COVID-19 Update
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Dear HealthCare 365 Family,

We hope you are all doing well and want to remind you that we are here for you! If you have any medical concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Please check out the COVID-19 section on our website for answers to frequently asked questions that our community has been asking.

We feel that it's important to send these updates so we can help you sift through the overwhelming amount of info out there and hopefully provide resources that are beneficial to you and your families but .. we need your help!

We think this weekly update should have a special name and we're looking for some suggestions! Please send us an email and by next week we hope to have a more fun name than "HealthCare 365 Update or COVID-19 Update"

In the last week Dr. Kohut, Michelle and Rhonda celebrated their birthdays! Yesterday, we had a virtual party on Zoom and we look forward to enjoying cake with them when we are back in the office.

If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing other severe symptoms please call 911 immediately.
We are now setup with OnCall Health so you can have secure video appointments with the medical team. When Rhonda books appointments for you, depending on the issue, she may schedule a phone call or video chat. Please let Rhonda know if you have a preference.

As a reminder, in-person appointments, will be coordinated so that Tanya or Dr. Kohut can meet you outside the building to escort you to the clinic.

This week, Toronto announced stronger measures in a 12-week plan to stop COVID-19 spread. This is our time to improve our culinary skills, clean out the basement, garage, cellar, garden, give up on those clothes and mementos that simply exist because to don’t get to them. Keep what you really want and organize them.

This challenges all of us to find ways to find new routines, find activities that make your
life more interesting or fun, create opportunities to learn new things, and find new
creative outlets, a new hobby. I will continue to share a few that I found unusual and interesting, some sublime, some less so, but all stretching our experience of living under tight quarters in our homes, apartments or condos. Find your own, share them with us. We will pass them on.

For our patients who live alone, or who are in residential facilities, call us. We want to
hear from you. Let us know how you are doing, and the challenges that you face. For those who have parents or grandparents who are isolated because they are unable to be visited, schedule routine calls, surprise calls, encourage and suggest activities, provide reading materials, have the grandkids create videos for them, offer to pick up things they need and find ways of getting these items to them.

This video about a young violinist warms the heart and shows where there is a will, creative juices flow.

We are accessible by phone, email and video. While not the same as a personal visit,
seeing each other and connecting by video may feel more real, than just a phone call or
email. I encourage you to use this video medium.

Finally in the coming weeks we will have members of the HC365 team individually send
you some of their ideas and perspectives in each Bulletin.

- V


Five Daily Exercises to Improve Muscle Balance and Activation
Shared by Dr. Joe Kottoor

We hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy. Now that we are spending almost all of our time at home, it is natural to experience significant challenges to our normal fitness/rehab routines. 

The good news is, there are some simple things that you can be doing each day, in the comfort of your home, to keep your muscles activated and balanced from head to toe. 

Realizing how important this is (and since many of you asked for this!), I've put together a video with four straightforward exercises (and one bonus/more advanced exercise). These can be done in less than five minutes, each day, and will be helpful to do regularly until you see us again soon.

Click here to watch the video!
*The message above is an excerpt from a message that Dr. Joe Kottoor shared with his clients.


The COVID-19 pandemic can cause stress and anxiety because it is disrupting normal life for many people all at once. While it is important to be informed and to take action to limit the spread of infection, the amount of information and attention on this topic can increase stress and anxiety. CAMH has put together these strategies to help you cope.

The OMA has released a general guidance on social distancing and social isolation.

The CDC provides instruction on everyday cleaning steps and extra steps when someone is sick.

If you have any questions please call our office and speak to our staff.

Wishing you health, safety and enjoyable family time!

The HealthCare 365 Team
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