Volume 03, Issue 06 - 2015.09.24

On it Goes!

Just when you thought things were wrapping up and slowing down... it doesn't! We've got so much going on right now it's crazy in the best of ways!

First & foremost is Decompression! Details below include all the stuff you need to know about that event, including the ever important - how to Volunteer. We also have BOD Nominations & 2016 Element 11 Theme Submissions open just until tomorrow. If you haven't gotten your submissions/nominations in, do it TODAY!

Also in this issue is a brief recap of Utah at Burning Man, a link to our 2015 Element 11 After-Burn Report, and some links to BOD documents that you may want to review.

Kari Larson and the Element 11 BOD


Utah Regional 2015 Decompression

Plan to join us, whether you attended Burning Man, Element 11, both, or wished you did! Decompression is going to have three stages, mutant vehicles, live music, art, activities, workshops, overnight camping, you can bring your kids, it won't break the bank, AND it's right around the corner!

  • When: October 10, 2015 @ 2pm to October 11, 2015 @ Noon
  • Where: Fort Buenaventura in Ogden
  • Why: Reconnect with those you met on the playa (either BRC or Stargazer), get inspired from all the creativity within the burner community here in Utah, & meet fellow Utah burners (especially for those of you who have never attended a regional event).
  • Who: Everyone! Families & kids are welcome!
  • How much: Pre-sale pricing is $25/$15/$0 for Adults (18+)/Teens (13-17)/Kids (12 & under). Pre-sale wristbands will be available at IconoCLAD (414 300 S, Salt Lake City) or online for a small fee. CASH ONLY Gate sale pricing (if available) is $40/$30/$0 for Adults (18+)/Teens (13-17)/Kids (12 & under).

Additional information on Facebook. Oh, and the 2016 Element 11 Theme will be revealed! As well, the 2015 Element 11 video will be premiered! See you there!

Decompression Volunteer Sign-up

Want to get the most out of Decomp? Volunteering is the way! Meet fun new people & help us make this event a reality! There are shifts for gate & box office, greeters, kids camp crew, medical, MOOP sweepers, Rangers, and set-up & tear-down. Check out what shifts work best for you & sign-up here!


BOD Nominations Close 9/25/15

We Want YOU (or someone you know) to join our team of E11 Board Members. Submit suggestions for people you think would be qualified to be on the BOD. We’re looking for incredible individuals who will make a great addition to the E11 Team. People who love the community and the Element 11 Arts Festival. We are looking for people to lead or join the following departments: SMERC (Security, Medical, Emergency, Rangers), Volunteers, Arts, EPW (Elemental Public Works) & Communications (Graphic Design skills a plus!). Submit your nominations here:…/board-o…/nominations-for-the-bod/

Element 11 2016 Theme Submissions Close 9/25/15

It is time for you to submit your Theme suggestions for Element 11, 2016! It sets the mood, builds our anticipation, creates a stage for the art. Every year we wipe our desert canvas clean, leaving only a frame on which all of us paint, record, live and then leave empty. So much pivots around a simple idea…what is yours? What will it become? How will it grow and be remembered?

There is only one way to discover that answer…

Please complete the form on our website today!


  • We will take these as seriously as you do
  • Please look at previous year’s Themes…we’re looking for new ideas
  • Describe your Theme!
  • And, please…”Renewal”, “Rebirth”, etc…really?
Previous Element 11 Themes
  • 2015: Under the Stars
  • 2014: Into the Wild!
  • 2013: Labyrinth
  • 2012: Ascension
  • 2011: Year 10 – All or Nothing
  • 2010: BizarrE BAzzar
  • 2009: Transformation
  • 2008: Eclectic
  • 2007: The Emerald City
  • 2006: The Wasteland
  • 2005: NeverLand
  • 2004: CandyLand
  • 2003: Alice’s Adventures in Scuba Land

Utah Represents at Burning Man

Lamplighters at The Carnival of Mirrors, Photo Credit: Tom McWhorter

As a region, we all should be super proud of how Utah brought it to Burning Man this year! There was so much participation going on it was ridiculous! It's truly wonderful to see and hear of Utahns getting involved in so many ways out there. Not only being simply fabulous participants, but really getting involved in the hard jobs & behind the scenes things that make Burning Man possible.

Utah was represented in all of the following ways (and probably more!): Rangers, Ranger Fluffers, Department of Public Works, DPW Fluffers, Center Camp Artists, Art Cars, Theme Camps, Gate Perimeter & Exodus, DJs, Lamplighters, & Temple Guardians. Wow! Volunteering at Burning Man really takes the experience to a whole new level and is a ton of fun!

If you haven't yet volunteered out there, perhaps check it out next year! It's super easy to get involved in a variety of ways. Check out Burning Man's volunteer page for details.

Element 11 2015 After-Burn Report

North-end of our City, Photo Credit: Bradley Gunnuscio

Wow! We are so impressed by this fantastic community and all that Element 11 2015 encompassed. Among so many things, it was FUN! It was cathartic. It was hard work by countless volunteers, artists, and theme camps. It was healing. It was inspiring! We, as a community, did it!!

The locations and vistas were majestic. The theme/sound camps brought it hard – our esplanade was better than ever before and camps inside the city were an oasis of delights. The art was incredible. And to top it off, all of you were simply fabulous! There were exclamations of excitement throughout the event as wonders were discovered and friendships made or strengthened. Newbies and veterans alike commented all over Facebook post-festival about how thrilling Element 11 was for them this year.

This is (we are) an amazing community. “Community” really is what it’s all about and is what makes all of this possible. It’s the bonds we make out there in the desert working and playing together. Stargazer Ranch was a blessing to find and a pleasure to work with, as was Box Elder County, Fire Department, and Sherriff. And the volunteers totally rocked it – we can’t even begin to express our appreciation for all of you.

We came into this year as a community recovering from tragedy with a focus of watching out for each other, “Keeping it Classy”, and “More Art, Less Party”. Overall we did a great job. Festival participants really did bring their “A-game” this year and it was so appreciated. Let’s continue to keep these things in mind going forward and continue to develop a beautiful festival with more and more art!

All in all, a magical place in time was created this year. Thank you all who were a part of it!

This report encompasses just a few of the highlights and observations from each of the different functional teams who worked together to organize the festival as well includes feedback received from the community at the Town Hall in August 2015.

Click here to read the entire After-Burn Report.

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