Volume 01, Issue 07 - 2013.07.31
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That was A-MAZ-ING!

Thank you all for making Element 11 the best its ever been!

The effigies & art installations, the music & theme camps, the art cars, the performances, the BURNS, the marvelous people! All was such a delight! Each facet of the festival was possible because of people just like you. Together, we as a community pulled together an incredible event. The theme of 'Labyrinth - Find Yourself by Getting Lost' provided the foundation for such fabulous creativity! It truly was an enchanted playground out there.

We're very excited to bring you this issue! Its a compilation from E11 participants who have shared their story in their own way - a little quote, some prose, DJ sets, words of gratitude, stories, photos and videos - its all here! Grab your favorite beverage & settle in to relive the shared experiences & MAGIC that was Element 11 2013, Regional Burn & Arts Festival!


Labyrinth Castle Effigy & the Jellies
[Photo: Jared Gallardo]

Check out the rest of Jared's awesome photos on Facebook!
A big THANK YOU to all of the E11 volunteers, participants and spectators! It was an absolutely fantastic event. The most like the Black Rock playa that I’ve ever experienced outside of BRC! Kudos to all of you, but especially to the awesome team of volunteers for all of your hard work! You made this a very special event! ~ Peter H.
Opening Ceremonies at The Elemental Portal
[Photo: Jeremy Pearson]
There are no words to describe this weekend. I am so joyful to be part of this community. Love!
Rachelle G.
The Elemental Portal & Chatterbox
[Photo: Kari Larson]
An experience e in a lifetime!!!!! I will never miss it again!!!!
~ Ingrid W.
Fire dancers at the temple
[Photo: Jennica Sheets]
I just have to say that this community has some amazingly talented musicians, performers, DJ's, and producers. Big thank you to all of you who brought sound and music to E11 this year. It was awesome and inspiring for me to hear so much different music from so many different places. You all did great. Thank you! ~ Forrest M.
Portal to another dimension
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
Utahans! Thanks so much for making this fellow from Wyoming feel welcome in your state. Fantastic job with the festival!
~ Shaun H.
I had a great time at E11, and was sad when it was over... there was still so much more I wanted to do! It was great to hang out with friends old and new, and bask in the creative spirit.

Thanks to all of you who made it out to the Black Maze. I had fun helping put it together and acting as usher. I was so busy, I only managed to remember to take a handful of pictures... ~
Neil Melville
Theme camp fun
[Photo: Christopher Wilde]
"No explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time in the world. Whatever it meant." -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Perfectly describes how I feel about the last few days
. ~ Zoe H.
Crypster Tower & Dungeon,
Jonny Jemming & the Crypsters
[Photo: Karen High]
"Integrity" is the word that comes to mind when I think of the obvious evolution of E11. This year's festival, on nearly every level, demonstrates that the Utah arts community is branching out in a new, fundamental and long-term way. There is integrity to this movement because, at its core, is clearly a shared belief and honest commitment to integrating and fostering visual art, music, theater, dance, fashion, architecture, sustainable design, ecological responsibility and radically free expression. And it is getting stronger with time...a modern Renaissance!

I LOVE the feeling associated with building a theme camp and the process of letting it become not just my space, but a space for others to utilize, express their own creative ideas, and ulitimately watch as they too, go through the same process of letting it go. We worked hard to help people understand what it means to have a theme camp, and the value of participating rather than spectacting or merely sparkling.

What we are doing is a PROCESS; not an end. Through the process of including others, collaborating, building long term bonds between us, and helping eachother- we will be the revolution that we often seem to desire. But there is no end. We've already started thinking about next year!

Aspen Moon did an excellent job providing thanks to the many amazing volunteers who contributed so much time to the festival (and continue to clean-up as I write this now). My thanks to you as well!

But I wanted to give a shout out to the Crypster Crew for working their asses off- Aaron Bevan, Mike Silva, Ian Causi, Ajax Matt, Kimm Lofthouse, Melinda Stonecliffe, Joseph Gollaher, Brandee Bee, Bryan Durrant, Seth Kincaid, the guy who ran the show all Saturday night, and all you other hoodlums (especially those who I tagged below) who helped us keep things interesting rule! And Eben, Stevo and Alice- you cats are the BEST! I've tagged a few more of you just because I love you!

As I like to say, "always error on the side of being sexier." And we are all ALOT sexier now than before last weekend.

P.S.- I've posted a picture of the Woodstock Festival (1969) at the conclusion of the event, which is often viewed as the peak of the counterculture movement in the 1960's. It is obvious to me, because of all of YOU, why E11 and the principles it espouses, will not follow this path.
~ Jonny J.

Water guns, pirate sword, hula hoop and giant rabbits foot. If it wasn't for all the Jameson and champagne, is think I was a kid headed to the park to play!
~ David B.
African Dance & Drumming
[Photo: Peter Hines]

Check out Peter's entire E11 set of 700+ photos on Flickr!
[Photo: Shawn Green]
Hello lovelies! My friend Berg made an awesome video of our Friday adventures at E11 (Margarita Party @ the Juggalo Bar, Center Camp workshops, Valhalla Viking Ship burn, fire spinners, Bat Country, & The Thuggish Ruggish Ball @ the Juggalo Bar). Wanted to pass it along I've said it already but thanks to everyone who made this year so incredible, you are all the bee's knees! ~ Jennica Sheets
Center Camp at Sunset
[Photo: Ryan Humes]
There was a wealth of this stuff flying around this weekend, and I was privileged enough to witness piles it. Thank you SO much to everyone who *busted their asses* to provide a space where we can break down, blow up, play hard, cause trouble, lose control, and find new pieces of the Selves we are constantly creating.

Keep being exceptional, you fabulous fucks. ~
Emily M.
Labyrinth Infinitum,
Roy Dean Quada
[Photo: Natalie Waite]
Fantastic burn this year! A big Thanks to all! ~ Julie N.
Nighttime magic land
[Photo: Stan Clawson]
Here it is everyone, a live recording of one of my sets from Element 11 this year. Enjoy, and thank you all so much for you love an support, you are all the reason I love to do what I do!!
DJ Wobbles
Castle Effigy Sunrise
[Photo: Topher Danater]
I rekindled an old flame with the love of my life. If it wasn't for Element 11 this would not have been possible. I'm the happiest I've been in years! Thank you to everyone who helped make this experience possible!!! To infinity and beyond!!!! ~ Kelly W.
[Photo: Kevin Rapf]
I loved it what I could absorb...wish I didn't live so far away, wonderful people....Definitely bringing the hubbers and more Las Vegans next time... ~ Theresa M.
Volunteer Vitalization Party @ Center Camp
[Photo: Cathi Kennedy]
Now that most of us are together again, I would like to take this opportunity to say that you are all some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. In fact, you are all probably some of the most beautiful human beings on this planet. Here is to my Camp Fuck Yeah's and the rest of my Element 11 brothers and sisters. ~ Gabe S.
Powered Paragliding over E11
[Photo: Zoe van Horn]
As a first timer, I was not really sure what to expect. From the good folks at Sea base to all the volunteers and all the participants I had the pleasure of hanging out with,A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR A BITCHING WEEKEND!! I will be there next year with bells on, and little else;) Stay easy!!
~ Jason D.
Thank you, Angels!
[Photo: Lynn Coffey]
"I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a Virgin in the morning." - Aleister Crowley 
My first experience at Element 11, at Sea Base was Stunning and the Radiance I reached has caused a permanence of Glowing within thy heart. I was almost forced to miss it this year, so arriving for the very first time was Tremendously exciting! Freedom hit from all the places my eyes could see, and all the beings of light that moved. And Moved I was in every form. Feelings of fullness, of freedom, stillness, and surrender still wash down upon my current state like a nourishing rain to a wild flower. And a watered flower I am. The enlightening signals I merged with at E-11 were expansive!

With infinite gratitude I reflect upon and remember it All. My early morning meditative labyrinth walk where I visited my inner child and embraced every aspect of her history, honoring so deeply and releasing the obstacles that were selected for my growth. Reaching the Goddess in the center to enhance and center my growing Goddess within. Chasing a gorgeous Butterfly for what felt like miles of aimless amazing wonder. Allowing myself to embrace thyself in my natural form, excepting and Loving my body, and dancing with it! loving Truly every ounce of me! Allowing those little fantastically swarming fish in the pond to tickle, feast, and kiss upon me, so laughable and magical. Walking around barefoot holding the hand of a Man who honors, respects and truly worships me.

Meeting the most breathtaking people and sharing expression and freedom with their Souls. The sense of true community I felt was brilliant. Grabbing Thy Soul by the Horns intellectually in the light of sunrise and sincerely asked to be the voice and vessel for my inner deer. And I Ignited thyself with my new sacred pair of Deer Antler Fire Fans. I invoked a powerful performance aspect of myself that will echo on within my heart. I intend to gain a fuller understanding of the unlimited potential of Free men and Free women meeting together in a Free space. I am a Goddess Enhanced and On Fire, E-11 2013 true Love for You Forever, see you every single year.
~ Madmoiselle Audrey

Such an amazing experience! I am so thankful to everybody who worked so hard to make this unforgettable experience. Best wishes! ~ Tyson C.
Pre-burn fire dancer
[Photo: Chris Freckelton]
While the event was recent and everyone is commenting I also want to say that E11 was a great time this year. I think this was my 10th or 11th time (I'll have to figure that out later) and this was definitely a great one. Thanks everyone for their hard work. Happy to meet some new friends too.

I want to give a special thanks to Kevin Moore and the rest of the dedicated Sunrise temple build crew, not to mention the Jellyfish, for giving me another opportunity to play the music for the burning of the temple at sunrise. ~
Jordan T.
Lighting of the Temple
[Photo: Karen High]
The Elemental Portal, Forrest Millheim & the Church of Elemental Awareness
[Photo: Misty Tempest Barnes]
Temple aflame
[Photo: Julia Morris]
Up in flames
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
Wow. We sure have an amazing community! Much love. ~ Leslie S.
Bubbles & Burn
[Photo: Kari Larson]
Was absolutely beautiful ♡ I am blessed to have made it this year, and to have experienced all the memorable moments I did, with so many magical people! Love and light to you all for creating a loving powerful realm!! )★(
Winged goddess
[Photo: Peter Hines]
"Element 11: Set to burn freely at Utah’s regional Burning Man" - check out the article, photos, video by The Salt Lake Tribune. Thanks for the awesome coverage of our event!
Great fun, and what a pleasure to meet a handful of fellow Ogdenites who I never knew existed. Great people in the least likely places.
~ Low Key Lyesmith
"3", Josh Epperson
[Photo: Kari Larson]
I hope that as we all are assimilating these experiences found at e11 into our daily routines, weather you came out just to play or were participating in volunteering/making the event happen; that we can all take a step back and appreciate two of the peeps that i feel took the majority of the responsibilities and took soooooo much time out of their lives to make it all happen... Derek Dyer and Breeze, you guys rock! Please take the time to shout out to them individually or on this thread. Remember always what it takes behind the that we can be radically self expressive.. (and thanks to all other members who deserve credit who were not mentioned). ~ Coulson R.
I had an incredible gift to fly over E11 this year. Pilots Stephanie and Daniel, flew a Piper Arrow over Seabase on Sunday. I feel greatful for meeting Daniel Langmade who flew in from Az for E11 and having the experience of seeing E11 from the air. ~ Stephanie L.
I'm sure Camron Park, Brandon Petersen, and my other fellow LNT moop-sweepers will join me in saying, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a bunch of well-trained, socially and ecologically responsible hippies who pick up after themselves. Cam and I did a long sweep of the Salt City campgrounds yesterday and picked up about a half a bucket of moop between us. Keep up the good work! But for next time, whoever brought that blue carpet that shed all those little bits of fluff, please leave that one home...
~ Alice T.
Dance parties at Center Camp
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
I had a fantastic time at E11! Thank you so much to Chefdaddy Jbarr, Justin Hogue and Monica Moe Spiva for being so welcoming and letting me camp and hang out with you all! I enjoyed meeting new friends and meeting up w old friends! Can't wait for next event!
~ Kym H.
Another beautiful night
[Photo: Aaron Bevan]
Got some good work done this weekend with a few amazing individuals. Thank you for everything. ~ Don L.
Mr.monkey had a marvelous 1st regional burn ! Thank you, E11.
Jellyfish 12,000
[Photo: Karen High]
Thanks for everything. What a great turnout and weekend. We had a blast!! ~ Brandi L.
Great burn. Thank you. But next year I am bringing my rubbers. Then I will dare it to rain. ( guy with the little blue trailer ) ~ Randy P.
Cosmic Recess night magic
[Photo: Shawn Vermillion]
This year seemed more organized yet quiet. Were there less folks there this year than last. We would go on walks and it appeared that most teneded to have individual parties at their camps rather than mingle in the center camp area. We were greatfull to all those volunteeres that maed the event possible. Some did a crazy amount of shifts. This was our first year as a theme camp and realized how difficult it was with only planning a few events. Lots of positive comments and some areas we need to work on if we do it again.

For us we like just shedding the clothing for 4 days. I know you preferred looking at charlsie over my fat naked body. Tough getting dressed on sunday. We loved this years artwork. Lots of work....thank you. Thanks again to all of you!
Ron B.
Best puddle jumping ever!
[Photo: Linda Smith Nelson]
Payphone checking out the scene...
[Photo: Kevin Rapf]
ummmm. I never mentioned that I LOVE these e11 wristbands. BIG step up from last years. kudos to whoever had that idea!

Matone D.
I wrote this poem in three parts, the last part was written at E11, right after the viking ship burned. It's about one of the fire conclave dancers.

Part 1:

The simple sprite dances with the faeries of the twilight
Her body celebrates the day, but her soul brings on the night
With heavy heart I watch her in the disappearing daylight
Until the night rolls in like fog, obscuring all my sight.

Blinded, I fall, my senses masked, my reason torn apart
I am become my craving, though I know it breaks my heart.
My wit and wisdom to my very soul is drained away
replaced by nothing but desire, cursed with nothing to say
And so I watch the simple sprite as she wills the earth to sleep
I turn away, cursed by my love, to wander in the deep.

Solitary wandering, although I am surrounded,
I try to follow twilight to stay delightfully confounded
I don't want reality. I don't want my dream
I want the impossible, what simply cannot be.
And so I beg the faeries who dance before the night
"Please take this curse away from me, I cannot love the sprite!"

The faeries then assured me that they'd cause my pain to fade
but then the creatures chose a plan besides the one we made.
So when I left, those playful faeries who dance before the night
did take my heart away from me and gave it to the sprite.
And now my soul is empty all the day and all the night
The only time in which I love is deep in the twilight
Held aloft, my heart still shines for the simple, dancing sprite.

Part 2:

With sunshine smile and starlight eyes, she lifts my stolen heart.
The twilight dances softly over every broken part.
The cracks from long past loves repair, the holes from loss were filled,
and when she then looked through my heart, my secrets were revealed.

She saw a life of sorrow, but then giggled as she said,
"This man who loves me broke his heart with pain made from his head!"
The faeries laughed, for humans were such silly little beings.
Hurt by nothings like ideas, as though they're real things!

But then the sprite grew curious, and stopped her dance to ask,
"My faeries, come before me, and do for me this task.
Take half this heart and take it back, for now I need to know,
if his ideas could break a heart, then, could they make one grow?"

And so, at night, the faeries came, and gave to me a part,
of what was once a whole, but cracked and shattered, stolen heart.
And in my dreams they came to me, to plant thoughts in my head,
then disappeared into the day when I got out of bed.

When half a beat made me half jump, I had wholly learned,
that what I asked be taken, was so cruelly returned.
And though I feared the crushing pain of unreturned desire,
A new idea had entered me that set my soul on fire!

Part 3:

With half a heart it's twice as easy for it to become broken,
but something in this new idea simply had to be spoken.
And yet it seems the more I spoke to offer up a token,
the farther twilight flew from me until I next had woken.

And once again my half a heart had shattered into pieces
But new ideas kept coming that would not let me release it.
I want now more than just this sprite, I want now to create.
I need to show the world through art the nature of my fate.

Though I lack the magic that the faeries get to use,
I started learning other ways to show the world my truths.
With paint and words and molded clay, I worked as if by duty
Diligently I found ways without speech to speak of my sprite's beauty.

Although the sprite stayed far from me, it no longer mattered
for every new creation healed a piece of what just shattered.
It wasn't long at all before my heart had grown back whole
And then my sprite returned to me to look into my soul.

"Ideas can break a man's heart, yet his words betrayed his power
but when he makes creation his heart grows like a flower!"
I woke to see the sprite above, staring into my spirit,
and though my heart was filled with hope, I also deeply feared it.

The sprite, seeing my desire, fled into the night,
and soon a deep, dark melancholy replaced my hope and fright.
Although I knew I'll never get to give love to the sprite,
my heart is healed and full again, and everything is right.
~ Keene Maverick
Planet Seabase
[Photo: David Born]
WoW! I am still blown away every day - now more than ten days later - with the memories from Element 11 combined with the new discoveries of goodness through pictures and story telling from others. ALL of these amazing moments were made possible by YOU volunteers!!! US!!! WOOT! I consider this to be the best Element 11 yet-- on every level --we witnessed more Participation, excellent Leave No Trace standards, a greater sense of Civic Responsibility, a crazy amount of Communal Effort (this page of active folks and the smoothness of the festival operations attest to that), the pictures capture Immediacy throughout, Gifting abounded, people from all walks of life and experience come together in Radical Inclusion, we had fewer mishaps than ever as we all practiced Radical Self Reliance and took care of ourselves and others, and we held strong on our stance to support Decommodification --- all in the name of Radical Self Expression and our mission to ignite a culture of it. We are more than a festival, we are the Element 11 community and can affect change for a more creative and more positive existence together! ~ Wendy C.
Huge thanks to Scott Harwell who shot this VERY COOL aerial video of E11! Check it out!
[Photo: Julia Morris]
Sooo, much fun! Thank you all for helping us celebrate life! ~ Brandee B.
Valhalla Viking Ship, Eric Christensen & The Pineapples
The burn was dedicated to a Pineapple, Daniel Fonseca (33 yrs), who was lost to cancer this year. He is a great exaple to us of living life to the fullest & never giving up.
[Photo: Rudy van Bree]
I think this is my favorite photo from the weekend though. When I started to view/edit the photos I took, this one stood out. It made me think of a longboat headed, undaunted by flame and foul weather, into the gates of Valhalla. What a fitting send off that was!
~ Allen Hovey
Valhalla burn dancer
[Photo: Anonymous]
I'm amazed by the talents and hard work put in by so many people. I'm going to miss Valhalla so much. Seeing her burn really hurt. I wish for more permanent art and structures so our efforts are more lasting and our resources could go farther. Perhaps some food for thought. I can't believe how hard we work to have so much fun. But damn, it's worth it.

Watching the inside of the temple light up was so surprising and brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing to witness. Thanks Cassie Spirit Plant, Sean Plant, Forrest Millheim, and all the others who worked on that.

I love the spirit of cooperation that we feel from working so hard together. I feel so much love for our community right now. And I'm so excited at how many "out of staters" love how we do things. I heard there is a Facebook page called "The Colorado Take Over of E11." We had several camping with the Pineapples.
~ Mark H.
"Things That Go Burn In The Night" by Rudy Van Bree - Awesome footage of the Valhalla Viking Ship burn & Castle Effigy burn.
Respect and Gratitude to the Element 11 Board of Directors for putting together such an amazing event.. Thank you for the considerable amount of time and energy you all put into keeping the flame Burning so Brightly in Utah. ~ Dave TwentyThree
Thanks to E11, BOD, volunteers, George and Linda, and sea base staff for a great weekend!
~ Robert Z.
Thanks for a wonderful experience. ~ Dana C.
Had A great time this year , thank you so much to all those who made E11 possible, and a special shout out to chef daddy for the great food and art car. ~ Jody C.
Chatterbox, Fernando & Doug
[Photo: Misty Tempest Barnes]
The amazing energy at E11! I hurt my ribs starting the generator on Wednesday and the pain was excruciating, I would get waves of pain that made me unable to breathe for a few seconds and the next moment I would be laughing and in love with all of you, the pain just disappeared. Waves of pain, waves of joy, healing hugs, furtive kisses, faces nuzzling my furry chest. I can't explain it but the energy of E11 tried to heal me faster than I could hurt myself! Love to you all. ~ Chefdaddy
Rainbow Hoops!
[Photo: Chris Stock]
Thank you all - what an amazing experience!!! ~ Lynn C.
Juggalo Bar,
Joe Russo & the Juggalos
[Photo: Kari Larson]
Here's my set from Friday night at the Juggalo Bar. I had a blast at E-11 this year and playing the Juggalo Bar was my highlight. Hope you guys enjoy the set! ~ Kevin Morzfeen
Juggalo Bar & Tie Dye
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
The Juggalo bar burned HOT. for a moment I thought I was in hell and then I remembered I was in heaven! ~ Julie G.
Lighting the bar
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
I would like to take the time to thank a very long list of people, First of all I would like to give a big shout out to the BoD, Element 11 was absolutely the best it has ever been for me in my 7 years of attendance. Because of the countless hours of work you all put in I believe we are really headed in the right direction moving forward and making next year even more amazing. So thank you Jeff Reese, Cathi Nuttall Kennedy, Aspen Moon, Kameron Silva Hammond, Wendy Christensen, Christi Line, Anne Simmons, Steve-o , Genius, Micky Baker, Kari Larson, J.p., David Born, & Derek Dyer .

Also big thanks and big ups to The Jellycrew, way too many Jellies to mention here but you all inspire this community to go big always. So thank you. Additional thanks to Cosmic Recess, Monkey Camp, Crypsters, Black Rock Canoe Club, Fire Tribe, Pineapples, Sinsation. Way to bring it everyone. Big ups to MedTent/Rangers/Security, excellent job everyone involved. Despite what happened after the event with Center Camp I would like to be the first one to publicly say that Center Camp was absolutely amazing this year. John Ward, Wendy Christensen, Christi Line, and Stevo way to go. Thank you George and Linda and Seabase crew.

Now for some personal thanks from myself.

Kevin Morzfeen and Mike Farr. Wow. It amazes me that I had never met either of you prior to being out at Element 11 this year. You guys absolutely threw it down at the Thuggish Ruggish Ball and I don't believe we could have made that party such a success without you two class acts. Thank You ! Waiting on that set Kevin:)

Brandon Carlile , Croshane , and Wobbles. BEST Ipod dj'ing I have ever seen in my life. You guys killed the Margarita Party and the Juggalo Bar Superstar Moment absolutely goes to you 3. Thanks Ebenflow for starting that party for us. Love you Brother.

To all of my friends way too many to mention, but you know who you are. Thank you for being there and supporting me this weekends I could not have done it without each and everyone of you. Phil Oleson and Ben Argyle - Best Juggalo Bar doormen ever. I think you two got a permanent spot at the Bar.

Build crews. Effigy (Bobby Gittins and Nick Posselli) - Labyrinth - Temple - Viking Ship - Center Camp- Box Office - Greeters - EPW - DEA - and anyone else I missed, you all rocked it this weekend. Way to raise the bar people.

My Juggalos- Tyler Gittins, Zachary Gittins, Mike Masse, Ike, Walter Brady, Lisa Brady, Ami Isham, Britney Edmonds, Bryce and Michelle. We all rocked it so hard and I am so proud of our family and what we have been able to come into this community and accomplish. We won Element 11 this year ! As much thanks as I get from people around the community I would like everyone to know that it absolutely takes an entire team and tremendous support from my family. So spread the thanks to these people because I absolutely could never even dream of doing any of the things that we do at the festival. Way to fucking go JUGGALOS.

Everyone who was on the Bar crew, All of you participants who truly came and made the Juggalo Bar the spectacle that it was. All my lovelies who danced up on the bar Thank you for making my experience such a grand one.

Last of all I would like to thank my loving girlfriend Anne Simmons, You are amazing and I would not have made it through the weekend without you. Love you hunny

p.s. Jeremy Pearson you are a savage my friend. I hope you a speedy recovery.

Anyone I missed I am sorry there are just way too many people to recognize in this post.

Love you all , Could not imagine spending my time on earth without all of you.
~ Joe R.
Juggalo Bar burn
[Photo: Robin Alexandra]
I would like to thank Mr Joe Russo and the Juggalo crew for the opportunity to play the bagpipes for the Juggalo burn, and also Jared Gallardo and the Jelly crew with the very generous help with sound. It was definitely the best part of of the event for me! You guys made so many dreams possible this year, thanks so much for your dedication!  ~ John W.
I know I'm new to the community, but I feel so welcomed that I have to share. I was sitting with Mom, Big Walt, Zach, and Tyler waiting for the Fire conclave to tell the story of the Labyrinth, and to see the  Main Castle Effigy burn. When I decided I was going to recall everything that had brought me to that very moment.

Last year, my brother, Tyler Gittins, asked if I wanted to meet him at the UAA to go to a party called Decompression. I of course had no idea whatsoever what it was, so I asked and he explained. I met some incredible people and saw the Jelly art car, needless to say, I was blown away.

Throughout the year I had opportunities to get more and more involved in the community, which at every turn, if possible, I was always ready to give it my all. Then I was asked if I'd come to the Juggalo Bar fund-raiser, which of course, was a spectacular event. I met a lot of people that already meant so much to me.

Again, life persisted and things came about, in which I could be introduced to our community (I feel I can now say "our"), all the while taking the opportunities I definitely couldn't pass. Burner Day in the Park, was spectacular, due to the fact that I asked if I was allowed to invite my blood family, which I was told "Of course, we'd love to have them.". They had a great day, and at the end they even had the chance to see the Fire Conclave record their submission to Burning Man (Congratulations! :D ).

Then the Juggalo Bar building was on. It was some serious work, but I enjoyed it, because I was doing it with my loved ones. No matter how hard the work ever was, I was able to spend time with my people doing something special, little did I know how special it truly would be.

The first night I was able to spend the night on the playa, Buck Wylde and Derrick (I'm sorry I don't know your last name) let me spin and dance with fire as my first experience. (Sorry, I will repay you in one way or another.) It was the greatest thing I had ever done.

My next night out was a week later, I believe, in which, I showed up as soon as I could for the build day, but most everything was done. I was a bit let down that I couldn't help put the roof up, but everyone just worked so hard that by the time I could get there all I could involve myself was the enjoyment of seeing the bar in most of it's glory. That night Tyler and myself decided to spend the night, a great night, may I add, on top of the bar, while the wind blew as hard as I had seen since earlier that day. In the morning I was able to pet a horse for the first time in my life amongt other terrific things (Sorry for waking you Todd Lava).

The next Wednesday, it was early entrance for Element 11, the preparation, of course. Some great parties went on... then I began to realize I'm about to see the main Castle Effigy burn... I became very emotional, and as the fire lit the fuel, I knew. I only helped where I was needed with the main structure, but I'm already in tears... It was more emotion than I could handle, a great prize for the great work of others. I waited... thinking of how much they had put into what they love. For others and themselves to enjoy, a spectacular reward. I wept for them, out of pride, of curiousity, and of joy.

My next true thought was when brother Joe said "Make sure we get Ike in there, because he's worked his a** off for this.", the next thing I know we're looking for Mom and Big Walt, and I don't know why, just that we're in a rush. I see a glimpse of Mom and I call, bringing them to Joe. He has a word with the group and tells me to follow them, in which I do. Joas, with two rangers and a few people walk up with fire staffs hollering "Top side's dipped!", or "Both sides are dipped!". My first thought is instant, ~dipped means... wait... FUEL! Why fuel?~ "Light up!", Joe says, handing out staffs, mine a two-side dipped, in fact.

I knew at that moment I had earned the right to help light THE Juggalo Bar, something that I worked every second on the playa for, anything in my power, I pushed to the brink, just to help make it a little bit me, as well as those that began the tradition of the bar.

I walked as carefully as I could, so as not to get too close to anyone with the flame. Being entranced, by the sudden dire urge, of responsibility, pride, and to do mine for everyone to enjoy. Walking up, I said a silent prayer of thanks. and softly tapped the ground where I felt the need. Watching the the white and diesel fuel ignite I see one of our staves tap a box, which became fireworks... while accidentally tapping my second dipped end against my shirt. I see a member of the Fire Conclave that I don't know, but recognize walking up and I hand him my staff, with only a loud "They're both dipped!" echoing through the air. Then I sit down, knowing the tears welling up inside.

The Juggalo Bar didn't have time to heat, before I began to weep. The most beautiful thing I had ever experienced was transcending into something that could never be put into words and I was able to see it. A sacrifice of too many things to count was being rewarded with the largest, hottest and most intense flame I had ever thought possible. I couldn't pull myself away, when Nick Posseli grabs me by my shoulders as I sit on the ground, cross legged, to tell me I helped make something beautiful for so many people, and I should be proud. And I was. I was filled with more pride than I had known. However, as I wept, again, I could no longer feel the tears touching my cheeks and Nick had backed away. I was too close for the rangers to be comfortable, and I began to slowly back away. No longer feeling the heat, I stood, watching, and the tears stopped. All that was left was a smile. The most honest grouping of muscles I'd ever felt, as I watched my first Juggalo Bar burn. The most spectacular thing I had ever seen, not to mention hot as all good golly...

That's my main memory of my E-11 experience, not to put anything else aside, because each thing that happened made it a wonderful virgin year for me, but that's when I experienced it all over again, as clear as crystal. Plus, a good friend I made that night told me that after asking why I began crying at the main burn that night, she too began to think of how she got to that moment. The entirety of the event was priceless.

Thank you and I love you.
~ Juggalo: Ike Wood ~Brandon Johansson~
Rainbow over Cosmic Recess
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
Just wanted to thank all those involved with the festival this year. It was a fantastic time! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Scott T.
[Photo: GentleAssassin]

For more breathtaking E11 photos by Gentle Assassin, check out his Facebook album!
This gal, Kari, kept forcing me to laugh smile and hug whenever I encountered her. Talk about an awesome way to help the vibe. There were a few other people demanding hugs as well. ~ John M.
Swingin' in the Rain
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
Back from the rabbit hole! I must say, I am in awe after meeting so many wonderful people...I fuckin love you guys! Way to show a virgin camp cock gal how to feel the love again xo. ~ Candie D.
[Photo: CL Turner]

I LOVED the lasers!!! They added so much to the festival! I loved sitting at camp, late Saturday night with my friends and just watching the sky:) Thank you Derek Dyer!

I also want to give big kiddos for the amount of portapotties and having them cleaned every day. That made a big difference! Thank you Cathi Nuttall Kennedy and the rest of the BOD. ~
Kameron H.
Best experience of my entire life. I am certain you will all see/hear more from me. I have NEVER seen myself as sexy as I really am before my first burn experience this past weekend; I never believed it. Hell, I never believed anything. There is something special about this phenomenon and I will definitely be volunteering and creating as much as possible to really give the community something back and show what I am truly capable of and was holding back for many years. I am sure you have all heard all this before, but believe me when I tell you that I believe now. Thank you to everyone who made my burn the most positive experience of my life. I will not name names now..... you all know who you are. ~ Adam B.
Flaming Bar @ Bat Country
[Photo: Natasha Tiffany]
So, here's a link to my sunrise set. It was played out at Bat Country on Sunday morning after the sunrise burn. Probably some of the most time I've spent looking for tracks and heard by the fewest people. Very slow, pretty sounds. Give it a listen if you'd like. ~ SynAesthetic
Bat Country bar dance
[Photo: Alissa LeVan]
To GoldiLocks so tall and fair.
Its your eyes I crave, not your hair!
Dance with me but once or twice,
I will share my smile-
With your shining light !
~ Jimmy C

Night lights
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]
Awesome weekend! So much fun! Thanks for making our first burn unforgettable! Xoxo ~ Laura J.
Snake Goddess, Alice Toler
[Photo: Shawn Vermillion]
I don't think I've had that much fun since my 14th summer on this planet. ~ Lori W.
Sunshine on the castle
[Photo: David Born]
I walked off, bounced around, stumbled thru some peoples camps, swam with cool people unlike the year before when I swam with sharks and stingrays on accident but the owners were really nice. And caught some really good views from every direction. I got hot then Hotter. I could not wear my get up because it was so not very cool outside. I smacked a beauties butt a little hard with a paddle. I saw a different dimention in the Lazer show Saturday night. I met really cool people and helped some of them to their sleepy spot. I loved It!
~ Ian C.
Castle Effigy & Labyrinth, Bobby Gittins & the Effigy Crew
[Photo: Rudy van Bree]

Check out the rest of Rudy's fabulous E11 photos on Flickr!
I would like to give special thanks to the Chatter box and Fernando Barrozo for playing my mix before the Castle burn SO that I could dance with my amazing wife Shaya Flow. Thank you. ~ EbenFlow
Fire dancers at the pre-burn show
[Photo: Ryan Humes]
I just want to thank the fire conclave for spinning to 'Dance Magic Dance' because it surely made my burn. ~ Hayley B.
Winged dancers at the pre-burn show
[Photo: Brian Palmer]
I feel inspired and recharged. I feel very loved and proud to belong to this community... It was amazing to see all of the micro-cultures that make up our larger culture and to see how they all mesh and interact. Thank you all for sharing your unique forms of self-expression this weekend, and for making this the best Element 11 I have ever attended. The essence of Burning Man is definitely present in our family, and that fills me with joy! ~ Jeff R.
Fire hoopers at the pre-burn show
[Photo: Katie Garrison]
It was my most favorite e-11 yet. Haven't missed a year! Thank you to all of you amazingly incredible talented loving souls. So good to see so many of you. Thank you to all my new friends. So much fun getting to know you.
It just gets better and better. .... And thank you to so many of you for the conversations, hugs, smiles and kisses. I love you! POLLY your smile made my night! Xo ~ Nanette D.
So much fun!
[Photo: Julia Morris]
Fireworks kick off the burn!
[Photo: Karen High]
This was my first burn and it was amazing! I can't wait to come back next year! (: ~ Lynden T.
Effigy in flames... a grand time!
[Photo: Julie Nelson]
We had a great time! Such an amazing event!! Thank you!
~ Arell O.
Thank you all for making this past weekend so absolutely amazing. Never have I felt so welcomed and loved. Each of you (individuals and tribes alike) renews my faith in humanity by the way you celebrate and embrace both life and each other. You constantly astound me and prove time and again that there's no place like home... There's no place like home... There's no place like home. Love you all. ~ Stan Clawson
I have a real problem with a certain aspect of how E11 was put together this year. Whatever IT is, it caused the event to go by way too fast. I really hope this is corrected next year, as it is unacceptable. ~ Fernando B.
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Wow! What a spectacular time...

While it’s sad to wash off the salty Seabase dust, planning for Element 11 2014 will start very, very soon… To get involved and make next year even more fabulous, keep a keen eye on the website,, and our Facebook page.

And, in parting, as awesome as Element 11 was this year, we know that every year has challenges - some things work well, some don't. To make next year better, we want to know what you think worked, what didn't, and suggestions for improvement. You can send your comments to Thanks!!

In the meantime, know you’re fabulous, you rocked it, and we love you!
Q3 Board of Directors Meeting & Community Meeting

The lights, the music, the lasers, the fire, the beautiful and inspiring art and community -- Element 11 has come and gone. Join with your Board of Directors as we review the festival, the highlights, what worked, what didn't, and ways to improve for next year. See you soon!

Can't make it in person? Call-in!!
Dial - (605) 475-4000
Enter Access Code - 1048608#
Utah Regional Decompression & 7th Bi-Annual Ogden Equinox Celebration

Right about the time, when the playa dust has settled & you’re yearning to gather together again with your burner community, its time to Decompress! Each fall, we work to recreate the fun, excitement, energy & emotion of being on-playa. Break out your dusty burning man coat & join us for art, great beats & lots of dancing!

We're mixing things up for Decompression this year... Fall Equinox + Decompression in one event. We're joining forces with the 7th Bi-Annual Ogden Equinox Celebration for a fabulous camp-out weekend at Fort Buenaventura State Park. Its a wonderful way to close the summer. Amazing local talent and chillin' in the river.

There will be over 30 bands and 20 DJs. Its a family-friendly event. Kids 12 and under and good dogs get in free. All dogs are required to have a tag with the owners name and cell number.
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