Alif the Unseen is a Locus Award finalist! 

And The Nominations Continue For Alif The Unseen

May has been a busy month! As a result, I'm two weeks behind with your monthly Where's Willow update. (I know you've been sitting up late at night, worrying about me...) In the last few weeks, Alif the Unseen has been shortlisted for TWO more awards: a Locus Award for best first novel and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, both prestigious Scifi/Fantasy honors. I continue to be flattered and thrilled by all the attention Alif has received. And! Comics fans will be pleased to know I've started work on a new, as yet unannounced project for a company that rhymes with garvel. That's a word, right? Stay tuned for details--email subscribers will be the first to learn more. 

New Microfiction at Bullett Magazine

Check out this very tiny glimpse of a dystopian future I wrote for Bullett's futurism issue, and while you're there, stay and read the short short story written by fellow Flaherty-Dunnan nominee (and fellow Coloradan) Peter Heller. 

Mucho Love From Neil Gaiman

Mega-bestselling author and all-around fine fellow Neil Gaiman was kind enough to give your humble correspondent an awesome shout-out in this month's print edition of Wired. (This is a pic of the relevant bit snapped by a Twitter follower.) "Islamic mythpunk." Kids, write that on my tombstone.
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