January 2015

Welcome to the new year! We hope you had a safe and healthy holiday break.

2015 Training

Health and safety and emergency management training registration is now available for 2015. You can book onto any of the following training via myUNSW Training Registration:
  • Laboratory safety awareness (staff only).
  • Hazardous substances (staff only).
  • PC2 biosafety awareness.
  • Gene technology for researchers.
  • Laboratory supervisor health and safety training.
  • Office supervisor health and safety training.
  • Health and safety consultation training (for committee members only).
  • Chief warden training.
  • Warden training.
  • First aid training.
New staff are automatically enrolled into online health and safety awareness and online ergonomics training, available through Moodle. They are then required to register for any other training as required by the role.

Full details on all training and enrollments is available in the Health and Safety Training webpage.

January Housekeeping

Now is a great time to sort out some housekeeping, before the university ramps up business for the year. Here are some hints to get your housekeeping in order:
  • Organise an "office-clean-up" day.
  • Re-arrange storage so that heavy and frequently used items are waist height.
  • Re-label or dispose of any chemicals that are not GHS labelled.
  • Dispose of containers that are damaged, discoloured, brittle plastic or scratched glass, showing signs of deformity.
  • Dispose of equipment that is damaged beyond repair or has not been used for some time.
See Theme of the Month - Housekeeping, for useful hints and tips on this subject.

AED roll-out

UNSW Health and Safety will be rolling out more Automated External Defibrillator's (AED) in 2015. An AED is a portable and easy-to-operate medical device that analyses an unconscious victim's heart rhythm and automatically delivers a shock if they are having a sudden cardiac arrest.

The following areas are due to receive an AED in 2015:
  • Chemical Science (F10) - March
  • Electrical Engineering (G17) - February
  • Matthews Building (F23) - March
  • Old Main Building (K15) - February
  • Randwick Campus - April.
Note: the month is an estimate and may be subject to change. UNSW Health and Safety will be in touch with the areas closer to the time to arrange installation.

Please see the AED webpage for full information, including a map of where all AED's are currently located on campus.

Workers Compensation on the move 

From January 2015 UNSW Workers Compensation unit has joined the UNSW Safety and Sustainability team.

UNSW is a licenced self-insurer for workers compensation; this means that instead of going through an insurance company the university has its own Workers Compensation team to manage compensation claims for workers.

The Workers Compensation team consists of 2 Claims Management Officers, 1 Return-to-Work Officer and a Claims Clerk. They are located in the Chancellery, see contact details. The UNSW Workers Compensation website has full information on how they can assist you.

Traffic and pedestrian safety

The UNSW Level 1 Health, Safety and Environment Committee has identified traffic and pedestrian safety as one of the key priorities in the University's Health and Safety Plan. A traffic safety consultancy (Cardno) has recently been engaged to identify, assess and propose measures to eliminate or control known and potential risks relating to vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian interfaces on and surrounding the Kensington Campus. 

A Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Management Plan will be finalised later in 2015. If you have any suggestions please provide these to

UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre

The UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre (FAC) has made changes to its booking process for 2015. These changes will provide opportunities for all UNSW groups and associations to utlise the FAC which has historically been unavailable, including access to the Sports Hall during busy evening periods.

All UNSW groups and associations have equal opportunity to utilise the FAC; this is demonstrated by offering some free usage during off-peak times to encourage use and no further unfair allocation of free hours during peak periods.

All groups and associations, no matter what types, are encouraged to apply for a permanent booking by completing the Facility Booking Form. Note, bookings close 30th January.

Lessons learnt

Recently, a contractor had an accident while conducting work engaged by a school in UNSW for scientific services. Prior to engaging the contractor the school had assessed that they were suitable for the task by using HS803 Contractor Evaluation checklist and inducted the contractor using HS805 Contractor Induction checklist.   Unfortunately an accident occurred, however the UNSW school had carried out its duties with regard to the engagement of the contractor.

If you engage contractors please ensure that you follow the UNSW HS801 Contractor Safety Management Guideline.

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