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Dear HealthCare 365 Family,

We hope you are all doing well and want to remind you that you can call our main office line to reach Rhonda and the medical team if you need us or have any questions.

If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing other severe symptoms please call 911 immediately.

It has been a long 9 weeks. The epidemic curve in Canada is flattening. Decisions to open up access to services and activities are slowly being introduced all over the country.

Hospitals are opening some of their outpatient areas, and guidelines for reopenning medical and dental clinics are being circulated. Many hospital departments continue to remain closed, and only emergency patients are being seen. Each specialist office has its own protocols at this time.

There are many questions on the risk of exposure to COVID as we venture out into the world more. The real issue is around relative risk and I found this video helpful in understanding the risks. Here is some updated information from Health Canada and here is an updated list of Health Canada approved disinfectants.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds.

Paramount in these changes is the need to maintain the safety of patients, and the providers who are ensuring that those patients that need to be seen are seen. At HealthCare365 we continue our duty to protect patients from exposure to COVID and to provide in person office care to those who need it.

Going forward, the same procedures that are in place now, will continue:

  • All patients will be screened for their concerns/symptoms initially by phone or by video.
  • If you need to be seen in the office, Rhonda will book your appointment.
  • Prior to your appointment Rhonda will review the updated COVID questionnaire with you to ensure that you can safely come to the office.
  • If there are concern about the responses Rhonda will speak with Tanya or I. We will decide the next steps.
  • If you need to go to the Emergency department, as usual, a note and phone call will precede your arrival there.

When you arrive at the building please call Rhonda for someone to come get your from the entrance as the building and elevators are locked. We ask that you wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be given to you when you arrive. Please use the hand sanitizer inside the office at the entrance. Only the ill person is allowed in the office for the visit, unless this is a child or an elder with a caregiver. Only one caregiver or parent is allowed at the office visit. We ask all other supporting individuals to wait outside the building.

In the office, the COVID questions will again be reviewed. The visit will be focused on the complaint virtually screened for and completed appropriately and in a timely manner. Once you leave the office we ask you to sanitize your hands again and to take your mask with you. You may continue to reuse the mask as long as it is in good condition. Please try to avoid touching your face while wearing a mask.

We appreciate your cooperation up to now and hope this clarifies any questions you may have. Please reach out if you have any questions!

As always, stay safe, stay well, and protect yourself from unnecessary exposure to others.

Have you come across any articles, recipes, or ideas you think we should share with the rest of the HealthCare 365 community? Send them over so we can include them in next week's Help Me Rhonda!

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If you have any questions please call our office and speak to our staff.

Wishing you health, safety and enjoyable family time!

The HealthCare 365 Team
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