Volume 02, Issue 10 - 2014.07.01

The Countdown Continues!

Ladies & gentlemen! 9 days to go!

Still in list-making mode? Or have you progressed to piles of stuff & packing mode? Or are you the type to throw it all together on Thursday morning? It doesn't really matter. What matters is that we see you at Element 11 next week! Yippee!!

We are very proud to present the 2014 Element 11 What Where When Guide in this issue! Want to be in the know about all the cool stuff that's out there & what is going on? Well, here's the place to start in knowing "ALL THE THINGS!".

If you would like to give something back to the community and volunteer during the event, we have plenty of opportunities for you to jump in and help out! Volunteering really can make your festival experience even better! Think - meet cool new people & have tons of fun along the way. We invite you to check out the volunteer sign-up links below. And definitely plan to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Bar Crawl at E11 - volunteer or not - everyone is welcome!

Questions about E11 - we have answers! Details below & on our website!

Tickets!! We are nearing sell-out. If you haven't already gotten your tickets, now would be a very good time to do so. Info below.

Also, set your DVRs - Element 11 will be appearing on Park City TV Mountain Views this Thursday!

And last but not least - "Learning the 10 Principles"!! An educational video series brought to you by a group of very hard working volunteers. If you haven't see it before or just want to watch them again, be sure to check out each one for a fun way to learn & ponder the 10 principles. Links for the first 5 principles are shared below... stay tuned for the latest lesson released daily (excluding the weekend) until E11!!



The 2014 E11 WWW Guide & Updated Map


So much fun stuff to see & do! Be in the know before you even arrive! You can download a copy today.

Also, in the guide is the UPDATED placement map!! Be sure to take a look. Our initial map that was sent out last week had one road in the wrong spot. So sorry about that! Minor, but important difference. Check it out in the guide link below.

2014 Element 11 What Where When Guide!

Want to Volunteer at Element 11?

As you're probably very aware, E11 is run & managed by 100% volunteers! We can't do it alone!

If you want to get involved even BEFORE E11, this weekend (7/5 & 7/6) we will be having our "We Build This City!" weekend! This is primarily for art projects & theme camps to get started building the "city" that you will see upon entering the festival next Thursday. However, we DO need some help with gate & angel shifts during this weekend! There are just a few more overnight camper slots open, but lots of day worker slots. If you want to be involved & help us create the magic in advance, sign-up for a shift using this link (Please be sure to read the details at the top of the form prior to signing up):

Another opportunity to get in on the pre-event action or if you're eager to be part of the very appreciated clean-up crew, we'd love to have your help there as well! Again we need gate crew people as well as MOOP sweepers for after the event. If you sign-up as an Early Entry person - you also must sign up for a early entry shift if you are not working on a registered art project or registered camp (meaning this link & the link in the next paragraph, both!). Here's the link for early entry/clean-up:

And last but definitely not least!! Element 11 shifts! You can sign-up here in advance to secure your opportune shift day & time. There are all kinds of fun opportunities here - check them all out! Here is the link:

If you're not quite sure what would be best for you & would rather sign-up at the festival, just stop by our friendly 9th Circle Volunteer Lounge & we will get you squared away. Or you can email to ask any questions.

E11 Volunteer Appreciation Bar Crawl

Element 11 happens entirely through volunteer efforts. Let's celebrate the volunteer spirit of our community by exploring THREE watering holes in this beautiful event we create. Epic parading with art cars to ensue between locations.

Element 11 Volunteers: Bring your laminates, playa mugs, and get ready for a WILD time. Volunteer recognitions to be announced. Special surprises are in the works. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Non-Volunteers: Radical inclusion! Everyone is welcome (provided you hug and thank a volunteer)! Come learn how much fun volunteering can be! Maybe even catch the volunteering bug yourself. If you want to say "thanks" to the volunteers, this is your chance! Volunteering is thirsty work! Please consider donating booze, ice, mixers, etc. to the host bars!

9:15(ish): Parade to Pinapple Camp.
9:30(ish)-10:15(ish): Party at Pineapple Camp.
10:15(ish)-11:00(ish): Parade to and party at Crypster Casino.
11:00(ish)-11:45(ish): Parade to and party at Juggalo Bar.

Help needed to make this event a reality! Fancy yourself a party host/hostess, semi-professional cat herder, or party monster? ALL ANGELS REPORT FOR DUTY! Lean how to get involved with one of the most epic parties of the year on the Burning Angels Department page (

Questions about E11?

Want to know about entry, exit, or re-entry? Gate hours? Music policy? Theme & sound camp guidelines? What it's like camping at Seabase? How to SURVIVE at E11? Wonder if your 4-wheeler equates to an art car? Wonder what to do if you want flame effects as part of your project? Wonder about media & participants rights at E11?

We have answers!! And a lot of the information has recently been updated! Think you know it all from last year? Think again!

While policies might not be anyone's favorite things to read, there is a lot of good information here to answer all your questions about E11! Check out our policies & information page.

Ticket Update

The latest report reflects that 790 tickets have sold!! That's only 410 left. While that may still sound like quite a few, we sold over 200 in 2 days right at the end of ticket sales last year. Don't miss out on getting your ticket!!

Tickets are sold until July 8th online ( and in-person at Only in Ogden & IconoCLAD unless we sell out before July 8th. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE GATE! Plan ahead & get your ticket now.

Element 11 on Park City TV!

Tune in on Thursday, July 3rd, at 6pm and again at 11pm to see Element 11 on Park City TV's Mountain Views show. Hosted by the fantastic Terry Burden, the show will provide a little insight into Element 11 and what it's all about.

Learning the 10 Principles!

Learning is fun to do!

Saving the best for last! You really don't want to miss out on this fabulous video series... brought to you by some very hard working volunteers within our Element 11 community. Each video is between 2-4 minutes so they're a breeze & a breath of fresh air to watch! Enjoy!!

#1 - Radical Inclusion
#2 - Gifting
#3 - Decommodification
#4 - Radical Self-Reliance
#5 - Radical Self-Expression

We'll be releasing another video each week day between now & E11! Subscribe to Element 11's Youtube channel to be alerted of new video releases.

Any suggestions or questions - Let us know! Email us at
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