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Volunteers Vitalized!

The Utah Arts Alliance was alive on Saturday, April 27, 2013 with a throng of people ready and excited to volunteer their efforts and talents for the upcoming 2013 E11 festival. The new volunteers included people from a wide age spectrum and from many walks of life, visibly enthusiastic to become a part of something they value – a celebration of nonconformity, creativity, good will, and pure joy on the Seabase Playa. 

All volunteers started their day by watching an orientation video. If you haven't seen it or just want to see it again, check it out on YouTube! What a fantastic way to start the day & get people excited to participate! A HUGE thanks to Stan Clawson, Tyler Smith & all who were involved in making this production. We and all the volunteers who saw it just love it! There were many people throughout the day who watched it again & again.

By the days’ end, more than 150 new volunteers were registered and enjoying conversation, good food, nice beats, and livened with anticipation. Also noteworthy was the pre-sell ticket number of 153 sold. So, it would be advisable to not delay in getting yours!
The event concluded with a volunteer awards ceremony and the following results from a panel of 15 judges:
  • Rookie Volunteer: Buck Wylde
  • Volunteer Fashion Statement: Anne Simmons
  • Smells Like Volunteer Spirit: Jade & Sage Kramer, Kameron Hammond, Mandy Barker
  • Blood Sweat and Tears: Lala West
  • Excellence in Volunteer Workshops: JP Bernier, Gypsy Forcier, Bobby Gittins
  • Volunteer Enthusigasm Award: Brandon Peterson
  • Hands On Award: Stan Clawson, Tyler Smith
Game on!

Comments, Feedback, and Suggestions about the Volunteer Vitalization Event are welcomed. Send comments to

In this Issue:

Art Grant Awards

Wow! We are so excited about the ART that will be at E11 this year! Reviewing all the art grant submissions was so inspiring. It's amazing the creativity teeming within this community. A big thank you to each and every one of you who submitted applications for an art grant.

We ended up with 30 submissions and requests of more than $34,000! Unfortunately we're not able to fund quite that level yet. However, we are VERY excited to fund more projects than ever before! Congratulations to the following projects and art grant recipients:
  • The Elemental Portal Sunrise Temple, Forrest Millheim & the Church of Elemental Awareness
  • Labyrinth Infinitum, Roy Dean Quada
  • Painted Sounds, Mathew Vander Meyden
  • Juggalo Bar, Joeseph Russo & the Juggalos
  • Conscious Wave, Alma Roundy
  • The Snake Goddess, Alice Toler
  • "3", Josh Epperson
  • Specular Aperture, Michale Robinson, Dave Stahula, Alex Schwaneveldt
  • The PsycheDelicate Arch, Forrest Millheim & the Utah CORE
  • Anglerfish 12000, Jared Gallardo & the Jellyfish Crew
  • The Nest, Rebecca Gillette & the HIVE Collective
  • CircumNavigate, Melissa Allen
  • The Jelly Smack, Spencer Christopherson & the Jellyfish Crew
  • The Black Maze, Jeff Willden
  • The Mew, Ryan Segal
The What Where When Guide will have descriptions of each art piece and a locator for it on the map so you can find and visit each of these awesome projects.

Buy 2013 E11 Tickets NOW!

We’ll be using printed tickets for Element 11 this year — it’s a souvenir and waiver all in one!

The cost is $90 per ticket. Tickets are now available on-line and in person until July 5th or until 1,200 tickets are sold, whichever is sooner.  Any remaining tickets will be sold at the gate for $150 cash.

The following people can be contacted for in-person ticket purchases:

  • Ogden to North Davis – Lindsey and Blue Hoffman (text or voicemail Blue at 801-710-7726) (text Lindsey at  435-770-1733 or facebook message, she works in Layton)
  • Davis – Anna Sierra (text 801-690-2886 or facebook message)
  • North Salt Lake City – Lisa Shaw (text 801-910-1514, facebook message, or lisashaw99 at gmail dot com)
  • The Avenues – Anne Simmons (text 414-708-1075, facebook message, or quickdrawannie at gmail dot com)
  • Sugar House – Alice Toler (text 801-573-1399 after May 10th)
  • Brickyard – Brandee Bee (text 801-473-5726)
  • West Valley – Hayley Baker (text or call 801-671-3015 M-F before 2 pm and after 5 pm or on weekends)
  • Mid Valley – Moe Spiva (text or call 801-347-8896)
  • Sandy / Draper – Kameron Hammond (text 801-243-6084)
  • Utah Valley – John Mendenhall (text 801-310-3557 or email 2mendy at gmail dot com)
  • Park City – Kevin Rapf (text 435-655-1610, Facebook message, or vermontkevin at mac dot com)
  • Conclave – Gypsy Aimee (Facebook message)


Labyrinth Effigy Build Crew

Want to help make something really cool? The image above is the artists rendition for this year's effigy. Going to be TOTALLY RAD!

Get involved with the effigy build crew and make this amazing design a reality! Join the Effigy Crew Element 11 2013 Facebook page to stay in the loop with build nights.

TONIGHT is the first build night! 6-9:30pm at the UAA, 663 W 100 S  Salt Lake City, UT 84104. See you there!

PreCompression for ARTS, 5/18!

PreCompression exists in order to inspire and encourage participation in the Element 11 festival and to provide revenues as a fundraiser for MORE art grant monies to be dispersed prior to the festival. We want the artists and their projects to have time and resources to be ready for our Utah playa.

Given those missions, having an early evening-dark event at the Utah Arts Alliance is the best fit. This is a family friendly event with outdoors areas for DJs and art cars to participate easily, and the courtyard space and gallery to host tables with art project presentations.

Our goal is to give art project coordinators another chance at getting more or initial funds for their project by coming out to the PreCompression with a visual aide, model, powerpoint, or other presentation that describes their project scope and vision.

Each person attending the event that pays the $20 entry fee will be given 10 tickets ("art bucks" essentially) that they can then give to each art project they think deserves funding. No restriction on how many to each project, allowing the community to choose where their money goes. This way 50% of the proceeds goes to E11 for the budget and 50% goes directly to the artist & their projects.

We'll also be offering an option for people to simply attend for $5... but they will not get any art bucks to donate toward the art projects. Children are free if they are under 16.

We encourage ALL in the community to come participate! Come as an attendee and help select what art pieces will make it to the festival by donating art bucks to help get that project funded. Come as an artist to have your project be seen and heard with potential reward for doing so. You'll be inspiring each other in the process as we all get a chance to have a sneak peak on the awesome art projects planned for the 2013 Element 11 Festival!

When: Saturday, May 18, 2013, 3-10pm
Where: Utah Arts Alliance, 663 W 100 S  Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Who: Contact Jeff Reese, 801-518-7977, to coordinate bringing your art project idea to PreCompression

Upcoming BOD Meeting, 5/5

Stay in the loop & find out even more of what's going on with E11. Join us for our next E11 BOD Meeting!

Where: Utah Arts Alliance, 663 W 100 S  Salt Lake City, UT 84104
When: Sunday, May 5, 2013, 4-5:30pm

Also join us after the BOD meeting (5:30pm) for the Theme Camp "Jurga" (meeting of the minds). This will be your chance to coordinate your activities with E-11 and other camps. We will have a preliminary placement map posted, and you may be able to negotiate with other camps for placing.

Online Volunteer Signup Now Open

Did you miss the Volunteer Vitalization Event but still want to  help with creating Element 11?

Even if you registered as a volunteer last year, to ensure we have accurate and current information on all volunteers, we’re asking all volunteers to register or re-register in 2013. Please fill out our new VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM. Remember, everything that happens at the Element 11 Arts Festival and all of our events happens because of volunteers just like you.

Additionally, we also are still looking for some volunteers to step up and take on leadership roles. Check out our HELP WANTED page and contact us if you can fill any of these positions. 

Thanks in advance for your generous spirit and commitment to PARTICIPATE!

Burner Day in the Park, 6/9

Come play at the park with us!

We will be playing games, hula hooping, drumming, having a bake sale and watching our very own Fire Conclave perform at sundown! Bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on.

More details to come, but save the date! RSVP on the Facebook Event Page to be notified of updates.

Last year was a blast, you won't want to miss it. This is a family friendly event at Murray Park.

Community Calendar

Check out the community calendar at to see burner-related events local to Salt Lake City as well as other regional events.

Help us keep this calendar inclusive of all local & regional events! Please send event submissions to

Theme Camp Registration Deadline - TOMORROW, 5/2

Registering your camp will ensure placement at E11 as well as getting your camp on the map & events listed in the What Where When guide.

The Events Committee, Elemental Public Works, and the Department of City Planning and Placement are working hard to create a functional, holistic, and harmonious framework for our community that facilitates a culture of creativity and self-expression.

We ask for your assistance and flexibility in helping us achieve these goals for the layout of our community:

  • The creation of an Esplanade lined with theme camps and art that surrounds the effigies.
  • The creation of a functional and active Center Camp that is centrally located in the festival.
  • The creation of a sound camp street that will be located such that sound participation does not interfere with other forms of participation.
Also, come to the Theme Camp "Jurga" (meeting of the minds), right after the next BOD meeting on Sunday, May 5 at 5:30pm, Utah Arts Alliance, 663 W 100 S  Salt Lake City, UT 84104. This will be your chance to coordinate your activities with E-11 and other camps. We will have a preliminary placement map posted, and you may be able to negotiate with other camps for placing.

Camp placement will be announced on June 8, 2013.

The Elemental Portal Sunrise Temple

Element 11 is very excited to have this year’s temple built again by the Church of Elemental Awareness. The great people from the Church of Elemental Awareness have been participating at Element 11 since 2008 when they built the Cat in the Hat effigy.

They came back together in 2012 to construct that year’s Temple, The Elemental Bridge, which burned at sunrise on Sunday morning.

After their temple project in 2012, they were unsure if they would build again in 2013. However, the universe works in strange and mysterious ways. The idea for The Elemental Portal was born and that’s when the synchronicities began. Many people on this project believe they are under a direct calling from the universe.

Things just started falling into place. Forrest Millheim stepped up as Group Coordinator, handling all of the project planning and management, budgeting, fundraising efforts, coordination with E11, etc. Having this crucial role filled allowed others to focus on what they do best – building amazing effigies.

The Elemental Portal is going to be amazing! Be sure to find it on the map in the What Where When guide and make a visit or two. You won’t want to miss it! Make sure you attend its burn at sunrise on Sunday morning.

This Temple pays homage to temples of civilizations past. It incorporates elements of Mayan and Aztec design at its base and on top is a portal to another world, sent from a distant and advanced civilization. It will be positioned in such a way to perfectly encompass the sunrise each morning of the festival, much as the Sun Tunnels do on the Summer Solstice.

With this project, their goal is to provide a space of spiritual enlightenment and tranquility and help strengthen individuals’ and the community’s oneness with our universe. The Elemental effigies are an offering to the community and to the universe of that communal effort.

They have been hard at work on this project, building weekly since the first part of February, and they’ve scoured the valley for salvageable material and have repurposed almost 2,000 pounds of usable lumber for this project’s construction.

Noteworthy people to thank, in addition to Forrest, for their tireless participation with this project include: Dave TwentyThree, CoCo, Chris Freckleton, Buck Wylde, Brandon Burke, Sean & Cassie Plant, Aaron Bevan, Blacksunshine Clavell, Geromie Clavell and Kevin Moore.
And, in case you don’t know them, The Church of Elemental Awareness is a small nonprofit organization dedicated to raising peace, love and unity through service and sharing open-minded ideas.

They host events like their annual Goblin Valley Retreat, field trips to the Spiral Jetty and various hot springs, hikes to The Living Room, and Spell Gatherings. They welcome all who wish to participate! Like their Facebook page to stay in the loop with all their fun events, and be prepared for them to dazzle us once again with another amazing sunrise burn!

E11 Center Camp!

We're bringing center camp back - stronger & sweeter than before! The images above and below are the conceptual design for our plan. We're creating a space that will be beautiful and shady as well as stand up to the elements.

However! We need help to make this happen. We're looking for engineers, artists, production specialists, stagehands light & sound specialists, etc. to help create this center camp space. You can get involved by contacting one of the team leads below.

And... The space is just the beginning. Our vision of center camp is really created by the community. Center camp is YOU! Your performances, your workshops... your time to share with the community.

What do you want to bring to share at center camp? Let your creative juices begin to flow!

Kristen Ulmer is coordinating workshops at center camp this year. Contact her if you have a workshop idea.

For all other events, we'll be releasing a center camp calendar as a workspace to submit your ideas for events in May. The plan is for theme camps or individuals/groups will "book" the space to host events (e.g., parties, music sets, performances, etc).

We'll review all workshops & event submissions, then will release an "official" Center Camp schedule just prior to the event. We're excited to have this communal space filled with theatrics, acoustic performance, opera, plays, hoop shows, fashion shows, you name it!

Center Camp - for the community by the community!

Ever Dreamed of Being a Ranger?

First of all, who or what is a Ranger? Rangers are a volunteer organization dedicated to the safety of the citizens of regional burn events such as Element 11 as well as Burning Man (Black Rock City). The Rangers are a cross-section of the Burning Man community, who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. Responding to the ever-changing environment, Rangers address situations within their community that might otherwise require outside intervention. By encouraging and facilitating communication, Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards, from sunstroke to tent fires.

So, here's your chance! There are two days of Ranger training coming up in Utah.

The first is Ranger Orientation Meeting (ROM) on June 8, 2013.  ROM is the core Ranger training that anyone wanting to become a Ranger or who is already a Ranger must attend every year to ensure that they are meeting the most current needs of the organization for the event. It consists of both lecture and scenario based training to teach rangers conflict mediation and dealing with on playa emergencies. Training will begin at 10am sharp for new folks and 2nd year Rangers. 3rd year Rangers need to be at the ROM site at 1:30pm (this is a change from previous years). However, it is of course of value to even the crustiest ranger to attend the morning session.

The second is Green Dot is on June 9, 2013. Green Dot is a Specialty assignment in the Rangers that deals with more significant emotional conflict that requires good listening skills and is an advanced form of conflict mediation. These folks deal with anyone who might be having a bad day to significant alteration of mental status by emotional or chemical means. This day starts at 10am sharp.

Contact Ranger Bystander (Leigh Sampson) to sign up for these training days, get the training location site, and for questions. You can also reference the Ranger Website, and/or read the Ranger Manual.

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