Volume 01, Issue 10 - 2013.12.14


My what lovely weather we're having with this frigid cold & inversion. Despite the weather, or maybe because of it, wintertime is awesome because so many great ideas for next festival season are sparked! It's awesome to hear of plans already in the works for Element 11 art projects and theme camps! Keep those creative fires burning!

Element 11 welcomed December in by hosting a Community Town Hall & Social on Sunday, December 1st. This was a new format for the quarterly E11 Board of Directors Community Meeting. There was less meeting & more fun! Eben Flow set the mood with great tunes and tasty treats abounded. Attendees voted in the preliminary vote for the 2014 E11 theme (you can vote now in the final vote - see details below!).

During the short meeting set during the middle of the event, new BOD and executive committee members were voted in. New BOD members are Cassie Plant & Joe Russo. New executive committee members are: Jeff Reese, Chair; Micky Baker, Vice-Chair; Cathi Kennedy, Secretary; Anne Simmons, Treasurer; and Kari Larson, General Manager.

Elemental Stars were recognized and great discussions were had. Two tickets to Element 11 2014 were also awarded as door prizes - congratulations to the winners - Jennifer Rouse & Mark Hammond! All in all, it was a really fun way to spend an afternoon with our community!

There's all kinds of info in this issue for you including a new burner advice column, Ask Le Diable.

Enjoy & stay warm!


2014 Element 11 Theme!

Voting is now open for the 2014 Element 11 Theme. The poll will close at midnight on Friday, December 20, 2013. The results will be announced with holiday cheer on Monday, December 23, 2013. We also hope to announce the dates for the E11 festival and all other E11 events in 2014 at that time as well.



2013 Elemental Stars

We're pleased to announce the 2013 Elemental Star recipients. The Elemental Star is a special recognition given to participants who have contributed exceptional amounts of time, resources, and sanity to make Element 11 possible. Each of these people had a personal role in something that you have experienced or benefited by. We try our best to celebrate the amazing contributions of as many individuals as possible within the bounds of finite resources. If perhaps you or someone you know was overlooked please know that you have the community's most heartfelt thanks, it does not diminish the value of the contribution. Please be sure to thank every participant you see for helping to make the Element 11 what it is. We literally cannot do it without you! See you in 2014!

Three cheers go to... (in no particular order)
  • Joe Russo
  • Phil Oleson
  • Brandon Peterson
  • Cameron Park
  • John Mendenhall
  • Forrest Millheim
  • Stan Clawson
  • Alice & Trent Toler
  • Sean Sadler
  • Eben Lundberg
  • Bobby Gittins
  • Bob & Trinity Benson
  • Mary & Kyle Severson
  • Melissa Mangum
  • Jon Wesley
  • Breeze Dyer
  • Jenn Blum
  • Jared Gallardo
  • Scott Vest
  • Tyler Smith
  • Eric Evans
  • Erika Hummel
  • Matt Hogue
  • Allen Hovey
  • Lisa Shaw
  • Kieth & Jade Kramer
  • Kevin Moore
  • Tyler Gittins
  • Moe Spiva
  • John Kennedy
  • Cassie & Sean Plant
  • Michelle Davis
  • Nicholas Poselli
  • Eric Christensen
  • Topher Danater
  • Lisa Brady

Get to Know the Element 11 Board of Directors

We're recently reorganized the responsibilities of the BOD into 15 committees with each BOD member serving as a committee director. We've included information here about each committee and its responsibilities. The committees will consist of volunteers just like you! If you're interested in participating on a committee or want more information, just let us know.

Jeff Reese
BOD Chair
Executive Committee Director
Responsibilities of Chair: Visionary Role, BOD Leadership & Direction, Primary BOD contact working with Regional Contacts & Advisory Panel, Preside over regularly scheduled BOD meetings, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Responsibilities of Executive Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer): Ensure the perpetual functionality of the E11 BOD & all operational functions of E11, Inc.

Micky Baker (Ranger Hayduke)
BOD Vice-Chair
Volunteer Committee Director
Responsibilities: Recruits & develops volunteers with required skills to support E11 committees & departments, assists committee & departmental leads with matching volunteers based on skill/interest, produces Volunteer Vitalization Event, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Burning Angels Department
Responsibilities: Supports volunteers with good cheer, care & refreshments

Cathi Kennedy (Ranger Kennedy)
BOD Secretary
Corporate Records Committee Director
Responsibilities: Archiving BOD records, taking minutes at all BOD meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributes copies of agenda & minutes to each BOD member, assures all corporate records are maintained, maintains corporate history, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Anne Simmons (Ranger QuickDraw)
BOD Treasurer
Finance Committee Director
Responsibilities: Oversees the financial functions of E11, Inc., prepares financial reports at each BOD meeting, bookkeeping, accounts payable, works with accountant for preparation of tax filings, prepares annual financial report, receives and manages donation money and records, leads the development of annual budgets, oversees ticketing to all events, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Box Office Department
Responsibilities: Manages the processes of issuing and redeeming tickets to all events
Philanthropic Donor Fundraising Department
Responsibilities: Oversees all aspects of philanthropic donor fundraising

Kari Larson
BOD General Manager
Operations Committee Director
Responsibilities: Oversees all operational aspects of E11, Inc., oversees establishing, documenting, & updating as necessary all operating policies/ procedures, the master operations plan, & organizational structure, ensures business contracts & insurance coverage are negotiated by Executive Committee, oversees non-financial asset management, handles any licensing needs & applications, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

David Born
Communications Committee Director
Responsibilities: Oversees all general outward communication functions, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Department of Elemental Awareness
Responsibilities: Website development, maintenance and upgrades, The Salt Shaker Newsletter, WWW Festival Guide
Public Relations Department
Responsibilities: First point of contact for all public communication
Festival Info Booth Department
Responsibilities: Infrastructure/Design, Set-up, Break-down

Derek Dyer
Arts Committee Director
Responsibilities: Provides direction and support to the art and artists of the Element 11 Festival and the community, oversees the festival & community art grant processes, writes grants to receive art grant funding from outside sources for our festival and community, handles the theme selection process for the E11 Festival & Decompression, works with EPW for art placement, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Elemental Mutant Vehicle Department
Responsibilities: Oversees mutant vehicles at all E11 events including pre-registration & check-in for E11 Festival
Theme Selection Department
Responsibilities: Manages the theme selection process for the festival & Decompression including nominations, voting, and promotion of the theme
Art Grants Department
Responsibilities: Manages the art grant process for both festival and community art grants, including application & selection process, artist management during project development, and coordination with EPW for festival art placement

Wendy Christensen (Ranger Snowhawk)
Event Logistics Committee Director
Responsibilities: Mange event operations – ensuring coordination between committees & departments, secures venues, obtain permits and ensure all events are legal & safe, schedule deadlines around all events, sets & adheres to Committee Budget
Fire & Ice Department
Precompression Department
Burners in the Park Department
E11 Festival Department
Decompression Department
Responsibilities: Ensures all aspects of the event are planned in advance and executed timely, through clean-up

J Wilford Neville (Ranger Genius)
Fire Safety Committee Director (Dangerous Arts)
Responsibilities: Educates community about fire safety, develops fire safety policies, and oversees all effigy burn activities including liaising with the artist, works with EPW for effigy placement, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Joe Russo (Ranger Hatchet)
Festival Elemental Public Works Committee Director (EPW)
Responsibilities: Responsible for festival survey, layout, placement, infrastructure including signs & public area lighting, manages porta-potties, clean-up and restoration, oversees infrastructure grants process, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Cassie Plant
Theme Camp Committee Director
Responsibilities: Organizes and regulates theme & sound camps, liaison between camps & BOD, oversees festival registration process, works with EPW for camp placement, coordinates with theme camps for representation at other events (Decomp, Burners in the Park, etc.), sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Stevo le Diable
Festival Center Camp Committee Director
Responsibilities: Supports Center Camp coming alive as a communal space, oversees infrastructure design and build, oversees décor, oversees lighting/electrical needs, provides stage management for both talent & workshops, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Kameron Hammond
Public Affairs Committee Director (PAC)
Responsibilities: Coordinates with default world outreach, community workshops and service projects, green tent, Utah burners without borders, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

JP Bernier (Ranger 8Ball)
Emergency Services Committee Director (SMIRC)
Responsibilities: Ensures E11 conducts safe, legal events, provides first line of medical care at all E11 events, primary contact for hired security & perimeter at events, hires security as necessary for events, coordinates as needed with hired security, establishes and maintains the event communications network, Ranger liaison, LEO liaison, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

TBD - If you are interested in this position & being on the BOD - let us know!
Elemental Guardians Committee Director
Responsibilities: Defines policy regarding gate operations & logistics during all E11 events, oversees gate/box office & greeter station set-up & break-down, provides training for gate & greeter staff, sets & adheres to Committee Budget

Ask Le Diable

Welcome to the inaugural ‘Ask Le Diable”, Your periodical burner advice column in the Salt Shaker. Over the next year, feel free to send me your problems and a few lucky burners will see their conundrums instantly solved by me in this column

Q: Are you evil incarnate, or just his assistant? What are you plans for world domination? – Trent from Facebook

Being evil incarnate is a lot of work and actually not that much fun. I leave that kind of evil to lawyers, bankers & public relations professionals. I’m into recreational evil. I serve the public by edging people on to do that thing they regret so they won’t regret not doing that thing. It’s important work.

World domination takes a lot of time, money and is a real uphill battle, kinda like bringing an art car to the Playa. So I do what I can a little bit each day.

Q: How did you get this job? -CK from Facebook

Well CK, basically I just volunteered to do it. You’ll find much of E11 is a blank canvas on which you can create whatever your heart desires just by volunteering. Basically I have no real qualifications do this job other than the ability to use a word processor and a bent sense of humor. So don’t let your lack of experience or skill get in the way of volunteering to do something for this festival.

Enough about me folks, I want to help you!

Got a question? Need advice? No problem too small or weird. Send an email to

E11 2013 Interim Budget

It was recommended that we add a budget section to our newsletter - yes!

Please remember that this is indeed an interim budget for 2013. Not all expenses have been recorded yet; some expenses may currently be incorrectly classified. It definitely is still a work in progress. Keeping that in mind...
Element 11 Inc. Profit & Loss
2013 DRAFT (the year isn't over yet!)
  fundraisers $7,370
  mugs, etc. $340
  donations $2,248
  E11 ticket sales $109,360
  miscellaneous $94
Gross Profit   $119,411
  Allies $40,103
  Art $19,542
  Communications $508
  PAC $4,132
  EPW $7,207
  Executive $978
  Fundraising $1,240
  Finance $11,871
  Volunteer $5,789
Total Expenses   $91,370
Net Profit   $28,042
Grants   $12,828
  % of last year's profit 59%
2014 Grants based on preliminary 2013 Profit $21,031

Suggestions, Questions?

Any suggestions or questions - Let us know! Email us at

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