Volume 03, Issue 01 - 2015.02.09

Element 11 2015 Under The Stars!

Hi Friends! It's a new year and we have a lot of exciting new changes and important information to cover in this edition of the Salt Shaker! Element 11 has a new Theme "Under The Stars", a new Venue the "Stargazer Ranch", and we would like to thank the BOD members that are rolling off for the amazing time and work they have put into this community. Keep reading for all this information and more!!

Remember to Save the Date:
Precompression @ Utah Arts Alliance, 3/1 , 4 – 7pm
In This Edition:


2015 Theme Announced and Theme Art Submissions Open!

Submit your theme art submissions for the new 2015 Element 11 Theme "Under The Stars" before Feburary 21st!

Click here to access the Theme Art Submission Page on Element 11's website.

Artwork may be used for tickets, laminates, What/Where/When Guide, Festival Signage and other promotional materials.  Submissions must be your own work. Drawing, painting, photography, digital art will be accepted. Any images used must be owned by the artist.

Art Grant and Effigy Submissions Open!


The mission of Element 11 is to ignite a community of creativity and self-expression.

Sometimes, that creativity and self-expression require financial support to become a reality. Element 11 fuels the artists within our community by providing a blank canvas out in the desert, and assists with financial backing for amazing projects.

Fill out the form onine to submit for an Element 11 Arts Grant for the 2015 Arts Festival – Under the Stars.  All types of art can be submitted for grants, including, but not limited to: Installations, Sculptures, Effigies, Visual Art, Music, Performance Art, Theme Camps, Workshops, and Mutant Vehicles.

Keep in mind that we receive far more grant applications than we have the funding to support. The Element 11 Arts Committee takes great care in selecting the awarded projects, and not all projects may be funded 100%. This is why we encourage the use of volunteers, fundraisers, crowdfunding, repurposing and sustainable art that can be brought back year after year!

Conscious Connections

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Lecture Series: Coping with Trauma

2/9/2015 at the Utah Arts Alliance

The first of a series of important lectures, aimed at raising awareness and providing support within our community. This lecture will focus on coping with trauma. Each of these monthly events will feature lectures by trained professionals. Following the lecture will be a Q & A and social hour. We will be serving pancakes (Gluten Free as well) so come ready to snack! This lecture series aims to improve the lives of our community by providing information, awareness and support. This is a free event, so please invite those that you think might benefit.

Farewell to a Few Outstanding Board Members!!

We will miss Anne Simmons, Micky Baker and Derek Dyer terribly and we were so lucky to have had them on the Board here at Element 11. We asked them a couple of questions as they were leaving and here is what they wanted everyone to know:

1. Tell us one [memorable] experience you had over the years as an E11 volunteer:
2. How have you grown (personally or professionally) as result of being a community leader?

Anne Simmons

1. I love helping people and doing things for other people and my positions on the board haven't really allowed me to do that on an individual level very much. However, while running the gate this year I was happy that I had the data to solve all ticketing issues. I especially remember a couple who arrived from out of state without one of their tickets. I was able to verify that they had made the purchase and the ticket had not been redeemed, so they were both allowed entry without having to return home to retrieve the ticket. It's the little victories that make me want to continue running the gate...and the challenges!
2. I joined the board because I wanted to get to know more people in the community better, particularly the "do-ers", and because I thought I could improve the website. I'm also a sucker for a challenge. I've certainly made many good friends through my involvement in E11 and, while I only nudged the website in the right direction, I have gained much confidence and grown as a person through the challenges we faced. And now I know QuickBooks!

Micky Baker

1. One of the most rewarding experiences I had volunteering for Element 11 was watching all the volunteers eat dinner in the 9th Circle Volunteer Lounge at WBTC. Watching the efforts of many volunteers come together in that moment was indescribably powerful. Also hauling the Mobile Angel Unit on a shift with several Burning Angels one hot afternoon and them spontaneously singing, at max volume, a stirring rendition of the Golden Girls theme song.
2. I have learned more things serving this community over the years than I can count. Here are just a grab bag of some of them:
-how you say something is more important than what is being said
-don't doubt someone's intentions
-motivating volunteers requires grassroots enthusiasm for an idea
-people put up with all this insanity because of the relationships, stupid
Being a leader in this community is one of the hardest most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. It's not for everyone, just like the burn, but it can change your life if you are up to the challenge.

Derek Dyer

Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Derek has proved this philosophy in his many years of service as Arts Director for Element 11. From working with the effigy designers and builders, to the conclave and pre burn shows, Derek is an example of an inspiring do-gooder of all things arts in our community.

Derek's personal artwork ranges from paintings and photography to large-scale installation and sculptural work. His work has been shown across the country and published internationally.

About the Utah Arts Alliance.
The mission of the Utah Arts Alliance is to foster the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered and connected community. The UAA has been the home for many E11 events and town hall gatherings, and we have Derek to thank for that, too.

2015 Venue Announced!
Stargazer Ranch!

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! After careful review of potential venues for Element 11, the Board is pleased to announce that Stargazer Ranch, near Park Valley, Utah was selected as the location for this year’s Regional Burning Man Festival.

Equal consideration was given to all of the final 5 venues. In addition to a variety of public comments, a close and careful evaluation was made of each finalist, including thorough research into costs, savings, potential permit issues, safety hazar...ds, road conditions, emergency services, local government support, and the results of on-site visits by members of the board.

Ultimately the Board’s decision was influenced by several factors, including substantial savings on venue rental, the condition of the property, privacy afforded by the location, improvements to the property made or being made, local government support and interest, and the safe condition of the property.
We thank those who took the time to educate themselves on the choices, attend/comment at quarterly Town Halls, or by contacting us directly in person or via email.

We, the Element 11 Board of Directors feel that this venue decision will allow us to better support the artists and their creative visions, and make this year’s festival the best it’s ever been... for all of you.

The BOD is SUPER excited to get the ball rolling on our new home at Stargazer, including helping our amazing Regional Contacts host the Tree Burn next month and the venue owner host build days and nights. Your friends from Rangers and Medical would like to remind you that there are several ways to get to Stargazer. Watch for your official E11 map including GPS coordinates, directions, and a handy map to prevent getting lost in the wastes"

Utah's Annual Regional Recap Report

The Burning Man Regional Contacts have been working hard, and the Annual Recap Report is in! There are way too many amazing things covered in this report to fit them all into the Salt Shaker, so we are posting a link to the E11 Website where this document is housed for everyone to read!

Included in the Report is information about Element 11, Burning Man, 2014's New Regional Contacts, and the Release Burn along with many other fun and special things our community did this year.

Click here to read the Regional ARRR

In Loving Memory of
James Dudley Barker

“Billy Bob Barkdust”

On January 8th 2015 Billy Bob age 42 transitioned from flesh to spirit. He was shoveling snow in his neighborhood, but was apprehended by a police officer who took his life all too soon, point blank in the chest with 3 bullets. Billy’s life will not be in vain. The community he supported & loved will become stronger after losing such a spark, a flame of love that was so deeply kindled
in his soul.
Billy walked his talk & represented a dynamic Burning man Community he held near & dear to his heart that pulled together with lasting relations that still exits today. In 2005 at the regional SLC burn along with Danny, Scotty, Shane, Coleman & Del, brain stormed & pioneered the Artist, Musicians, & Outlaws (A.M.O. from the book ‘Stone Soup’) to the mere reasoning of “We should do this all the time!”. After throwing their 1st Halloween party in the underground warehouse of the Broken Arrow, it quickly began as a series of parties/gatherings into a permanent location with monthly dues & an annual bus tour representing SLC burners at Dark skies in Vegas, Colorado , & Flag staff regional burns. Marian Goodell from HQ was quoted as saying “Utah burners are a force to be reckoned with” after Vegas & after she came to visit the A.M.O said “You guys really get it, you really do.. Utah is more fun than Berkeley!”
James volunteered, played drums for the fire conclave dancers, incorporated capoeira moves into his & others fire dancing routines ~ threw concerts preforming his sweet music, provided sound equipment & worked tirelessly to create, fund & keep alive an open expression space for music, performance art, yoga, meditation & artists who had vision with the drive to meet the energy burning man inspired every year. The A.M.O. grew a little to quickly, & what was referred to as “the Golden Years” was abandoned in idea, but became a seed through its spirit cultivating other SLC Burner groups, base camps & collectives. Ultimately it’s looked at as a spark in the history of our solid community that we have now.

James also worked close with Scotty Soltronic as his “right hand man from the get go” helping construct the ‘Solar Saucer’ Music & ‘Solun’ venue, driving to events, & lectures for youth groups on solar power. “In those day’s when I had to quickly get a gig together it was just James & me when no one else had time, James always did. There were no Cosmonauts or Jenk Stars yet, he was a critical silent force to make the Jenk Stars of today possible. He wasn't in it for the recognition, but one of those people who knew what we were creating what the message was, and saw ‘it’ before anyone saw it”.
7 years before his death he had struggled with & was overcoming a TBI -brain damage caused by a severe coral reef bacterial infection he sustained while on a surfing adventure in Panama, over 3 years time untreated it caused significant damage to his memory & cognitive functions, but with help he was able to find & rid the infection with his partner & doctor. His TBI may have slowed him down, but he never lost his ability to create music, love his friends & family, build projects with C.O.R.E., participate in Cosmiquarium village as the cantina crew, or travel abroad & have many, many wonderful adventures with his loving & supporting girlfriend Heidi. He will be honored at this years burning of the man in Black Rock City, NV. Those that had the pleasure & honor to know him, loved him & loved him well, he will be greatly missed. Big Big love to you Billy Bob, may we learn from your truely open heart how to love & kindle our compassion.

In Loving Memory of
Stephen "Marti" Barrett

Marti Barrett 11 May 1987- 30 December 2014

Marti was born in American Fork, Utah. He was a very bright child who was intensly curious about life and wanted to know as much as possible about everything. Marti grew up all over the United States and Sweden, moving around with his family wherever his dad's job took them. As an adult he eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.
As a teenager, Marti developed a passion for music. He was very talented and composed as much and as often as he could. He studied Music Production/Recording Arts at Salt Lake Community College and DJ'd at various events.
His life ended all too early and he is survived by his parents, four siblings, many aunts & uncles, cousins, grandparents, and a myriad of friends. He is greatly missed.


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