Volume 02, Issue 12 - 2014.10.06

Greetings Utah Community!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself, Sarah Berry, as the new editor of the E11 Salt Shaker! I am super excited for this opportunity to work with the amazing team at E11, and I am blessed and honored to get this chance to connect with with the entire Utah Community through this forum! 

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have ideas, feedback or content you would like to contribute to the Salt Shaker. I can be reached through messenger at this link.
I can also be reached via e-mail at

Thank you Kari Larson for all of the hard work and amazing results you produce for this Community. We love reading your uplifting and exciting style in the Salt Shaker Newsletters, and I will do my best to fill your shoes! <3

In This Edition:

BOD Nominations Are Open!

Element 11 Board of Directors Nominations


Can we offer fame and fortune? Well, no, but how does the appreciation of your community and a healthy sense of achievement sound? Or do you know someone who would be awesome to join the BOD? Stay tuned!

The BOD continues to evolve. As you most likely know, last year, we created unique positions for everyone on the BOD – to provide everyone with the opportunity to take ownership of their particular area and the opportunity to do a kick-ass job. Take a look at the openings listed below to see if you or one of your friends would be an awesome addition to our team!

Current BOD Openings:

• Communications Director - Responsibilities: Oversees all general outward communication functions (Website, The Salt Shake Newsletter, Festival Guides), recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.
• Logistics Director - Responsibilities: Mange event operations – ensuring coordination between committees & departments, secures venues for other events, obtain permits and ensure all events are legal & safe, schedule deadlines around all events, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.
• Volunteer Director - Responsibilities: Recruits volunteers for all E11 events, assists Directors in recruiting volunteers for departmental lead roles, assists leads with recruitment of volunteer crews if needed, oversees gate and greeters, oversees gate & greeter station set-up & break-down, provides training for gate & greeter staff, sets & adheres to Committee Budget.
• Volunteer Appreciation Director - Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Supports volunteers with good cheer, care & refreshments, recruits & manages volunteers for departmental lead roles (Oasis Kitchen), sets & adheres to Committee Budget.

Nominations will be open on our website from October 6 – 20, 2014! You cannot nominate yourself, but you can have a couple of your amazing friends nominate you!

Here is the process to nominate someone for a BOD position:
• Talk to the person you want to nominate and ask them if they’re interested in serving on the Element 11 BOD.
• If the individual is interested, submit your nomination on our website between the dates of October 6 –20, 2014.
• In your nomination you must include 3 things: Name of the individual, Contact Information (Phone number and Email of the individual), & Specific reasons why you’re nominating that person for consideration.
• Any individual with at least 2 nominations will be contacted to schedule a pre-screening conference call.
• All nominees will be required to complete Nominee Questionnaire outlining that person’s plans and vision
related to their involvement with the BOD by October 26, 2014.
• The evening of Tuesday, October 28, 2014, nominees will interview with the BOD.
• Elections will be held on November 9, 2014 at the Board of Directors 4th Quarter Meeting.
You can view the LETTER OF COMMITMENT that each board member signs when they are elected.

Click here to submit your BOD Nominations!!


Decompression Ticket Sales

Photo Credit: Thomas Sobieski

Decompression tickets are on Sale now!

Click here to purchase tickets online or you can visit our website

Tickets can be also purchased in person at IconoClad, located at 414 East 300 South in Salt Lake City.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, there will be no ticket sales at the door.

Decompression is scheduled for Saturday, November 1, 2014, 10pm - 4am. Join us as we dance, laugh, share stories, and reconnect. More details later.

Decomp Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteers needed for Decompression!

We need assistance with setting up the party, door/ticketing, and cleanup!

-Be at venue around 3pm so we can crank everything out and go home to get pretty before the party.
-at least 10 volunteers are needed.

DOOR: (take tickets/payment for the event)
-1st Door shift: 9:30pm-12
-2nd Door shift: 12-2am
-3 people at each shift
-doors close at 2am

-10 volunteers committed to stay.
-it should go quickly and I'm sure we can recruit stragglers
-Shift: 4:30am-6am
-We need to be all out by 6am

Training will be provided when you arrive for your shift. Please email if you want to sign up for a shift or have any questions.

Volunteers helping with Decompression will receive a $5 rebate! To qualify, your name needs to be on the signup spreadsheet & you need to show up for your shift. Do that & you will receive $5 back at the end of your shift.

Thank you so much, Element 11 events cannot happen without volunteers like you!

Lots of Burning hugs,
Volunteer Committee

Taking Care of Yourself and Others

In the wake of tragedies that have impacted our community this year, we thought we’d share some resources that are available to individuals and families. These options are for all of us, whether you personally need these resources or know someone who does. Please, share these options with your friends, family, and community members. Let’s spread the word and start the conversations that help is available.
Green Dot Rangers.  Green Dots are Rangers who help participants through situations that have a strong emotional or internal component. Green Dots are, first and foremost, patient listeners who seek to hold space for participants undergoing inner transformation or experiencing internal or emotional distress.
There are both local Utah Green Dots as well as Black Rock City Green Dots who are dedicated to this Community. They are standing by to offer support and can connect you with professional help.
Outside Resources. If you are feeling like you have an urgent need to speak with someone, or you need help in any way processing grief or loss you can also reach out to Uni Crisis, Valley Mental Health, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Local Therapists. There are therapists within our community that are available to listen and help. Green Dot Rangers can give references whenever needed.
Online Counseling. If an online counseling service is more your style, that is available as well at BetterHelp.
Emergency Room. If nothing else seems like an option at the moment, there is always your nearest emergency room.
Please, if you need anything or see a friend in need, reach out. If there are things about yourself you do not like, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There is no shame is reaching out and asking for help; rather, there is love, acceptance, and support when you do. There are people here to listen, and they want to help.


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