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Less than 30 Days until Element 11!

Wow! Its hard to believe that in just a few weeks we'll be out at Seabase together, setting up our camps, dancing under the stars, appreciating all the things & those people who make up our great community. This year's festival is really going to be off the hook! There are 20 registered theme & sound camps and over 18 funded art projects - Awesome! The creativity of our community is so inspiring. There is still so much to be done in the frantic scramble these last few weeks before the gates open. Art projects & effigies to finish, our festival city to be built, organizing, packing, beer drinking... whew! Its a whirlwind & we need your help to make it all happen! Read below to find out just how you can help.

In this Issue:

Let Our Community Be the Wind that Carries Us!

by Ben Dodds

The Effigy - heart of the burn - is a symbol prized for being created lovingly, with attention to detail, thought, creativity, and effort, and which is revered for just a few days before setting alive new beginnings in the act of becoming a powerful analogy.

It’s recognition by a community of people sharing in the essence of our humanity, of our knowledge and self-awareness that our lives are temporary and precious and which have meaning because of - not in spite of - the temporary.

Being surrounded by a community of people who are, consciously or unconsciously, participating in the nurturing of, in the celebration of their brothers’ and sisters’ spirits in the ceremonial and poetic act of setting ablaze the past and recognizing that it is time to look ahead and to living as our best selves into the endlessly unfurling future, is the source of The Effigy’s power and significance.
Build-Master, Bobby Gittins, has been attending E11 since 2002. In 2006, he was invited to lend his woodworking talents to constructing more complex, creative, and sound effigies, a true labor of love he takes great pride in. Having seen the E11 community grow and become the envy of Burn communities the world over is something he attributes to Utah’s tight knit family values-oriented society. In some ways, he says, the Salt Lake City scene, though much smaller, is like the early days of the San Francisco Burn scene.
Volunteerism has skyrocketed. The Effigy Build Night used to see an average of eight to 10 volunteers. This year, they’ve been seeing between 30 and 50 people come to lend a hand.

“The community effort to build an incredible Effigy,” says Bobby, “that will be enjoyed for just a few days is so important for so many people. I’ve seen people leave ashes of loved ones, wedding dresses, a school desk, boxes of files and so many things to burn with our temple and Effigy. It’s a big lesson in temporary. The Burn signifies that chance to start fresh. It brings up a whole range of emotions in people.”
Bobby would like to recognize the talent and devotion of his core co-build team, Nick Poselli, Tyler Gittins, Joe Russo, Zach Gittins, Walter Brady, and, of course, his family who have devoted seven years of their lives to the project.
If you are interested in volunteering on the Effigy Build Project check out their Facebook page or contact Bobby Gittins, 801.783.6875.

Tickets are going FAST!

If you haven't done so already, get your ticket NOW!

We’re using printed tickets for Element 11 this year — it’s a souvenir and waiver all in one!

The cost is $90 per ticket. Tickets are now available on-line and in person until July 5th or until 1,200 tickets are sold, whichever is sooner.  Any remaining tickets will be sold at the gate for $150 cash.

The following people can be contacted for in-person ticket purchases:

  • Ogden to North Davis – Lindsey and Blue Hoffman (text or voicemail Blue at 801-710-7726) (text Lindsey at  435-770-1733 or facebook message, she works in Layton)
  • Davis – Anna Sierra (text 801-690-2886 or facebook message)
  • North Salt Lake City – Lisa Shaw (text 801-910-1514, facebook message, or lisashaw99 at gmail dot com)
  • The Avenues – Anne Simmons (text 414-708-1075, facebook message, or quickdrawannie at gmail dot com)
  • Sugar House – Alice Toler (text 801-573-1399 after May 10th)
  • Brickyard – Brandee Bee (text 801-473-5726)
  • West Valley – Hayley Baker (text or call 801-671-3015 M-F before 2 pm and after 5 pm or on weekends)
  • Mid Valley – Moe Spiva (text or call 801-347-8896)
  • Sandy / Draper – Kameron Hammond (text 801-243-6084)
  • Utah Valley – John Mendenhall (text 801-310-3557 or email 2mendy at gmail dot com)
  • Park City – Kevin Rapf (text 435-655-1610, Facebook message, or vermontkevin at mac dot com)
  • Conclave – Gypsy Aimee (Facebook message)


We're in the News!

Element 11 board members, Kameron Hamond and Kari Larson sat down with City Weekly. Check out the article here!

E11 Volunteer Signup has Begun!

E11 is possible because of people just like YOU! Get signed up for the shifts you want before all the good slots are taken!

Sign up process is same as last year. Click here to open a shared Google spreadsheet.

1) Find the tabs at the bottom of the page and navigate to the tab for the group you're looking for (i.e. greeters, info center, setup WBTC, etc.). If you're using a pda or smartphone, I've noticed the tabs are links at the top of the page, but it DOES work on smartphones.

2) There are many many tabs so you may need to scroll to the right to find yours. Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to navigate the tabs back and forth.

3) This is a publicly shared document. Please have the courtesy to only enter your name where there are spaces (i.e. number) and to not change the formatting, etc. Thanks!

Thank you for volunteering!!!!! Make sure you plan on attending our volunteer appreciation PARTY at Center Camp during the Festival - everyone is welcome. Saturday at 6 PM. Laminated volunteers get free drinks!!

Help the Rangers!

The Element 11 Rangers are holding a fundraiser to better help the Rangers help the community they love. We’ve acquired 33 shemaghs (also known as a Keffiyeh in the Rangers very own desert tan color. We’ve taken them a step further and screen printed them with the Ranger logo and “Our Favorite Elitist Clique” underneath. We’re offering these for community participants for a donation of $20.

So why do the Rangers need your hard earned cash? We want to better the Ranger corps for E11 and bring out Black Rock Rangers from out of state to help mentor and further train our own local Rangers with the methods and experience gained by this talented bunch. Your donations would primarily be going to offset the cost for these out of state Rangers to attend E11 in exchange for their experience, wisdom, and event help. This means we’ll have more and better trained Rangers on our little playa this and years to come. Our secondary goal is to be able to provide financial assistance for local E11 Rangers that may need it.

This year we’re really trying to step it up to recruit and get people involved in the inner workings of Element 11. If you’re interested in becoming a Ranger we have a Facebook group called Element 11 Ranger Family. Join and we have ALL the details you’ll need to get involved in the Element 11 Rangers.

So how do you get a shemagh and support the Element 11 Rangers? Contact a Ranger! We’ll be at community events between now and Element 11. Or email the rangers at Element11rangers [at], as we’d prefer not to detract from other fundraisers by setting up shop we are using word of mouth, Facebook and the Salt Shaker! We can also strategically place them across the valley to make it easier to get your hands on them. We look forward to serving the community this year and would LOVE your participation and help!

Ranger Boy Wonder

Planning to Attend E11 this Year?

We've got a new policy about photography, media & participants. If you're attending E11 - this applies to YOU!

Read it.

Rights & Responsibilities for Media & Participants

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