Volume 02, Issue 15 - 2014.11.26

Happy Thanksgiving from E11!

The Holidays are here!! We are so excited to spend time with family and friends sharing stories, warm fireplaces, and enjoying all of the beautiful decorations and twinkly lights! Winter is on its way (or some would say its already here)!! We are all looking forward to the Solstice Burn and we have information for you on that and much more!

Congratulations to the new Board Members that we will be featuring in this edition of the Salt Shaker!.

In This Edition:


New and Changing BOD Members & Roles

In this article we feature the existing E11 Board Members with changing roles, and the newly elected Board Members that joined us this month!!  Please help us congratulate all of these fine folks, we are so glad that they are on the team!!

Existing BOD assuming new roles/responsibilities:

Photo Credit: Rudy van Bree

Joe Russo (Ranger Discovery)
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Responsibilities: Sits as a member of the Executive Committee, works with the BOD Chair to further develop the vision of Element 11. Additionally, the Vice-Chair is the Director of one of the BOD Committees listed on the following pages.  

Photo Credit: Sixist Sulpizio

Cassie Plant (Ranger Spirit)
BOD Treasurer, Finance Committee

Responsibilities: Oversees the financial functions of E11, Inc., oversees bookkeeper – assists with getting documents to them and answering questions in preparation for monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, works with accountant and bookkeeper for preparation of annual tax filings, , receives and manages donation money and records, leads the development of annual budgets, oversees ticketing to all events, adheres to the Finance Policy, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Manages the processes of issuing and redeeming tickets to all events

Photo Credit: Stan Clawson

David Born
Arts Committee

Responsibilities: Provides direction and support to the art and artists of the Element 11 Festival and the community, oversees the festival & community art grant processes, writes grants to receive art grant funding from outside sources for our festival and community, handles the theme selection process for the E11 Festival & Decompression, works with EPW for art placement, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Oversees mutant vehicles at all E11 events including pre-registration & check-in for E11 Festival.

Responsibilities: Manages the art grant process for both festival and community art grants, including application & selection process, artist management during project development, and coordination with EPW for festival art placement. Volunteer leads required for: Performance, Music, Structure, & Visual Arts.

New BOD assuming initial roles/responsibilities:

Photo Credit: Nick Franchi

Stan Clawson
Ballyhoo Captain

Responsibilities: Clamorously & vigorously attempts to advance the Element 11 cause, coordinates community involvement through theme camps, workshops and other avenues, facilitates the community advisory panel, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Photo Credit: Rudy van Bree

Collin Turner (Ranger Queen Tut)
Communications Committee

Responsibilities: Oversees all general outward communication functions (Website, The Salt Shaker Newsletter, Festival Guides), recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Website (development, maintenance and upgrades), Community Services, The Salt Shaker Newsletter, Festival WWW, Survival & Music Guides.

Responsibilities: Infrastructure/Design, Set-up, Break-down.

Photo Credit: Rudy van Bree

Sara Tiger
Logistics Committee

Responsibilities: Mange event operations – ensuring coordination between committees & departments, secures venues for other events, obtain permits and ensure all events are legal & safe, schedule deadlines around all events, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Ensures all aspects of the event are planned in advance and executed timely, through clean-up for Fire & Ice, Precompression, Burners in the Park, & Decompression (coordinate with RCs), recruit and manage volunteer crews.

Responsibilities: Organizes and regulates theme & sound camps, liaison between camps & BOD, oversees camp registration process, works with EPW for camp placement, coordinates with theme camps for representation at other events (Decomp, Burners in the Park, etc.).

Responsibilities: Oversees greeter station set-up & break-down, provides training for greeter staff Volunteer lead required.

Photo Credit: Rudy van Bree

Allen Hovey (Ranger Poundcake)
Security, Medical, Emergency, Ranger Communications (SMERC)

Responsibilities: Ensures E11 conducts safe, legal events, provides first line of medical care at all E11 events, primary contact for hired security & perimeter at events, hires security as necessary for events, coordinates as needed with hired security, establishes and maintains the event communications network, Ranger liaison, LEO liaison, recruits & manages SMERC volunteers, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Photo Credit: Julie C. Turner

Michelle Davis
Volunteer Appreciation Committee (Burning Angels)

Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Supports volunteers with good cheer, care & refreshments, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles (Oasis Kitchen), sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Organizes and manages Oasis Kitchen for WBTC & E11 Festival.

Photo Credit: Stan Clawson

Martin Gassner
Volunteer Recruitment Committee

Responsibilities: Recruits volunteers for all E11 events, assists Directors in recruiting volunteers for departmental lead roles, assists leads with recruitment of volunteer crews if needed, oversees gate and greeters, oversees gate & greeter station set-up & break-down, provides training for gate & greeter staff, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Responsibilities: Recruits volunteers as needed for all E11 events, assists leads with recruitment of volunteer crews if needed.

Responsibilities: Oversees gate station set-up & break-down, provides training for gate staff.

Release 2014 Winter Solstice Burn

Photo Credit: Alice Toler

The Release Burn will be held Saturday, December 20 from 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Release Artist Alice Toler writes:

"When I did a story on Element 11 for Catalyst magazine a while back, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave TwentyThree to get some of the "ancient history" of the event. One of the things I learned from him was that, way back in the day, there used to be a winter solstice burn out at Seabase! One year they made a big wooden sun as an effigy, and I thought this was such a neat idea.

In the ensuing years, and with the worsening of our air quality in the winter, even the Christmas Tree Burn has had to be rescheduled for the spring equinox so we can be sure of good airflow through the Tooele valley.

2014, as you're all aware, has been a particularly rough year for the Utah burner community. Trieste Palmer, Scott Danskeren and I got to discussing all of this last October, and the idea came up that we should try and revive the winter solstice burn to give our community one more opportunity to get together before the end of the year. Winter solstice is a perfect time for releasing the old, as the light of the previous year dwindles to its lowest point…and thus the RELEASE burn was born.

Originally we had planned to build a large steel burn platform to contain the effigy so we could deploy it anywhere we needed to, but after we found a suitable venue in Summit county well away from the Wasatch Front airshed and its burn restrictions, the property owner very kindly allowed us build our fire directly on the ground. This is saving us a lot of money and effort, and making the planning of the event much easier! However, we are still looking into building the platform when we have more than two months to organize. It would be pretty cool to be able to bring a small effigy with us to any event where fire was permitted, without having to build on-site, and this is a long term goal for our crew as a gift to the community.

Chris Cline did an amazing job of engineering the effigy from the design sketches I gave her, and we had a kickass work day on November 22 over at her house cutting all the plywood. I also want to give a shout-out to everyone who helped us with the fundraiser at the Sand Trapp on November 20: Trieste Palmer, Scott Danskeren, Sarah Berry, our DJs Better Homes & Gardens, Eben Flow and E.ght B.t, and all our volunteers who worked the door and the opportunity drawing table, and ESPECIALLY all our amazing local artisans and professionals who donated prizes. We raised over $1000! Now we can afford portapotties as well as all our build materials!

The Indiegogo online campaign raised around $1200, so we are in good shape financially now. Trent Toler is our accountant and we'll have a publicly-accessible balance sheet available for viewing when the event is done. If we don't spend all the money we raised, the balance will be donated to Element 11.

I have been so inspired by how the Release burn has come together. With such a short time to organize, we have been building this airplane as we've been going down the runway, but in the spirit of Sesame Street-style do-ocracy, we've been cooperating and making it happen!

One remaining item we need to address is FIREWOOD: Do you have a stack you've been trying to get rid of? Do you know any good sources for firewood in Summit County? Please let us know. This isn't going to be a very long event and will be completely over by 9pm, but we'll need enough wood to fuel the effigy and to keep several burn barrels going for at least 4 hours. It's gonna be brass monkeys up there - dress warm!


The Tree of Light Goes on Tour!

Photo Credit: Tyler Smith

Tree of Light Artist Jodi Smith writes:

"We built the Tree of Light to be a symbol of life, family, roots, and growth. With its 3000 sound-reactive LEDs pulsing and lighting up the playa, we hoped it would be a positive gathering place for yoga, meditation, performance, celebration, and dance.

Our intention was to host a gathering called We Are Connected, surrounded by the Jellyfish, Chatterbox, and other art cars after the effigy burn Saturday night. We had no idea how aptly named the event would be.

After the incident on Saturday night at Element 11, people were left not knowing what to do, except to be together. We walked to the temple in shock, confusion, and grief to be with others and try to make sense of what had happened.

On our way back toward camp, we noticed that people were gathering at the Tree anyway. The Chatterbox switched on music and people started dancing. Whether people thought it was appropriate or not, it was happening. It became a much-needed celebration of life that helped some begin a path toward healing.

Light is a symbol of cosmic energy, creative force, and the source of vision. I’d like to believe people were drawn to the Tree because of the light. It helped dispel the darkness, at least while we were around it.

Since Element 11, the Tree has lit up other gatherings, from our wedding reception at Cactus and Tropicals in July, to Das Energi Festival at The Great Saltair in August, and a dance party at the Fallout this month. It even was part of a juried art show at Salt Lake Community College in October. Good thing it was at Decompression, where it was the main source of light when power failed.

We’re taking it to the White Party in January. Fingers crossed, it will be at Eve for New Years.

The Tree was a community effort. Dozens of friends helped us solder, weld, sew, assemble and disassemble it each time it goes out, made t-shirts and stickers, and donated money. We’ll keep on taking it out wherever you want us to take it."

Burner Book Review: Playa Dust- Collected Stories From Burning Man

Photo Credit: Sarah Berry

I have the privilege of having been asked to review a beautiful book written by our friend Samantha Krukowski. I just recieved the book in the mail and have only turned a few pages, but so far it is a fascinating account of the History of Burning Man from first hand experiences written by people that were there from the beginning. I understand this is a collection of stories and the content will continue to change throughout the book, and I am excited to see what else is covered. Once I have finished reading the book I will do a thorough review for the E11 community.

Here is the note from Samantha to our Team:

"Hi E11 team,

I've valued what you offer and represent to the BM community for some time now. As an invested burner, I am reaching out for your support about a project that is near and dear to me. I have successfully published my new book, Playa Dust: Collected Stories from Burning Man!

Playa Dust is a curated collection of experiential essays from devoted members of the Burning Man community. It explores a variety of themes from architecture and serendipity to theater and vulnerability. Throughout the two years of harvesting essays for this book, I have been diagnosed with cancer, in treatment, and mourning for the death of my mother. In the face of extreme hardship, this book has prevailed and I am so happy to share this peice of Burning Man literature with you. These essays were gifted to me in order for Playa Dust to be realized, and despite the political hurdles behind publishing and Burning Man’s own legalities, this book has met the bar and passed.

Please support this cherished endeavor of mine and purchase your copy at ! Please share it with your friends and loved ones! I consider it an educational resource for an event that is short on tangible literature. I have personally invested in the first few hundred runs to see it succeed because I truly believe in it as a resource and an experience library! Your purchase from this site specifically will go into covering the out of pocket publishing costs alone.

Here’s to more positive, mindful literature about Burning Man!

Samantha Krukowski"

2015 E11 Theme Nominations

Submit your theme ideas online by DECEMBER 15th!!! Here: by DECEMBER 15TH!!!

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E11 Year to Date Financials

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This financial report is an accounting of income and expenses through November 24 2014.

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