Volume 04, Issue 04 - 2016.06.10

33 Days until Element 11 2016!!

Do you have your ticket?! How's your art project coming along or your camp ideas? We are getting so excited to see all the creative things you're coming up with!

In this issue, we have links to get your art placed, WWW Guide events submitted, and volunteer shifts scheduled! Also, very important to note is a link to the Survival Guide & updated Policies page - READ THESE - even if you've been to Element 11 every single year. 

Also, get a sneak peak at what Theme & Sound Camps will be at Element 11 - oh, the possibilities of what these camps are planning!

And, finally - we can't do this without you. We're planning two major "We Built This City" weekends. Check below for details & plan to spend some time pre-festival at Stargazer Ranch helping set the foundation for all the magic that is about to happen.

Kari Larson & the Element 11 Board of Directors

Get your Tickets Now!

YEEEEHAAAAAAWWW!!!! Tickets can now be purchased online at or in cash (in person) at IconoCLAD (414 E. 300 S., SLC). Tickets are $125 each!

Only 528 tickets left!

Jackalope Rodeo Survival Guide

Make sure you read, re-read, and re-re-read the Survival Guide! Especially if this is your first time going to Element 11.

And, even if you've been to Element 11 every single year, you should probably familarize yourself with our plethora of updated policies.

Being prepared for Element 11 is sexy!

Get Involved!

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPS for Element 11 2016: Jackalope Rodeo are NOW AVAILABLE! This is an incredible opportunity to help make our event happen. We have a ton of great opportunities, including medical volunteer positions. These positions are first come, first serve so sign up as soon as you can. Here are the links to volunteer:

Volunteer Sign-Ups:

Medical Volunteer Sign-Ups:

Thank you all for your help. This can't happen without your countless efforts!

Art Placement Open Now

ATTENTION ARTISTS! Interested in bringing your large scale art for placement on the playa at Jackalope Rodeo? Have an incredible performance that isn’t to be missed? The E11 Arts Department wants to place your project, schedule your performance, and put it all in the What/Where/When Guide. Please go to and fill out the form!!! This form will remain open until midnight, Sunday 6/12/2016. This is primarily for art that did not receive an art grant - if you received an art grant, we already have your information!

Welcome to our 2016 Theme & Sound Camps

Here's a sneak peak at the camps coming to Element 11 2016! Be sure to plan to make the rounds & visit all these camps to see what they've brought to share with & inspire you.
Camp Name Description

13 Sounds from the Underground
Our music fills the intervals of life. Ambient, Dub/Reggae.
Afterburn Roadhouse Afterburner are Chill, if you are looking for a friend, place to relax, be creative with a craft or cook food you got come by for a visit
Altitude Lounge Get high with us! Come enjoy some great music, and killer views from atop our tower.
Barista & Beats Community center to provide a sober daytime environment to meet & greet festival goers.
Bear Nation Are you thirsty...for life? Do you need some advice? Or maybe just some lemonade & a spanking? Or a compliment & a smile? Come down to visit your wayward ursine familia @Bear Nation for some lemonade & spin our wheel to see what else you get, if you dare!
Bonneville Bacchanalia An ever-changing festival of wine, drink, hookah, karaoke and ice cream. Check for daily activities!
Chatterbox The Chatterbox can only carry around two speakers, and that’s not enough. We are fixing that with a stationary visual and sound stage where the teeth can drive to, park, plug-n-play.
Consentasaurs The Consentasaurs will be working to inclusively educate and promote expressive Consent in its various forms. We will be offering a variety of games, flyers, workshops and kid friendly activities to help spread the the word, Consent.
Cosmic Recess Cosmic Recess is an oversized playground for all ages, complete with (our version of) ll of your favorite schoolyard playthings! Come play on our 12' swing set, seesaw, tetherball, slide, and our new three-way monkey bars! Safety third!
Crypsters The Crypsters are returning to E11 for the 5th consecutive year. Come take a load off at the Saloon and our new Casino, and share your wild side with us!
Empedocles Playground A small group of peeps from UT and CA brining life to some elemental art on the playa.
Gonzo Village Gonzo Village is incorporating two of the least helpful camps. Bat Country Lite and Hail Satan are back with less stuff, yet the same bad attitudes. Come visit us, the Frigid Bitch & the Jacked Rabbit stage.
Hypnocampus The hypnoCampus' Hypno lounge will provide beats under the sun and under the stars.
Jellyfish 12000 Where the future meets great music, dancing, and biomechanical jellyfish.
JenkStars Combining our high vibeing chill lounge and with an interactive artist learning environment bringing attendees a new and exciting way to learn about sustainability and new ways to live on the Planet.
Juggalos Home of the infamous Juggalo's of Element 11!
Lun Cocoon Join us in the Lun Cocoon, a place that tickles the senses and breaks the ice. Relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of another world.
Pineapples We are a group of long time veteran Burners, new Burners, and everything in between. We strive to inspire friendships, laughter, and to provide a "Welcome Home" feel at our camp. A shady sport for you to rest up, visit, and make new friends.
Poppa Wheelie Camp Poppa Wheelie is a creative collaboration between Vanishing Productions, Night Spin Collective, Mr. Nichols, & Blazing Element Productions. Our sound camp is brought to E-11 by talented DJs, Producers, Sound & lighting techs!
Scrabble Camp Come play Scrabble on our big board, relax in our lounge and check out our Boutique.
Sinister Minister Potential penitents enter the Confessional to be judged by the Sinister Minister. If confession is creative and perverse, Wholy Vodka Water will be their reward. If not, they must consider their lowly dull state, assisted with Wholy Vodka Water.
Utah Fire Tribe 2016:
Conclave Convent
Conclave Covenant serves as the rough & tumble church for this wild west town. Offering spirituality in the way of: finding your inner child, connecting to the element of fire, and, listening to confessions you just gotta spill!
Wardrobe Malfunktion An experimental free fashion station. Come visit our skilled wardrobe engineers for an innovative and creative new look, then take a sunter down our fashion show runway.
Weiner Zoo Want a WIENER in your mouth? Wiener Zoo will be gifting our delicious hotdogs and serving 100 wieners at our daily service at random times each day. This event draws a crowd and they go fast! So visit often chill in our shade and meet new friends.

What Where When Guide Submissions

Get your event added to the What Where When Guide - we want to know ALL the things going on! Whether it's a Jackalope Safari, Fun Run, basket weaving, pottery class, yoga intensive, interpersonal relationship workshop, or whatever. Let us know the details!

Anyone interested in hosting a workshop or performance at Center Camp use this link as well & we'll get in touch to coordinate that event with you.

Note: If you submitted events with your theme camp application, no need to submit them again - we have those.

Submit your event ideas hereby June 24, 2016:

We Built This City

Well, it hasn't been built yet & that's where you come in! Save the dates & plan to be at Stargazer Ranch to help build the foundation foundation for our Jackalope Rodeo!

Some slignup slots for specific activities are listed as part of the Volunteer Sign-ups listed above. Be sure to check those out for angels & the volunteer lounge items. Otherwise, show up & we'll get you a job! Other tasks include festival layout & marking, setting up lamposts & signs, & building center camp, the artery, media & ranger outposts.

Here are the FaceBook events: WBTC Part 1 & WBTC Part 2.

Maps to get to Stargazer are here.


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