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The latest in Element 11 News


Wow! E11 is NEXT Week!

Time is flying by & believe it or not, its the final days just before Element 11! Such a hectic, fun, frantic time to finish up projects and get everything packed & ready (don't forget your sunscreen - its going to be HOT out there!). We have lots of good stuff in this issue for you to help with your final preparations & to help get you EVEN MORE EXCITED than you already are! We can't wait to see you all next week on our salty playa!

In this Issue:

Tickets! Did you get yours yet?

Important! Advance ticket sales STOP on 7/5; tickets will be available at the gate for $150 starting on 7/11. Tickets sold online between 7/3 - 7/5 will be held at Will Call rather than mailed.

We’re using printed tickets for Element 11 this year — it’s a souvenir and waiver all in one!

The cost is $90 per ticket. Tickets are now available on-line and in person until July 5th or until 1,200 tickets are sold, whichever is sooner.  Any remaining tickets will be sold at the gate (starting 7/11) for $150 cash.

The following people can be contacted for in-person ticket purchases:

  • Ogden to North Davis – Lindsey and Blue Hoffman (text or voicemail Blue at 801-710-7726) (text Lindsey at  435-770-1733 or facebook message, she works in Layton)
  • Davis – Anna Sierra (text 801-690-2886 or facebook message)
  • North Salt Lake City – Lisa Shaw (text 801-910-1514, facebook message, or lisashaw99 at gmail dot com)
  • The Avenues – Anne Simmons (text 414-708-1075, facebook message, or quickdrawannie at gmail dot com)
  • Sugar House – Alice Toler (text 801-573-1399 after May 10th)
  • Brickyard – Brandee Bee (text 801-473-5726)
  • West Valley – Hayley Baker (text or call 801-671-3015 M-F before 2 pm and after 5 pm or on weekends)
  • Mid Valley – Moe Spiva (text or call 801-347-8896)
  • Sandy / Draper – Kameron Hammond (text 801-243-6084)
  • Utah Valley – John Mendenhall (text 801-310-3557 or email 2mendy at gmail dot com)
  • Park City – Kevin Rapf (text 435-655-1610, Facebook message, or vermontkevin at mac dot com)
  • Conclave – Gypsy Aimee (Facebook message)


When are you arriving at E11?

Remember our gate, greeter, and box office are staffed by VOLUNTEERS! Trying to find a nice balance between accessibility for you to enter the festival and hours that volunteers are willing to work can sometimes be difficult. Please bear with us and adhere to the following gate hours:
  • 10 am to 10 pm Wednesday – Early arrivals for Theme Camp building ONLY!
  • 10 am to Noon Thursday - Early arrivals for Theme Camp building ONLY!
  • Noon - 10 pm Thursday - Gates open! WELCOME!!
  • 10 am - 10 pm Friday - Gates open
  • 10 am to 6 pm Saturday - Gates open

The gate will be closed and no one will be allowed into the festival after 6 pm on Saturday.

Exit and re-entry are highly discouraged at Element 11 to keep traffic reduced both at the gate and on the highways.  There is a re-entry fee of $5 per vehicle if you leave & return to the festival. Remember - if you do so, you must still have your wrist band on!

A little way to say "Thank You" to E11 Volunteers!

We will be collecting bar donations for the Volunteer Appreciation Party in the Center Camp INFO center throughout the festival (10am-10pm daily). Suggestions are vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, wine and beer (all kinds), as well as ANY mixers! Lets make sure this is an awesome party for all the awesome volunteers!

Then, be sure to attend our volunteer appreciation PARTY at Center Camp during the Festival - everyone is welcome. Saturday at 6 PM. Laminated volunteers get free drinks!!

Camping at E11

Most importantly: Tie your shit down!  You know those little wire stakes that come with your tent?  Leave them at home.  The soils at Element 11 are sandy*, so you need different stakes:  look for blade or scoop-like stakes, 12” long.  Or rebar (candy-cane the ends or protect them with a plastic bottle, beany baby, etc).  For tents, you can also store heavy things inside to keep it from blowing away, but warning, tents full of coolers have been seen tumbling across the playa.  

Do you have an Easy-Up (shade canopy) or carport?  You’ve REALLY got to anchor those suckers.  The best method is two-fold: First, “down-anchor” all legs with ropes that go to stakes near the leg-- this keeps the wind from picking the structure up.  Second, run lateral guy lines at a 45-degree angle from the tie-off point (top bar) of the structure.  This will keep the wind from twisting the structure around.  

NOTE: the strong winds that will blow your world up at Seabase come either from the south or the north-northwest.  Strong south winds in advance of an approaching cold front can blow hard all day, north winds tend to be shorter-lasting (as the storm front is passing) but can be very damaging.  If the wind is blowing sustained, it makes sense to roll up shade panels or do whatever else you can do to reduce the surface area the wind  is pushing on.  Strategically parking your car upwind of your structure and anchoring to the vehicle is also very effective, but be watching out for when the wind shifts!  You’ll want to move your car or make sure you’re equally anchored from the opposite direction.

If you’re not camping on sand at Seabase you’ll be camping on gravel, in which case those wire stakes definitely won’t work.  Rebar works well, though.

For more details, check out our Camping at Sebase FAQ page.

"Like" our Facebook Page

Stay connected by "Liking" the official page for Element 11, E11 events, and the E11 BOD.


The 2013 What Where When Guide is here! So many events, theme camps, art projects & effigies! There is information about the Labyrinth theme, the 10 Principles, sexual consent/BED, Leave No Trace, our Volunteers, and the E11 mission. As well as a map so you can figure out ideas for where you're camping. Its all here. Enjoy!!

2013 WWW Guide Part I
2013 WWW Guide Part II

Volunteer at E11!

We're still looking for volunteers to step up for a few remaining shifts. We need help both at the festival and next weekend (July 5-7) for "We Build This City" when we build the infrastructure for the festival.

Sign up process is simple. Click on the link below to open a shared Google spreadsheet.

1) Find the tabs at the bottom of the page and navigate to the tab for the group you're looking for (i.e. greeters, info center, setup WBTC, etc.). If you're using a pda or smartphone, the tabs are links at the top of the page.

2) There are many many tabs so you may need to scroll to the right to find yours. Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to navigate the tabs back and forth.

3) This is a publicly shared document. Please have the courtesy to only enter your name where there are spaces (i.e. number) and to not change the formatting, etc.


Bringing your Mutant Vehicle to E11?

Registration for Mutant Vehicles will be on-site at E11. Look for signs and/or ask the greeters for the location. You can always stop by the INFO Center as well.

Be sure to get your vehicle registered before cruising around! Remember as well, the speed limit is 5mph and drivers must be sober.

From the Green Tent

by Omega Fox

This year the Green Tent is asking you to bring a few extra garbage bags to donate at the Greeters’ Station to help us all keep E11 a 'Leave No Trace' Event. Simply present your extra garbage bags to your greeters and they will be placed in the “Take-Some Leave-Some” tote where our forgetful event participants will be able to come get a garbage bag or two as needed.

When you’re out shopping for E11 supplies see if you can find garbage bags in a few different colors to assist in the separation of your different kinds of waste. This will make it easier for you and your campmates to keep your burnable waste separate from any other kinds of waste. This will help ensure that you’ll have less waste to bring home to put in your own city-waste and city-recycling containers, and it will be so much easier for you and your campmates to deal with when you reach the end of the Labyrinth event. (Hint: Paper & wood are burnable. Plastic, tin & aluminum are recyclable. Wrappers, foil & filthy items are landfill. All food scraps other than meat & dairy are compostable.)

When you're out wandering the Labyrinth of the E11 playa this year please do bring a small trash bag or ziploc bag with you in your day pack. This way you can help us keep MOOP (matter out of place) off the playa throughout the whole event. Keeping the grounds completely clear of our MOOP is one thing thing our participants strive for every year and it really does take every one of us participating in Leaving No Trace for this to happen. Participate!

Thanks in advance for participating in Leaving No Trace! We look forward to thanking you in person for your garbage bag donations at the Greeters Station.

MOOP Patrol!

If you’ve never been to a “burn” before, you’ll notice that it’s different.  Instead of squads of people being paid to pick up other peoples’ trash, our “leave no trace” philosophy extends to picking up after yourself, but our “gifting” principle includes offering the gift of your time to pick up other peoples’ trash (or maybe yours that got away from you on that windy afternoon and is now 200 yards down-wind).  

You will notice pink buckets and trash pinchers stationed around Center Camp and a few other locations.  Here’s what you do with one:  take it, go roam around for a while and pinch MOOP, take said MOOP back to your camp and put it in your trash.  That’s your gift to the festival.

It’s also considered good form to return in the morning to the scene of a party you really enjoyed the previous night and pick up MOOP (and score the occasional piece of “useful MOOP”).  

Also, you don’t have to MOOP alone.  Take your friends.  Make performance art out of it.  When spontaneous creativity is the name of the game, the sky’s the limit.  Several years back E-11 was visited by the French Maid Brigade—who knows who or what will show up this year.

E11 on Park City TV!

Ranger Genius & Kari Larson recently sat down with Mountain Views host, Terry Burden, to discuss the upcoming Element 11 Festival (July 11-14, 2013) on Park City TV.

Check it out on YouTube!
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