Volume 02, Issue 02 - 2014.03.08

Hey Community!

Crazy what a busy time of year it is even though gates to Element 11 2014 - Into the Wild don't open for 124 days! Wow! In a way that seems like a long time, but then on the other hand, no time at all.

The most recent flurry of activity has been our Theme Art competition. We are SO EXCITED to announce our two winners!! We have selected two amazing "Into The Wild" pieces - one by Jared Gallardo for our ticket art and one by Alex Suzuki for our What Where When cover art. These guys each won a ticket to Element 11 and will be showcased soon on our website - we'll be sure to alert you when this online so you can check it out. Major props and huge thanks to all artists who created and submitted art for our 2014 theme competition. The decision process was very difficult and we were blown away by the artists within our community. Congratulations, Jared & Alex!!

We can't wait to unveil these pieces to you. Jared's will first be shown at the 2nd Quarter Town Hall & Volunteer Career Day - this is the first day tickets will be available. Be sure you plan to attend this event & get signed up to volunteer this year with Element 11 if you didn't get signed up last year. You'll have to wait a bit longer to see Alex's art. His will first be shown when the WWW Guide get posted online a week or so prior to Element 11. And don't worry, if you don't happen to see it online, everyone receives a copy of the WWW Guide when you enter the festival.

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 9th is Precompression - details are below - we hope to see you there!

Also in this issue is a great article about a local community fire tribe who performed at the Midway Ice Castles (be sure to check out all the awesome photo links!), excellent advice from Ask Le Diable (sexy issue!), volunteer help wanted - Ticketmaster, the official Element 11 final accounting from 2013 and proposed budget for 2014, and a cool program from Amazon - you can donate to Element 11 with each dollar you spend! Enjoy all below!


And! Win One Ticket to E11 2014!

PreCompression exists in order to inspire and encourage participation in the Element 11 festival and to provide revenues as a fundraiser for MORE art grant monies to be dispersed prior to the festival. We want the artists and their projects to have time and resources to be ready for our Utah playa.

Given those missions, having an afternoon/early evening event at the Utah Arts Alliance is the best fit. This is a family friendly event with outdoors areas for DJs and art cars to participate easily, and the courtyard space and gallery to host tables with art project presentations.

Our goal is to give art project coordinators another chance at getting more or initial funds for their project by coming out to the PreCompression with a visual aide, model, powerpoint, or other presentation that describes their project scope and vision.

Each person (children under 16 are free) attending the event that pays the $10 entry fee will be given 10 tickets (“art bucks” essentially) that they can then give to each art project they think deserves funding. No restriction on how many to each project, allowing the community to choose where their money goes. New this year, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist & their projects. Further this year, community support of the projects will weigh in on the Arts Committee decisions for awarding art grants.

To further support the artists & their ideas, attendees may purchase more art bucks. $1 = 1 art buck.

We encourage ALL in the community to come participate! Come as an attendee and help select what art pieces will make it to the festival by donating art bucks to help get that project funded. Come as an artist to have your project be seen and heard with potential reward for doing so. You’ll be inspiring each other in the process as we all get a chance to have a sneak peak on the awesome art projects planned for the Element 11 Festival! And, all attendees will receive one free entry into the drawing for an Element 11 2014 ticket.

Sunday, March 9, 2014, 4:30 – 7:00pm.
Utah Arts Alliance
663 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


Fire & Ice

~ by Ben Dodds

Simultaneously creative and destructive, Midway Ice Castles creator, Brent Christensen, and Blackout Productions, a fire dance organization consisting of Tom Gallagher, Troy Gonzalez, Jason Johnson, and their troop of performers, teamed up this winter to show us all how complementary and supremely beautiful a display of these two seemingly opposite forces can be. These old foes (fire and ice) signed a brief truce this past winter at the Midway Ice Castles to amplify each other in a most glorious display of dramatic contrast.
In this case, the fire found the ice. Tom “Moki” Gallagher has a passion for fire photography. In his pursuit of locations for the most dramatic and beautiful locations to capture fire dancing photographs, he approached Brent Christensen for permission to do a fire photo-shoot at the Midway Ice Castles. Apparently, fire photo-shoots at prime locations come with a price tag. Moki responded, “Hey man, I’m an artist. I don’t have any money.” At that, a deal was struck in which Blackout Productions agreed to do a free fire performance at the Ice Castles. The timing couldn’t have been better. The Ice Castles were becoming a big attraction and lines were getting long, sometimes one hour to one and a half hour-long waits. For many guests, this was a nuisance and something that inspired audible complaints. The complaints ceased when around the bend came an inspiring display of fire against ice. Blackout Productions turned the waiting into an inseparable part of the experience of visiting the Midway Ice Castles.
After their first performance, Brent Christensen realized there was something to this Fire and Ice thing and asked Blackout Productions to return for every remaining Saturday of the Midway Ice Castle display, which equaled eight PAID performances. Within two days after their first performance, the Blackout Productions Facebook page received over 400 likes. They received news coverage on KUTV Channel 2 News. It sparked the rebirth of Blackout Productions, which had been on hiatus for several years. The experience was such a great success for both Blackout Productions and the Midway Ice Castles that Blackout has already been asked to return for next year’s ice castle.
For Moki, the art of fire dance is necessarily connected to great photographers who capture incredible moments of the display. He would like to credit the work of Craig Pickup, Jashua Grover, Michael Bateman, Farris Gerard, Rudy van Bree, and Alonzo Riley.

Links to photos:
Link to news coverage:

Visit and like Blackout Productions at their Facebook page,


Utah Fire Tribe Fundraiser

Burn One Down

!!!!We need MOAR fire!!!!

In order to bring the biggest, bestest show to E11, Utah Fire Tribe is throwing down a wicked raging party. Please party with us. ♥

Guess what, it's only days away from EASTER (4/20) so maybe come dressed as your favorite Jesus, zombie and/or green...

Suggested donation: $7 @ door

There will be MUSIC!

There will be PERFORMANCES!
Oh so many!

There will be STUFF TO WIN! (drawing at 11pm)
Onesies by Rio
Hat and wire wrap by Ciera Lojik
Skin Care by Kelly Brown
Fire tools (a surprise!) by Dustin Everett
And more!

Friday, April 18, 2014, 9pm - 2am
Woodshed Bar
60 E 800 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Have an event to add?

We'd love to include your upcoming community event. Email us at

Ask Le Diable

Welcome to the Third installment of ‘Ask Le Diable”.  Our Special Sex edition…

Q: From the stories people tell and the photos I’ve seen, it must be a sure thing to get laid at burning man. Is it?  -Anonymous (Facebook)

A: My answer to this is actually quite simple yet complicated… Basically if you can’t get laid in the default world, you shouldn’t expect to get laid at Burning Man.

I have had the privilege of dating more than a few exotic entertainers in my time... One in particular articulated a simple and concise idea that should guide us all in our sexual pursuits. “The first rule in picking up a stripper is don’t be a dick” She then proceeded to tell me how 99% of the club patrons she entertained don’t even make it past this rule.

Although the event has a more free and open atmosphere toward sexual expression, if you’re an asshole douchebag or creep off the Playa, you’re most likely still be one on the Playa. Instead of looking outward for the “Sure Thing,” You may want to look inward and assess in general what keeps you from realizing your sexual fulfillment.

Read, travel, exercise, eat healthy, become more aware of other people’s feelings and read a few books on sex and technique. All these sorts of things will help make you more attractive to whomever you desire both on and off Playa….

That being said, some of the hottest and most interesting people you will ever stumble upon are there to meet and entertain each other. So do your homework then go get ‘em tiger…

Q:  Is Burning Man a safe and accepting environment for me to express and explore my sexuality? -Anonymous (Facebook)

A: I could write a book about this subject as human sexuality is quite possibly my greatest pass time…  er…  I mean interest. I will provide insight into 3 of many facets of your question which, is a complicated subject with many differing opinions.

1.) Respect – By respecting and being considerate of one another, Burners hope to create an environment where people are freer from social taboos and restrictions (Although always be aware that law enforcement still vigorously enforce laws about indecency and lewd behavior) and can express and explore their sexuality in a safe and accepting environment.

This means don’t ogle naked people. Don’t take suggestive or sexy attire as implied consent for attention or even worse, contact. Ask permission to photograph people… Again see question #1 about the first rule of picking up a stripper.

Unfortunately as Burning Man becomes more and more a mainstream festival, we have more and more attendees who are not as aware of this dynamic and often behave as they would at a “Coachella in the Desert”. This brings me to my next point…

2.) Safety – Just because Burning Man has a more free and open attitude to sexuality, It is no safer than any other festival or night venue. In fact it can be more risky in a particular way due to some of the assumptions some attendees have and the prevalence of intoxicated people. Sexual assaults happen. Misunderstandings Happen. Do not assume just because you are at Burning Man that you don’t have to  do the things you would do in the default world to keep safe. Avoid traveling in the depths of night alone. Tell people where you are going and check in on friends if they appear to have some unwanted attention or are being made uncomfortable. As with life in general, there are bad people out there but you can do allot to manage your own safety on and off Playa.

3.) Consent – You’re out of your head, frisky and find yourself making out with another smoking hot person in a similar state. This can go many ways. Hopefully it results in a positive and memorable experience for both of you. It could also end up with you overstepping boundaries because you’ve made assumptions or your make out mate is too out of it to articulate their boundaries clearly and you end up hurting someone deeply or having very negative accusations about you thrown around.

Therefore, regardless of how unsexy it may be at the time, verbally communicate your intentions and proceed only when you have clearly articulated consent. If your partner de Jour is not in a state to consciously articulate consent, stop and consider getting this person some assistance or in contact with friends or campmates. Anything else is seriously risky and dangerous to all involved.

There you have it. I wish I could write more but here are some of the major notes and broad strokes to be aware of. For more information I suggest getting in touch with the Playa oriented group “B.E.D.” or the Bureau of Erotic Discourse. They have much information and experience about the world of sexuality and Burning Man @

Got a question? Need advice? Go forth and send your questions to me via facebook or by email to


Recruiting for...


This is a fun job! Imagine seeing all those who are buying online tickets & being able to include fun little messages with their tickets. This job is to mail out tickets for Element 11 once a week from May 6th through July 2nd.  You'll have to print labels that will be emailed to you and all supplies will be provided with the exception of a printer - you'll need a printer.  The time requirement is about a half an hour each week plus a mailbox drop.  Contact Anne Simmons at quickdrawannie [at] if you're interested.


2013 Profit and Loss Statement

We've finalized the numbers for 2013. Please see below:
   Direct Public Support 2013  
      Individ, Business Contributions 2013 $1,634.20
   Total Direct Public Support 2013 $1,634.20
   Element 11 Festival 2013  
      CC Ticket Sales 2013 $54,849.60
      Ticket Sales 2013 $42,345.00
   Total Element 11 Festival 2013 $97,194.60
   Fundraisers 2013  
      Burners in the Park 2013 $1,538.65
      Center Camp 2013 $652.00
      Decompression 2013 $3,829.18
      Labyrinth Lights 2013 $947.61
      Precompression 2013 $1,785.00
      Shwag Sales 2013 $331.00
   Total Fundraisers 2013 $9,083.44
   Interest Income 2013 $217.93
Total Income $108,130.17
Gross Profit $108,130.17
   Bank Fees 2013  
      Credit Card Fees 2013 $2,240.54
      Service Charges 2013 $175.00
   Total Bank Fees 2013 $2,415.54
   Equipment Rental 2013 $11,219.89
   Grants/Charitable Contributions 2013  
      Art Grant 2013 $11,793.00
      Closed Grants 2013 $313.00
      Fire Dpt Contribution 2013 $1,500.00
   Total Grants/Charitable Contributions 2013 $13,606.00
   Insurance 2013 $2,860.37
   Office Rent 2013 $5,730.00
   Office/General Administrative Expenses 2013 $630.45
   Service, Legal & Professional Fees 2013 $2,550.00
   Supplies & Disposables 2013 $13,343.49
   Venue Rent 2013  
      Seabase Venue Rent 2013 $36,176.00
      UAA Venue Rent 2013 $450.00
   Total Venue Rent 2013 $36,626.00
   Volunteers/Cost of Labor 2013 $7,688.87
Total Expenses $96,670.61
Net Operating Income $11,459.56
Net Income $11,459.56

Projected 2014 Budget

Below is the budget that has been voted in for 2014:
  Donations $1,600.00
  E11 Ticket Sales $96,650.00
  Burners in the Park $1,540.00
  2013 Decomp $600.00
  Camping Decomp $4,000.00
  Club Night Decomp $3,000.00
  Total Income $107,390.00
Expenses by Committee  
  Allies (Logistics) $33,600.00
  Arts $16,850.00
  Center Camp $3,350.00
  Dangerous Arts $400.00
  DEA $1,530.00
  EPW $6,900.00
  Executive $1,100.00
  Finance $4,584.00
  Gate/Greeter $50.00
  Operations $12,035.00
  PAC $300.00
  Records $100.00
  SMERC $6,545.00
  Theme Camp $0.00
  Volunteer $5,575.00
  Total Expenses $92,919.00
  Net Income $14,471.00

If you have any questions please contact us at BOD [at]


Anyone here shop at Amazon? And have you heard about their awesome program that donates to non-profit organizations?

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers.

Element 11 is registered as a 501c3 non-profit & we've registered with amazon. Would you take the time to go in & select Element 11 as your charitable organization & then remember to shop from for any of your upcoming Amazon purchases?

Thank you for your continued support of Element 11! And remember to shop Amazon from
Any suggestions or questions - Let us know! Email us at

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