Volume 01, Issue 08 - 2013.10.17

It's Fall Already?

Where oh where did the summer go? In a flurry of hot days and fun festivals apparently. We're excited to bring you the latest issue of The Salt Shaker. And, yes, we're still here! Perhaps we took the decompressing thing a little too seriously for a little too long... But, we're back! Even with a new look - one column now & bigger pictures - yay!

This issues is chock-full of fun things for you to discover within! Stories of Utah representing at Burning Man this year - completely awesome, of course! Important details about the 2014 Element 11 theme nomination process, upcoming BOD elections, and of course a recap of Decompression. A huge thank you to each of the contributing writers for this issue. Couldn't have done it without you.

First, a quick update on BOD activities...

Beyond working hard on a fabulous Decompression + Fall Equinox event, the BOD has been actively working behind the scenes to get the ball rolling for 2014.

Some exciting evolutions are happening. We've started meeting monthly for BOD work sessions, we're reorganizing a little to better balance responsibilities among the board members, we've re-thought the format of our Quarterly Community Meetings (more social, less meeting, more open forum for discussion & ideas), and we're working with our Burning Man Regional Contact, Bobby Gittins, with some ideas to further encourage community feedback & communication.

The BOD looks forward to sharing details of these things & more at the upcoming Town Hall Social (previously known as Quarterly Community Meetings) on December 1, 2013 at 4pm. Utah Arts Alliance, 663 West 100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. See you there!

And, now for the fun. Enjoy!

Decompression + Fall Equinox

~ By Pamela Stevens (Ranger Honey)

We did things a little different this year for DeCompression. Element 11 joined forces with the 7th Bi-Annual Ogden Equinox Celebration for a fabulous camp-out weekend at Fort Buenaventura State Park. The OgdenFamDam has been throwing Equinox Celebrations at the Fort since Spring 2010. They started with about 150 people at a Winter Solstice celebration in December of 2009 and it has grown organically from there. This fall at the Decomp Fall Equinox event there were estimated to be over 800 people.

There were 30 live bands on a professional sound stage and about 8-10 liver bands on a smaller stage in the EQ Eatery and we had two DJ stages nestled in the beautiful trees and meadows of the Fort. There have been a few burners who have been supportive through the years and helped this wonderful, all-ages and affordable decompression happen to further bring together the communities of Salt Lake City and Ogden including Anne Simmons, Micky Baker, Chef Daddy, The Willis', AntiM, MyLarry, Dean Quada and so many more. Other organizers such as our sound guy and Carrie and Rick Gerber attend our events are music festival organizer and have give great support. Dana has run the hospitality bar for years and never misses a beat.

Volunteers working together from both Element 11 and the OgdenFamDam pulled together to produce an amazing event. It had a good mixture of burning man philosophies and Odgen charm. Walking through the event you would see all happy people, happy kids frolicking, talented-usually-paid musicians thanking us for letting them play for free….so much joy. I am happy with what we have been able to accomplish the last four years. We keep our event private, even though we are big enough to be public or a money making machine…we don’t want that…we want our friends there, enthusiastic people, no worries, self-regulated crowds, egos- out of the loop….some people don’t “get it’ but after their first visit they get it and come back bringing gifts and art to share.

Happy kids at Decompression on Chef Daddy's art car, The Jody.
[Photo: OnlyInOgden]

A bit about the venue space—historically one of the first if not the first trader station in Utah on the Ogden river. Wonderful ancient trees, flowing rivers and ponds full of life- grass and yet close access to the Front Runner and city amenities. We have running water and toilets and showers. Or as Ranger Luscious said, “Wow, you are the opposite of Burning Man.” Yes, we have water and green life. The County and City has always been supportive and we have never had problems with the Ogden PC. Weber Co. loves us and stays for the entire event and helps us as much as possible. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see art cars rolling through our beautiful venue this year. Having the rangers there---amazing, super great team to work with and I dusted off my khaki for the occasion….and yes, I still love rangering. I could go on forever.


~ by Forrest Millheim

At Burning Man 2012, as the crew of The Secret of the Bees stood before Her Majesty in all her splendor on the playa, “Hey guys, what do you think about the Delicate Arch for next year’s project?” was the first mention of it, uttered by Robin Alexandra, Utah CORE’s 2013 Art Lead to-be. Four months later, plans were well underway for the PsycheDelicate Arch, Utah’s 2013 CORE Project!

The PsycheDelicate Arch at Night
[Photo: Neil Girling]

As we all know, Burning Man welcomes art from around the globe. Some of it burns on the playa, most of it doesn’t. In 2011 Burning Man instituted the Circle Of Regional Effigies project (C.O.R.E.), where they invite several regions from all over the world to bring a burn effigy to the playa for a coordinated multi-burn on Thursday night of the event. CORE 2013 brought projects from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. After careful and thorough plans were coupled with a detailed application, Utah was honored to be invited as one of the 24 regions to participate in this grand Black Rock City tradition.

Several outstanding individuals stepped up to lead the charge in putting the PsycheDelicate Arch together. Matt Hogue led a fantastic team of builders, do-ers, movers and shakers to construct, transport, erect, and BURN an amazing installation; as Robin did a wonderful job preserving the vision that so beautifully represents one of Utah’s most amazing and well-recognized natural landmarks. And Utah’s community of burners showed up in droves, and in style! By the time fourteen brave souls took the project out to Black Rock City prior to the event, almost 80 smiling people, adults and children alike, had gifted some effort to the Arch, be it framing, fundraising, donating, driving, building, promoting, photographing, lifting, moving, “angel-ing”, of course papier mache, and everything in between. With this project, Utah really got to demonstrate what happens with some expression, participation, and communal effort in action!

The Arch was extremely well received at Burning Man. The lounge and observation deck provided participants with a fantastic view of the open playa from 20 feet high, with the Man only 680 feet away. Thousands of people loved and enjoyed the piece. One of many special moments there was on Wednesday evening, when a Utah same-sex couple did something they could never do in our Utah “default world” and exchanged weddings vows in the portal of the Arch. The Tour de CORE, an art walk of CORE effigies where we got to welcome visitors and mingle with our neighbors in our CORE circle (Reno, Idaho, the Netherlands, China & Taiwan, and Sacramento), was a great time on Monday night of the event. On Wednesday night, the Arch hosted her final party in a grand sendoff celebration with hundreds of people in attendance.

Perimeter and Burn Safety Team prep the Arch
[Photo: Stan Clawson]

Thursday night it was time to set her ablaze. Our perimeter and burn safety team members showed up and performed in fine order. Thousands of Black Rock City citizens came out to see the burn, including Utah’s own Jellyfish from the year 12,000 and her newly hatched youngsters Spider Jelly and Jelly Roll, as well as several other fabulous mutant vehicles such as the Pilot Fish, and a classic BRC favorite, El Pulpo Mechanico! The fire was the hottest and brightest burn of all the CORE projects and brought smiles to thousands of faces in a moment that will never be forgotten.

As we re-adjust to being home in Utah and we all take our moments to reflect on our experiences on and off the playa and in our amazing community this past year, it is with a smile on my heart that I take this opportunity to say what an honor it has been to serve as your Project Lead for this grand conjuration. I am filled with joy at the confidence and faith placed in me to allow me to give to our community in this way. It is something I carry with the utmost respect. Tears of bliss flood my eyes as I think of the friendships formed and strengthened and the bonds of community nurtured and inspired by this project.

And just as CORE 2012 paved the way for 2013, the PsycheDelicate Arch has kept lit the fire that burns within us all to carry Utah CORE into a bright and blazing hot future.

PsycheDelicate Arch during the CORE Burn 2013
[Photo: Michael Holden]

Utah Fire Conclave

~ by Gypse Aimee

2013 Utah Fire Conclave
[Photo: John Mendenhall]

It was an amazing journey to the Great Circle this year for the Conclave! From auditions to practices to taping to the E-11 performance (hope everyone enjoyed it!) to being a performer on the playa... it was a dynamic ride!!! The Tribe converged to create the show for our regional and in the process we created our Fire Tribe camp that carried over to Burning Man as a 100 person impromptu Theme Camp with great success!!! On-Playa we had a performance on Tuesday night at the Fire Conclave Convergence Stage and then the Great Circle. A lot of our community came out to support the Tribe! We had an Outstanding show and night together!!!

[Photo: Dan Marsh]

"The Fire Conclave experience is the only reason I went to burning man. I felt if they were in then I would be as well. It was fun and unique to be part of a team with the Utah crew. I actually only knew part of the group with them being much younger. I am happy to now have new Utah fire spinning friends." ~ Dan Marsh

"It was truly amazing prepping, going, and being at the burn with my fire family." ~ Julian Roberts

"It was an amazing experience. All of the effort from the Conclave was the reason I had this opportunity. Going out early and seeing the city rise and grow was astonishing. It was the most impactful performance of my life. The playa stage surrounded by such wonderful friends and the family I had built all of this with over the summer, felt like nothing less than Home." ~ TaCara De Tevis, as a virgin burner

Be sure to check out the video of the conclave in the 2013 Great Circle

Utah Rangers

~ by John Mendenhall

There were 15 folks from Utah who served as Black Rock Rangers this year. We took on roles like Dirt Ranger, Green Dot, Perimeter, HQ, Mentor, Intercept, and more. Three of these passed their mentoring and became new Black Rock Rangers this year: Wendy Christensen (Snowhawk), Andrew Latta (Pancake), and Wynn John (Rollover). Additionally, three Element-11 Rangers served at Burning Man in non-Ranger roles, such as CORE perimeter and Fire Conclave. Kudos to fantastic Rangers for jobs well done.
New Utah Rangers - Snowhawk, Rollover & Pancake!
[Photos: John Mendenhall]

3 Things: The Collected Wisdom of Burners at Burning Man 2013

~ by Paul Duane

Imagine that I handed you a microphone; when you speak into it, the whole world can understand and hear you at the same time. You can make 3 statements. What would you say?

I posed this question to people I met at Burning Man 2013.

Click here to see the rest of their answers.


Black Rock Brewery

~ by Anne Simmons

QuickDraw Annie's Black Rock Brewery was luckily located near the 3:00 ice plaza in the Black Rock French Quarter this year so it was easy for more local burners to stop by for our tastings.  In fact, this large Utah contingency nearly took over Tuesday's tasting and enjoyed over 20 different home brews.  We get more and more different varieties as the week progresses and we also have a judging.  Five of the brews came from Utah and we're looking for more local home brewers to participate with our camp next year.  Mmm, beer....

Brewery Visitors
[Photo: Karen Taylor Johnson]

Burn'em and Bailey's

~ by Gillian Rawcliffe

[Photo: Burn'em and Bailey's]

Burn’em and Bailey’s made her first appearance at Burning Man this year and she loved it! A smaller art car, Burn’em and Bailey’s has a capacity of about 12+. Our camp of freaks and geeks spent months lovingly adorning her with various golden, upcycled jenk. We got a great response from the DMV and our playa family, and had an all around badass burn!
A little video compilation of her virgin voyage: 
And more photos:


~ by Fernando Barrozo
Every year after Burning Man, Doug and I would discuss the possibility of getting an art car. About 3 years ago, we went ahead and bought a golf cart in the middle of December, parked it in our garage, and began the thinking process. After going through many ideas we kept going back to the chattering teeth windup toy concept as we had never seen it at Burning Man and because we thought it would be awesome to see a giant set of teeth cruising by on the Playa.  Once the idea was in place, we submitted it to Burning Man and received an invitation to bring it to the on-playa inspection. Receiving that invitation was the first time we felt the gratifying feeling of having an art car. Well, now we had to actually build it.

Doug and I had absolutely no skills, only a golf cart and a concept. We began by creating a mockup of it which allowed us to visualize how it could be done.  That’s when my brother Mauricio came in and introduced us to a friend of his who had all the skills to make our project come to life. After about 4 months of not knowing if it could be done in time or not, we got a call from the builder the day before we left to Burning Man 2011  letting us know it was done.

Chatterbox mockup
[Photo: Chatterbox archives]

We were so excited to be able to bring our own art car to the playa, but a little apprehensive as we didn’t know if people were going to like it or not.  Well, we got our answer the first night we took it out on our way to get our night license.  We were being stopped every few minutes, sometimes seconds, by people with big smiles on their faces, with all kinds of questions and compliments.  The reaction we got was overwhelmly positive and that made us extremely happy. 

This was Chatterbox's third year on the Playa, and although having an art car can be a bit of a headache and a financial burden at times, the joy we seem to bring to others ultimately reflects back to us and makes it all worth it.

[Photo: Dollface Photography]

Cosmic Recess

by Forrest Millheim
Cosmic Recess was in fine fashion on the playa this year. 2013 marked CR’s ninth year at Burning Man with seven of those years being on the Esplanade. Cosmic got to hold the corner of 3:30, making 2013 the 6th year CR has held an Esplanade corner!

As most of us know, Cosmic Recess is a playground with an outer space theme where participation and interactivity reign. Our camp this year included the Mood Swings, Whore Shoes, the Hoop Lodge Tipi (returning for its 16th consecutive year) and of course the Fuck Shit Stack, a 24 foot lit up tower with multiple observation platforms and a slide coming off one side. Barbitar also graced us with her presence once again, forever gifting words of wisdom and love to passersby on the Esplanade.

Wednesday on the playa brought some proper fun. Our Utah Burner Margarita Party was a blast as we welcomed burners from dozens of different Utah camps for some music and libations. And we had been challenged to a game of kickball by Hippocampus, a camp mostly based out of Minnesota. The game ensued in the Open Playa in front of camp and, needless to say, we represented Utah Burners well with a strong victory!

Margarita Party & Romance
[Photo: Jon Collard]

Cosmic Recess’s spirit of fun and play, coupled with our commitment to the Ten Principles and being a no-drama camp, made it a complete success yet again. Even with the largest our camp has ever been with over 60 members, we still got a green rating on the MOOP map again and we are very proud of how well everything went. It was an honor and a privilege to see so many smiling friendly faces from Utah and elsewhere come to pay us a visit. We cherish the bonds and ties we have the rest of our Utah Community and we look forward to carrying on that tradition of fun and playful shenanigans for years to come!

Safety Third!

Dusty Cobra

~ by Mary Hennessey & Kevin Rapf

[Photo: I Must Be Dead Photography]

The Dusty Cobra Art Car came about from the collaboration of the members of the United Camps of Black Rock(UCBR), a group of hooligans from all over the country (mostly Utah and Truckee, CA). Steve Shelby headed the build from his home in Truckee using his old Dodge RV as the canvas for the Cobra. Steve has been to Burning Man several times and has built art bikes in the past but with the union of camps that created UCBR he was motivated and well equipped with the support of the campmates. Some ideas were tossed around but Steve rattled his brain for a new, never seen before art car idea, thus the Dusty Cobra was born!

Campmates from Utah and Truckee worked to get Steve the resources that were needed; whether it was funds, filling out the pesky application for the BMORG, or finding sound for the car, the group of burners made it happen - and with style I might add! The Cobra showed up on playa bigger and better than anyone was imagining. The amazing metal fabrication was the outline for the snake, then covered with fabric that really gave the Dusty Cobra its true name was showcased. The detailed head with laser projector offered a few intimate seats. Inside the snake is a dust-free cozy lounge area, equipped with air conditioning and many, many pillows. Up top is the outdoor platform which is clutch for burn nights! Out the back hangs the 14 foot tail which really makes the snake look like it slithers around the dusty desert.

While on the playa the Dusty Cobra was well received; so many burners ran to jump on the snake while it was slithering around. It was a place to seek refuge during hot dusty days, and a chill place to hang out at night. The Cobra longingly awaits the next burn and will be adorned with more sound along with other upgrades. Thank you to everyone who gave their support and enjoyed the Dusty Cobra. And a big thank you to Steve Shelby for making dreams come true! Congrats to you and Charity on the arrival of your son, whenever he shows up! Love to all the burner communities around the world, you sure do make life grand! See you all next year!


~ by Rory Kalmar

[Photo: Rory Kalmar]

Marl Kologne and Johnny Spartan have spent quite a bit of time working on Mew. What is that? The Mew is a time traveling ship that distorts space and time, and she ends up back at Cargo Cult 2013 after Johnny Spartan brought her back from 2037. On the dash there are strange communication contraptions from every era (including a phone with a cord). The hull of the ship serves as storage, and the top of the ship is for passengers only. Fits about 18 people. It was a great ship to steal for a honeymoon cruise too!

The rest of it is Christ Punch, which Christ Punchers served at our bar on 6:40 and Holy, along with pickle-backs, songs, stories, confessions and a slew of other ways to connect with the burning community.

Spirit Temple at Sacred Spaces

~ by Omni Light

[Photo: Omni Light]

This year at the burn I was given the opportunity to create the Spirit Temple at Sacred Spaces Village. It was such a beautiful project to create. The community ultimately created this space with donations of pictures fabrics and crystals. Shiva was honored in the temple, as well as Ganesha. I created an altar with silent mantras constantly singing under it, as well as worked with the chakra system as the color scheme. Art work was hung around the whole temple and pillows were put out that matched the color scheme and a giant mirror lotus flower that was put in the middle. This was the year I became a burner after going three years. To see the community effected by it brought me to tears of joy. I now understand what Burning Man is about and that is you. <3

[Photo: Omni Light]

The Amazing Jellyfish From The Year 12000

~ by Jared Gallardo & Jodi Mardesich

[Photo: Jared Gallardo]

The Amazing Jellyfish From The Year 12000 returned this year to Black Rock City with substantial upgrades to its audio system (now over 7000 watts with four 18" sub drivers) and lighting systems (now 24-bit color), and, for the first time, with relatives: two new mutant jellyfish vehicles from the future. The Spider Jelly is, as the name suggests, a hybrid of a spider and a jellyfish, featuring lighting that wirelessly syncs to the brain on Jelly One, and a 2800-watt sound system, also linkable to Jelly One. The Jelly Roll is the baby of the bunch, and has been custom-built as an accessibility vehicle, allowing hands-only operation.

The Jellyfish crew shared a serendipitous moment on playa... The Jellyfish From The Year 12000 happened upon a couple who had invited the Billion Jelly Bloom to participate in their commitment ceremony. The Jellyfish played the couple's requests and it was a beautiful moment for all.

Sharing the love as Jelly music booms and the Billion Jelly Bloom dance in joy.
[Photo: Jodi Mardesich]

The Scorpion

~ by Kristen Ulmer

[Photo: Kristen Ulmer]

The Scorpion was a champ this year. We had her out every night, the flame effects were tripled in size since E11 2012. She was oozy, scary, and we managed not to run over anyone despite extending her arms to 45 feet some times (one of the crane operators said we were by far the widest art car out there.) Had only a few minor problems, the biggest one took 3 hours to solve, we also had a flat tire on the semi truck on the way home but somehow manifested a tire repair center not 400 feet from where we discovered the problem. We're home now, unpacked and can't believe we have to wait a whole year to go back. The Scorpion will return at least one more year too, make a note. After that, not sure what's next?


2014 Element 11 Theme

Can you believe it? It’s time to start thinking about the Element 11 2014 theme!!

Do you have an idea? Tell us about it! Submit your ideas via our website,, by November 3, 2013, 10pm.
What constitutes a good theme:
  1. It should be simple – get the idea across in 3 words or fewer.
  2. It should be big - you should be able to interpret it in a million different ways.
  3. It should be immediate - it should be something that everyone has had a chance to encounter in their lives in some form or another.
  4. It should be complex enough to be worthy of further scrutiny.
  5. It should be emotionally broad - there should not be a single emotion more associated with it than any other.
A good theme will inspire someone who is in any part of their life journey, whether they are experiencing joy or pain. It should neither deny chaos nor put it on a pedestal.

Previous Element 11 themes can give a general idea of what we’re looking for:

2013: Labyrinth

2012: Ascension
2011: Year 10 – All or Nothing
2010: BizarrE BAzzar
2009: Transformation
2008: Eclectic
2007: The Emerald City
2006: The Wasteland
2005: NeverLand
2004: CandyLand
2003: Alice’s Adventures in Scuba Land

We will choose the submissions that best meet the above criteria and ask everyone to vote for their favorite theme from November 15 – 30, 2013.
Let’s have some fun with this!!

E11 BOD Elections

Board of Director nominations are OPEN!

Process to nominate an individual for the Board of Directors of Element 11, Inc.:

  • Talk to the person you want to nominate and ask them if they’re interested in serving on the Element 11 BOD.
  • If the individual is interested, submit your nomination by sending an email to no later than November 3, 2013.
  • In your email you must include 3 things: Name of the individual, Phone number and Email of the individual, & Specific reasons why you’re nominating that person for consideration.
  • Any individual with at least 2 nominations will be contacted to schedule a conference call. In the call, nominees will receive information and instructions about the election process.
  • All nominees will be required to complete Nominee Questionnaire outlining that person’s plans and vision related to their involvement with the BOD by November 9, 2013.
  • Between November 10-17, each nominee will interview with the BOD.
  • Elections will be held on December 01, 2013 at the Board of Directors 4th Quarter Meeting.
You can view the LETTER OF COMMITMENT that each board member signs when they are elected.

2013 Element 11 Stories & Photos

At the end of July, we sent you a scrapbook newsletter of sorts, sharing the stories, photos & videos of E11 participants.

We have more to share!

"This year was my first time at the E11 festival.  It seemed to me after previous trips to Burning Man that one can blend into the background.  At Element 11, having fewer people allows those that are there to participate and not just 'watch'.  It is great to have somewhere that, for a short time one can set aside normal life and be a bit more expressive. 
I brought my bagpipes and other folk instruments with me this trip and found people very supportive.  Although I am not the best piper out there, I was at my best for this event and my joy (if not my skill) seemed apparent and the people that heard me play gave me great encouragement and support.
I will surely be back next year!  Thanks Again" ~ RCD

And, amazing photos from Giusca:

Didn't yet get your E11 story, photo, video, etc into The Salt Shaker? Or did we miss including your Burning Man project? No worries! We'll be happy to include it in the next issue. Send your submissions to:
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