingguo promoted a bill in the hope of setting a regulation on the implementation of e-waste disposal. Hunan can take advantage of its recycling resources to create new economic growth by improving its e-waste recycling industry.

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